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Thread: YODA Focus Collectors

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    Re: YODA focus collection

    Wow thats some Focus! Nice stuff. Here's my sole contribution. He keeps an eye on my office for me

    SHEESH!!!!i am not raping anyones childhood!!!! - Darren
    P.S. I'm glad you didn't get your toy - Baytrooper
    wow WOW! he brings more cowbell to every forum!! - Ross_C

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    Re: YODA focus collection

    I've got Attakus Yoda(Geonosis) now too
    pics to come

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    Re: YODA focus collection

    Quote Originally Posted by forcesensitive
    I've got Attakus Yoda(Geonosis) now too
    pics to come
    Congrats!! He will look cool next to your other Yoda collectibles Hrvoje

    Collecting has the permanence of herpes, it mutates, but doesn't go away

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    Re: YODA focus collection

    So, of all the Yoda stuff that you have, which one is your favourite?

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    Re: YODA focus collection

    Thanks Sergiu

    regards's hard to say..I think Sideshow lifesize bust, then Medicom VCD...but I love them all

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    Re: YODA focus collection

    Hello Yoda fans. Just thought i'd post this.

    Forbidden Planet are selling a Yoda mini plate for 1.99 each. I though that this would appeal to you guys. (I got a set this morning. They're not that bad.)

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    Re: YODA focus collection

    Here goes my Yoda Focus collection so far:

    All images open in a new window for larger picture.

    Scanned copies of pictures:

    Other wall mountable pictures:

    I do not know how to describe the above picture. It was distributed and/or made by BoyzToyz and is basically a Yoda image on I think an MDF plaque. It's just an unusual image.


    Obviously, I have the complete TAC coins in the folder.I never collected the Medz apart from these two exclusives.

    Figural Mugs:

    I'm not that interest in the mugs, although the Figural ones are nice, I can't be bothered with trying to collect the entire back catalogue going back however many years as there will be too many to collect with Clones, Stormies, and all the other characters that have been made.

    Soft Toys & Various:

    Top Step:
    Talking Plush, says loads of different things, 12" Yoda Plush from ROTS era.
    Centre Step:
    Dashboard Buddy (sits on my desk), Small Yoda Plush (6" I think)

    Action Figures:

    Top Step:
    TAC Yoda & Kybuck, TAC Concept Obi-Wan & Yoda, Saga 2002-04 Yoda.
    Centre Step:
    ROTS Yoda (one that comes with firing cannon), Saga 2002-04 Yoda (The Jedi Temple Training one with the Padawan), Holographic Yoda (Toys R Us Exclusive), TAC Commorative Tin Set Yoda with soft goods robe (basically a repack of the ROTS one minus the horrific plastic molded robe)
    Bottom Step:
    OTC Yoda, Vintage Yoda (my own actual Vintage Yoda from when I was a kid), VOTC Yoda (full articulation one), Yoda (1990's from red card), Yoda (The Phantom Menace)

    I really wish Hasbro would revisit the above box set, retooling both the Yoda and Kenobi Spirits so they are in line with the TAC Anakin Spirit. It would be awesome. They could use the same Ewok setting here and even make a rail for Yoda to "sit" on like he was in the movie.

    I'm not really into the busts and bust-ups, and I do not collect other high end collectibles, even though I can obtain them at wholesale prices, they are still quite expensive, especially some of Sideshow, Gentle Giant etc collectible statues and dioramas, although I wouldn't mind the Yoda vs Sidious one, that looks awesome. I will however be getting the Kotobukiya Yoda sitting on the tree, and the other version of it which lights up.

    I also have a The Clone Wars Yoda keychain.
    I also have the Master Replicas Force-FX Yoda Lightsaber which I am yet to display, but notice Rebelscum's shop has the perfect wall mountable devices for the Force-FX lightsabers so will buy some when I have a little more spare cash as I have a few Force-FX lightsabers that need wall mounting.

    Hope you all enjoy

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    Re: YODA focus collection

    Hey Forcesensitive,

    Is that a Disney Latex Yoda I see in this photo?

    wookieecrisp, part of a complete breakfast!

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