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Thread: Recently Watched Movies

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarthPete View Post
    When Walt tells Jesse "" That's always been one of my absolute favorite parts...
    There are so many classic lines. I think my favorite is when he tells the Wolverine looking guy in the desert he can have Classic Coke vs some generic knock off. For some reason, it really helped clarify to me how superior his product was to the rest.

    Also, Jesse annoyed me to no end. Almost every poor situation Walt is in really was because of compromises he made for Jesse, who of course ratted him out in the end. I think that bothered me the most. Not saying Walt was a saint as he manipulated Jesse because he was not bright minus his ability to parrot Walt's formula, but otherwise I just loathed Jesse after the Run incident.
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    47 Meters Down
    Descendants 3
    Instant Family
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    Watched Necessary Roughness last night. A classic and to this day one of my all time favorite football movies! Unquestionably Rob Schneider's best role ever, perhaps his only good role ever. Everyone in the movie is great, and the story is one of redemption and hard work paying off. It is not a feel good movie, the team gets whipped a ton and only go 1-8-1 all season. But it's how they end that counts. Another movie where I sat in amazement at some of the lines and thought wow, never today could that be said (all basically crude humor).
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    With the wife out of town, watched more movies than normal this week. Finally got around to watching North Dallas 40. Like every other movie Nick Nolte is in, I was bored. Maybe because he bores me and I never got the appeal of him? Anyways, for an older movie that was revered I was shocked how much I disliked it, mostly because it bored me to death.

    Tried to watch Loveless, which I got about 20 minutes into before it also bored me to tears. Won't ever finish that one...

    Finally, rewatched Eight Men Out again With Charlie Sheen. I really enjoyed this movie when it came out, and I felt it held up well as I enjoyed it again. Messed up how cheap Comiskey the owner was, and he pretty much pushed his team to do what they did. Still no excuse but I found myself understanding the reasons they did it more with age then when I first saw it 30+ years ago. Felt Buck got a raw deal more this time around though.
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    yesterday which was Sunday I watched E.T. all day. then late Sunday night i was watching half of the special extended edition DVD of The Hobbit Unexpected Journey.

    Now i have the other half to finish watching

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    The wife and I went to see Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and I managed to find time to squeeze in another viewing of Endgame.

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    Once Upon a time in Hollywood. The best movie Ive seen this year without Ironman in it.
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    Luke, at that speed will we be able to pull out in time?
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    im watching the special extended edition DVD of The Hobbit Desolation of Smaug. Im watching the behind the scenes stuff right now. Then later tonight ill be watching the movie

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    Zombie Tidal wave on Sunday and Zombie Shark last night... both over the top ridiculous Syfy movies.. they rank up their with Ghost Shark and Sharknado movies.
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