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Thread: Austin, Texas Finds #2

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    Re: Austin, Texas Finds #2

    Stopped by the WalMart in RR this morning - they had a huge number of the latest comic pack exclusives (3 ewoks/2 rebel pilots/imperial officer&amanaman)

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    Re: Austin, Texas Finds #2

    Finding the WalMart comic packs now at most of the stores in the north part of town. Also saw a lone Darth Revan Mighty Mugg at the Lakeline WalMart this morning if anyone is still looking for that.

    Also, if you are looking for the Clone Wars Grievous, I have been seeing him still at several different WalMarts the past two days - they have really been stocking up on Clone Wars figures and it seems he is still showing up on the pegs around here - could save you a few bucks as opposed to the TRU alternative.

    Still 0 sighting of the New Hope wave of figures

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    Re: Austin, Texas Finds #2

    Saw the Mart comic packs at the Southpark Meadows store (on 35/Slaughter) tonight. Plenty of each. I wish that the Sunber set looked better; the dirty battle damaged version just didn't work for me.

    The Target next door had the Padme wave from the Clone Wars line.

    At the 'Mart at 35/71, there were one each of the Revan and shirtless Maul Muggs, if anyone was looking.

    No sign of Marvel Universe at any of these stores, if anyone was looking. (SPM 'Mart had two figs from Wolverine Origins...$8.44. Crazy!)

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    Re: Austin, Texas Finds #2

    Stopped by the WalMart in RR this morning and found a few remnants of the latest Titanium ships.

    Also, they had pegs stuffed with those Marvel Universe figures the previous poster was searching for - too rich for my blood, but if you are after them then this WalMart was loaded with them.

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    Re: Austin, Texas Finds #2

    Internet's down at home...

    Last night, I found a bunch of new stuff at the 'Mart at 71/MoPac. New comic packs (Luke/Deena in black & Wedge/Borsk, but they wouldn't sell me the Luke/Deena set. It scanned as "do not sell." Ugh.) and new single figures (cantina wave, picked up Obi-Wan, Jawa/droid, 'trooper Han; saw but didn't buy Spacetrooper, Wioslea, Trinto/Dice; no sign of 'trooper Luke or Brainiac.)

    They had a few Marvel Universe, too.

    Also saw a new comic pack at TRU at Lamar/71 (Luke/Clone Emperor) and a very few Marvel Universe there.

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    Re: Austin, Texas Finds #2

    I found some vintage figures at a garage sale the other day, I was trying to find some other collectors of vintage star wars to trade with in Austin. PM me if you collect vintage SW.

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    Re: Austin, Texas Finds #2

    This past weekend I found the latest comic packs (14/15/16) at the Targets in Cedar Park. So these are now starting to hit.

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    Re: Austin, Texas Finds #2

    Stopped by TRU yesterday - found a couple of new Galactic Heroes sets (Mace Windu/purple clone; Super Battle Droid/Luminara; Padme/JarJar).

    They were also having a sale on Battle Packs and Starfighter vehicles - 40% off while supplies last.

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    Re: Austin, Texas Finds #2

    This morning the Wal-Mart in RR was loaded with the newest wave of Titanium vehicles, so if you still are looking for these they had apparently just opened some cases last night.

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    Re: Austin, Texas Finds #2

    It feels so long since I've found something new...

    Found remnants of the ANH wave at Lakeline Target yesterday. There was only a Wioslea and a Han Stormtrooper there, but it felt good to find something.

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