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Thread: "My cup of tea? That would be 2-1B" (Updated 5/17)

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    \"My cup of tea? That would be 2-1B\" (Updated 5/17)

    02/08/14 - Scroll down for some new pictures!

    Time to jump on the "character focus limelight in the Luis way" train

    It has been a good collecting year so far, and I've found a couple of items that I didn't think I would see for quite awhile. I checked my paypal history too, and noticed that I started this focus in july last year (070707 to be exact). I have had a lot of luck, and a huge amount of help from a lot of you guys (Todd H, Broc, Jediman111, Tom N, Pelleaon, Scott M... to name a few). I still have a long way to go though, so the hunt goes on...
    But enough talking now, I think it's about time to show you a couple of pics. You can click all the links, to see a larger picture of each item.

    2-1B Focus 07/12 2008


    1. ESB 41A Survival Kit Offer
    2. ESB 41B
    3. ESB 41D
    4. ESB 45A Display Arena Offer
    5. ESB 48B Admiral Ackbar Offer
    6. ESB 48C Admiral Ackbar Offer (Printed)
    7. ROTJ 77A
    8. ESB 41A (Palitoy)
    9. ESB 45A Bounty Hunter Offer (Palitoy)
    10. ROTJ 45C (Palitoy)
    11. Trilogo (Large bubble, etched edges)
    12. Trilogo (Small bubble)
    13. Trilogo (Clipper, two staffs, sticker on front, katalogue on back) (Back) (Close-up)
    14. Trilogo Miscard (C-3P0 removable limbs on 2-1B card)
    15. ESB 41A Survival Kit Offer (Canadian)
    16. ESB 41A Survival Kit Offer/ROTJ Transition (Canadian)
    17. ESB 45A (German, double stem bubble)


    18. ESB 41A Survival Kit Offer Quality Control Sample
    19. ESB 45A Proof card (Production like)
    20. ESB 45A Proof card (Cut from sheet) (Back) (Sheet)
    21. RevOTJ 48E Proof card
    22. RevOTJ 65B Proof card (Cut from sheet) (Back) (Sheet) (Before AFA/Why, AFA?) (Read more here)
    23. First shot (First shot head & torso, production limbs) (Front/Back) (Close-up)

    Loose figures/Baggies

    24. Metallic finish
    25. No COO
    26. Flat finish
    27. Loose figure in baggie (Read more here)
    28. ESB-c Baggie (Heat sealed, crisp)


    29. Photo from an old news paper archive, according to the seller. (Read more about it here)

    That's all for now, thanks for viewing! Here's a small wish list for 2009:

    1. A complete set of US Kenner ESB mocs. I still miss a few.
    2. At least one preproduction item (Proof card, QC sample etc).
    3. A european moc (or three ) - Clipper, Meccano... etc.

    Help with the list above, or leads to anything else that is related to my focus would be very much appriciated!



    05/17 2009

    Long time, no see!

    I thought I should share two new additions that have found their way to Sweden:

    First off, we have a ESB 47-back productionlike 2-1B proof card (one of a kind)

    A big thanks to John Kellerman, and also to Mattias, who helped me get this. It is the actual proof card featured in John's book (page 181). According to John (he's mentioning it in the book), this is the only productionlike ESB 47-back proof that exists. I've seen a lot of other productionlike 47-back proofs though, but with the only difference that this one has a punch - all the others (that I've seen) don't. There is another ESB 47-back 2-1B proof too, also without a punch. I don't really know what to make of this, so if someone knows more about this - please chime in.

    A group shot of the 2-1B proof cards in my collection:

    And then, addition #2. This is something that I have wanted to lay my hands on for a long time, actually even before I started collecting 2-1B items.
    Also here, a big thanks to Adam B, for letting this go, I'm of course very pleased that I've been able to add this to my collection.

    Revenge Of The Jedi Mock-up 2-1B

    For those who don't know, this is a Mock-up, used at a Toy fair back in 1983. An ESB bubble and a production figure have been put on a 48-back Revenge Of The Jedi proof card.
    To the left of the figure, there seems to be remains of the ESB card (where the bubble is attached).
    This is one of seven known Revenge Of The Jedi Mock-ups (plus Mattias recently discovered FX-7 card with the same origin), all different characters.

    Read more about it? --> Klick me!

    Thanks for looking!

    2014 - New display

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    Re: \"My cup of tea? That would be 2-1B\"


    let me be the 1st to congratulate on a wonderful focus. I always appreciate a focus on a less 'glamorous' character and it is always amazing when it is all put together. Love those proofs especially the revenge 65bk, 1 of kind for most and at most 2.

    Funny thing though, i just finished watching the episode 2 of the clone wars series today and good ol doctor 2-1B was featured and I was thinking to myself 'hmm wondering if anyone is doing a focus on this character'. Well I have my answer now
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    Re: \"My cup of tea? That would be 2-1B\"

    Its really nice Fredrik!
    But youve got to find another storing-frame for the photograph


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    Re: \"My cup of tea? That would be 2-1B\"

    Great Focus, congrats

    Quote Originally Posted by Darkside_Apprentice
    'hmm wondering if anyone is doing a focus on this character'. Well I have my answer now
    Jason Smith AKA Mr_Palitoy has a great 2-1B Focus also

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    Re: \"My cup of tea? That would be 2-1B\"

    That is a great focus collection and certainly one to be proud of. If you want me to add it to the following thread let me know via pm. It has been a while since i have added any new focus collections.

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    Re: \"My cup of tea? That would be 2-1B\"

    Excellent run Fredrik! Peg warmer or not, i've always loved the packaging for 2-1B!
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    Re: \"My cup of tea? That would be 2-1B\"

    Holy CRAP, that is awesome! Nicely displayed too. Well done!!


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    Re: \"My cup of tea? That would be 2-1B\"

    Beautiful collection!
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    Re: \"My cup of tea? That would be 2-1B\"

    There are 3 things I LOVE about this thread

    1: The great title. Nice rhyming and usage of an english colloquialism.
    2: The smart usage of "Luis style" limelighting and giving him credit for the style
    3: The outstanding collection. You Swedes and your focus collections! It looks great and it is a great character. I read somewhere that Lucas intentionally wanted him to look mean while actually being nice. I think he has a skewed view of doctors, as both 2-1B and FX-7 are quite frightening!

    great job, and thanks for the awesome thread. Good luck on the Meccano and the others you need.
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    Re: \"My cup of tea? That would be 2-1B\"

    Great focus and really nice display!
    Currently looking for Ewoks Preschool and Plush items including protos, proofs, artwork, etc.
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