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Thread: Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia

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    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

    So I can't say I've ever seen this discussed. I'm a die-hard fan. It's not just my favorite comedy show on's probably my favorite television show still on air. I've been binge watching the show from season one, catching up on the ones I may have missed. I've loved it for years, but really reminds me of how brilliantly hysterical this show truly is and has really remained for so long. Any other fans? Who's your favorite? Favorite episode?
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    Can I say this is quite possibly my favorite current thread on this board Glad you created this, since if not - I probably would have.

    I have become a recent huge fan of IASIP. Due to a recommendation, I started watching the show this past Spring - and recently finished the 7th season.

    I have some reviewed some of the seasons, and will post these reviews here. Note these contain episode SPOILERS - so if you haven't seen these seasons yet & want to be genuinely surprised when watching the show, don't read on - LOL:

    IASIP is a great & extremely twisted comedy! I'm surprised I missed this for so long; but, I have a huge back-log of shows/movies I'm watching & re-watching - so it's not surprising this slipped through the cracks for me - until recently.

    Great series, and definitely has a "stand up comedy" feel/vibe re: the characters, sets, and situations. Fantastic cast who have great chemistry together; good comic timing; and extremely clever writing. Having Danny DeVito be a main character (Frank Reynolds) is great as well. Though the show would still be funny without him, he definitely brings a comedic "history" to the show that is much appreciated.

    I'm glad this doesn't have a laugh track (similar to "The Office" another comedy that started in the 200X's). It definitely gives the show a more "naturalistic" feel/tone.

    Some of my favorite episodes in S01-S02 have included:

    -When an anonymous old man dies (of natural cases) in the bar, and no one has ever seen him there before or knew who he was. When his family is eventually tracked down, Dennis & Mac lie & pretend that he was a good friend in order to try to hook up with his gorgeous grand-daughter (only Dennis is successful in doing this). What sleaze-bags - LOL.

    -When Dennis & Sweet Dee try to go on welfare by claiming they're drug addicts/disabled. They are unsuccessful in doing so, but this leads them to actually become addicts - LOL.

    -When the gang pretended to be disabled in order to get sympathy/special treatment from people. One of my favorite scenes was when Charlie 'dressed up' to look like a Vietnam Vet in a wheelchair (even though he is way too young to have served in Vietnam) & went to a club with Frank (DeVito) - he was obviously basing his look/persona on the real-life Ron Kovic (portrayed by Tom Cruise) from the film Born on the Fourth of July (1989) - LOL. His line "Get me a Beer, B$#%$" to the "waitress" was jarring & hilarious - ha ha.

    -Another Vietnam movie reference was when Charlie was running an illegal?! card game in the basement with a group of Vietnamese businessmen?!, and they unexpectedly started playing Russian Roulette - which was an obvious reference to the iconic drama The Deer Hunter (1978).

    -When Frank wanted to train Sweet Dee to fight his rival's daughter in the gym. Dee ended up taking steroids & became very aggressive, and also started growing some facial hair - ha ha. The last scene of Frank knocking out his rival with a sucker-punch - and also knocking out his rival's daughter (and possibly paralyzing her) was obviously based on the then-recent & hugely popular Clint Eastwood boxing drama Million Dollar Baby (2004) - LOL.

    -Great S02 finale, when it's strongly implied that Frank Reynolds is actually Charlie's long-lost biological father - LOL.

    General comment about the show:

    -It's funny that everyone who goes to Charlie's apartment truthfully comments that it's a dump (though they use much stronger words) - LOL.
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    Re: IASIP S03. Truly sick & demented - but extremely funny! Some of the many stand-out episodes:

    -When this "gang of idiots" has a great opportunity to sell the bar (which doesn't seem to be making much money anyway) to a real estate developer who wants to buy the bar & the surrounding property, and then redevelop the area. They initially want to take his incredible offer, but then stupidly (and typically) ruin the deal by trying to screw with the guy & get more money, etc. - when the amount of money he offered was certainly much more than the crappy property was worth - LOL. So, he takes the offer off the table completely. So, then, to try to intimidate him - Frank (DeVito) gets his old "Do-wop" 1960's group together, and these leather-jacketed cronies go to the businessman's house. Frank then tries to get the least-threatening & the weakest-looking of these old guys to "scare" the businessman by scowling - and, the businessman - not at all intimidated - says something like "What are you going to do, old man?!", and the old guy promptly dies of a heart attack. Later, the gang is seen putting his ashes into a fire - LOL.

    -When Sweet Dee wants to become a famous celebrity; so, due to her & Dennis' twisted thought process(es) - believes the only way to achieve this is to make a spectacle of herself by being drunk in public, etc. So, she's standing in line with Dennis in order to get into a club, and passes out in a drunken stupor before getting in - on top of numerous filled garbage bags - LOL.

