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Thread: Recently Watched Movies

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarthMickeyMoose View Post
    Jaws was just in our Classic theater a few weeks ago. It actually sold out. That movie holds it’s-power even 44 years later.

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    The wife and I rented and watched Us on Friday and I took the kids to see Spider-Man: Far From Home on Saturday.

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    Finally watched Shazam! last night. It isn’t without a few issues, but I enjoyed it. One of the DCEU’s standout films (which is still a low bar).

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    Watched Spider Man Far From Home today. Really enjoyed it. Another good MCU movie. Def recommend!

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    The Rose.

    Bette may never have been a looker, but she is unbelievably captivating and totally mesmerizing to watch as the irresponsible, obnoxious, self-destructive rock star (was Janis Joplin ever this bewitching…???) in this story. A totally unlikeable person on first impression— but a riveting character to watch as the story unfolds. Bette absolutely carries this film on her sheer force of will alone.

    I’m speechless at just how visually stunning this film looks in all its soft-lensed, gaudy, heroine-hazed, Bourbon-toned, nitty-gritty 70s-decadence, in the grand tradition of those iconic films/stars/directors/soundtracks from that magical era of the 70s/80s-- when studios and filmmakers challenged their audience and took risks with their artistry.The major studios absolutely don’t make films like this anymore, sadly. Current rockstar-wannabe films like the gentrified Bohemian Rhapsody with Rami resembling more an inoffensive Austin Powers-caricature to appease its PG-rating, then the real-life Freddie, or another remake of A Star Is Born with that bland Gaga person attempt at another boring copycatting of another superstar: Flop-poseurs next to Bette’s bewitching Rose.

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    Was that a copy paste?
    " Everybody breaks, everybody breaks sometimes...."

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    ^^^ Is that question directed at my post? If so— no… I’m not JJ Abrams.

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    ^^ thread win.
    "Is there anyone on this ship, who even remotely, looks like Satan?" -- James Kirk, U.S.S. Enterprise.

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    I watched The Upside on Friday night and went to see The Lion King with the family on Saturday.
    Oh ... my son and I re-watched Iron Man Saturday morning. His request. That's my boy .....

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