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Thread: Recent Acquisitions

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    Recent Acquisitions

    Continued from Part 3. Please post your most recent acquisitions here.
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    Re: Recent Acquisitions - Part 4

    Found Red 2 and Red 3 at walmart the past few days. now just need to find red 5.
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    Re: Recent Acquisitions - Part 4

    I bought Aayla's starfighter, Dagger Squadron B-Wing and the Magna Guard fighter today.

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    Re: Recent Acquisitions - Part 4

    Brand4D2, were these Titaniums purchased from a big chain store or a comic type shop?
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    Re: Recent Acquisitions - Part 4

    I found half of Wave 5 at Target yesterday, so these should be hitting retail more or less everywhere soon. Wave 5 seems to be following Wave 3, which didn't show up until after Wave 4... Except at Wal-Mart, which is putting out fresh cases of Wave 2 instead. Then again, Wal-Mart always seems to dredge up old stuff for no apparent reason (which worked out well for me when I was looking for the first few Battlestar Galactica figures last November...).

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    Re: Recent Acquisitions - Part 4

    Finally got the Imperial Landing Craft and the Rebel Transport. Still no sign of Wave 5 though.

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    Re: Recent Acquisitions - Part 4

    Finally found remnants of Wave 3 at two different Target stores over the weekend. Friday I found a lone Shadow Gunship at Target in Binghamton, NY and then on Sunday I found another Shadow Gunship, the Twi'lek nose art Gunship, MTT, Landing Craft and TIE Defender in Ithaca.

    Finally got my Gunships! I didn't see the Rebel Transport but I would have picked it up if I'd seen it.

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    Re: Recent Acquisitions - Part 4

    I am all caught up thru wave 5 over the last weekend except for the Imperial Landing Craft.

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    Re: Recent Acquisitions - Part 4

    I just picked up an AT-TE and Trade Federation MTT.

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    Re: Recent Acquisitions - Part 4

    Just got a Magna Guard Fighter thanks to aackbar01! Your stuff will be out tomorrow!

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