    -When the gang pretend to be authority figures, in order to shake down/steal from unsuspecting civilians - ha ha. My favorite sequences in this episode is when Charlie decides to dress up as Al Pacino from the iconic '70's drama Serpico (re: the long hair, sunglasses, and hat), and also tries to talk & act like him - LOL. The homage(s) to the film & to '70's crime dramas (TV shows & films) in general re: the music, stop motion cuts, etc. were great - ha ha.
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    Slowly making my way through IASIP. Recently finished the 6th season & the Christmas special. Wow. The later episodes of this show are even more twisted & f#$#%#-up than the earlier seasons - and that's saying a lot! Some stand-outs:

    -The episode where Dee was a 'teacher' - LOL. One of the funniest sequences here was when Dee took her class to a 'field trip' to their bar - and showed them the gang's very low, low budget take off on the Lethal Weapon series, Lethal Weapon 5 - which was extremely funny & very non-PC - ha ha.

    -When Sweet Dee is pregnant & everyone is trying to figure out who the father is. So, the gang invite get all of Dee's ex-lovers together for a party so they can try to figure out who this is - LOL. Then, to screw with their heads, Sweet Dee "admits" that one of the gang is the father - and, whoever it was got her pregnant during the last Halloween party - LOL. The gang then try to remember what happened, but they were so collectively messed up that they keep getting the details wrong; then, after making some connections & remember some of the events, they come to the conclusion that Dennis is probably the father (ugh!)...When the confront Dee with this "theory", she finally admits that none of them & none of her ex-lovers is the father; actually, she is the surrogate mother for a couple that didn't want to go through the difficulty of child-birth - HA! HA!

    -Dennis & Dee want to go to an exclusive pool in the area, and they keep getting turned down because they need someone to recommend them, and also the pool is always at "capacity". Separately, Mac & Charlie decide to find an old, abandoned, $#%$-hole of a pool & try to clean this up so they can use it to swim - with disastrous results. Frickin' hilarious scene especially when Dennis tries to "storm" the exclusive neighborhood pool and is promptly tackled by a security guard, and you hear something shatter off screen - LOL.

    -The Christmas special was especially messed up, especially the scene when Frank was hiding inside the innards of a couch so he could "eavesdrop" at his old job to see who was allegedly bad-mouthing him - LOL. As it turns out, no one at his old job even remembered him...and, the subsequent scene of Frank finally clawing his way out of the couch - sweating & au naturel - almost made me lose my lunch..but was also extremely funny.

    The sickest aspect of this episode was the pseudo-Claymation sequence - truly stomach-turning & cringe-worthy.

    General comment about this show:

    How the he$$ do the gang make any money on that dive bar they own? They're always out screwing around re: their various "misadventures" so they're not even tending the bar most of the time. And, when they are at the bar, you only see a bare handful of patrons there at any given time - and that's almost always during the day - LOL. If this were real life, the bar would have gone of of business years before..which is what makes this whole "plot point" incredibly funny.

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    Caught up with Season 12 of IASIP, and found the latter seasons to be just as funny - if not funnier - than the previous ones. Some high-lights from Seasons 10-12....or low-lights - depending on how you look at this - ha ha:

    -Sweet Dee is in a funk & isn't bathing, eating well, or doing much of anything. And, the gang decides to encourage her to turn her "depression" into a stand-up comedy monologue - LOL. So, she is going up on stage & talking about being dirty/smelly, and that rodents/insects are writing "clean me" in the dirt in her %$# - LOL. Extremely sick/stomach-turning, but hilarious as well.

    Right after one of her monologues, she has a follow-up comedy act called "Landslide", an obese comedian whose humor entirely focuses on juvenile bathroom humor - LOL. And, his first joke was mocking Dee, by saying something like, "That was a real skinny-@#$ white girl!!! I've taken #$#%@ that are bigger than her!" - LOL

    At the end of the episode, Dee is told that she has gotten so popular, that she will be flown in private jet to appear on a famous talk show. However, at the very end Dee is surprised to find out that all of the events (the stand-up comedy show, the "Landslide" comedian, the alleged talk show appearance, etc.) were all a set-up by her "friends" in order to get her out of her depression - LOL.

    -When Dennis was investigated for allegedly killing his cat-like ex-wife. It was hilarious how the whole episode was structured like a true-crime doc. TV show - LOL. Very funny how they made a big deal of investigating the crime & naming Dennis as the prime suspect...and then at the end, it was made obvious that the ex just fell off of a roof and died as a result of her own stupidity/carelessness.

    I was rolling when they did the re-enactment of the ex coming to the bar to get money from Dennis, & Dee pretended to be the wife dressed as a cat & hissing, etc. - LOL.

    -The gang goes to a water park, and sickening hilarity ensues:

    Charlie & Dee get stuck in a water slide (due to knowingly being too big to go on the slide), and all of these kids get stuck behind them. Finally, there are so many people that they get propelled out - but not before some of the kids have had "accidents" while stuck - LOL.

    Frank pretends to have a fatal illness so he can get to the front of a long line. Very tasteless & reprehensible.

    Frank stupidly wants to go on a water slide that hasn't been completed yet, and when he slides down this there is no water going down the slide- so his back gets completely scratched up. After he lands in the water below, he bleeds all over the place - causing the entire area to evacuate - ha ha.

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