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Thread: Official Buy/Sell/Trade Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goldleaderone View Post
    Selling a PS3 "slim" model, 120GB with a few games. Looking to get some cash to put towards a PS4.

    You will receive:
    - PS3 system
    - HDMI cable
    - Power cord
    - 2 controllers, one is white with red stitches which looks like a baseball, one controller is the normal black (the black controller works but not very well. The right trigger button gets stuck sometimes)
    - long length controller charger
    - shorter length controller charger
    - 4 games (MLB The Show 13, 14, 15 and 16)

    Everything is in excellent condition (minus the black controller as previously mentioned). The PS3 has been wiped clean of any data, so you will receive it like new. White controller has also been charged up.

    Serious inquiries only please. Pictures available upon request.

    Asking $120.
    All sold. Just wanted to post an update.

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    For Sale:

    Resident Evil 6 for PS3, opened but like new and complete with case and inserts. Asking $10.00 shipped within the U.S.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lone_Jedi View Post
    For Sale:

    Resident Evil 6 for PS3, opened but like new and complete with case and inserts. Asking $10.00 shipped within the U.S.
    Couldn't edit my post, UPDATE: SOLD!

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    Would anybody be interested in the Titanfall 2 Collectors Edition Pilot Helmet edition?
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    WTB: Any/All of the printed-book walkthru guides for the DISNEY INFINITY Star Wars Game(s)s. Im STUCK.

    Can Paypal, and also have lotsa goodies to trade.

    "Do these memes make my angst look fat?"

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    Any Interest in classic gaming stuff here? I have tons of stuff from Atari all the way to Xbox one. would rather try and trade games for some Vintage Star wars stuff than sell it on Ebay. I have Games, Systems, literally tons of stuff. need to thin the collection.

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    I have two Star Wars PS4 consoles that I need to move:

    1TB SSHD "Darth Vader" Console complete (no game) $200 shipped
    1TB Battlefront 2 console PS4 Pro complete (no game) $300 shipped

    I have pictures if you need them and they are used and have been played with. These items come from a smoke-free, pet-free home. The Battlefront 1 Darth Vader Console is from the Disney Infinity collection, but I do not have any of that stuff.

    The battlefront 2 console is complete and has all material just no game.
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    WTB - Sega Genesis

    If anyone has a Genesis (original release(s) not the ones made by AT Games) console with at least one controller and hookups, then let me know. I am only interested in a really nice to pristine one, and it has to be from a smoke free environment. Games are a plus but not a deal breaker. It must work without any issues. Also, I am not looking to break the bank on it, either. I figured I would turn to fellow Scummers versus looking on auction sites etc.

    LMK what you have via PM, thanks!

    My Feedback: *Attention* My entire remaining ME SW (3.75 and 6 inch scale) collection is up for sale in the Classifieds section of this site. Stop by and pick something up. TVC Barge populace figures etc!

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