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Thread: Autographs: Limelighting & Display

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    Autographs: Limelighting & Display

    So do any of you guys display your autos in frames on your walls? I think it would be cool to showcase your framed up signatures! We do this on a home theater site I frequent and it always turns out fun and gives each other new ideas/inspiration. (Also there is no autograph "limelight" forum)


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    Re: Who displays your autos in your home?

    Photos are about a year old so some things have changed, but here's the autograph collection:

    Also if you look at my collection link at the bottom there are a few updated photos

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    Re: Who displays your autos in your home?

    thats a nice Tem Morrison signature Rob

    you can actually see each letter. mine looks like this T----- M------

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    Re: Who displays your autos in your home?

    Here is some of the framed stuff, I guess I have to get some new pics ....I didn't realize how poor some of these were until just now and a bunch are missing.
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    Re: Who displays your autos in your home?

    Some lovely pieces....

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    Re: Who displays your autos in your home?

    Do we ever! No point in collecting them if we can't display them!!!

    Our coolest section of the house. This is in the living room:

    Hamill, Fisher, Ford, Hayden, Mdiarmid and James Earl Jones. Below that are statues and busts.

    On the wall to the right of that:

    Samuel L Jackson and a cast of thousands on mostly trading cards.

    Closeup of one frame:

    And the other. Yep, that's an Alec Guiness sig on a Star Wars CCG card (Old Ben). The Steve Sansweet sigs are on the backs of our Celebration 1 vendor badges.

    There's another frame that is all Babylon 5 cast.
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    Re: Who displays your autos in your home?

    Pete, I love the Kastel drawing. I have seen that online elsewhere. Did you get him to do a Jaws too?

    Kastel actually did a convention not too long ago...missed him by a week. I really want to add him to my ESB poster as I love that particular artwork.

    The plate is great never cease to amaze me my friend!

    I am actually in the process of redoing my autograph walls in the Star Wars room. I've picked up some awesome new additions and started my 11x14 project (Ford/Prowse/Mayhew/Ewan/George so far).

    I may wait until we get into a new place with more room as ideally I'd like my seven posters displayed together (Eps 1-6 and Clone Wars). I have about 15 pieces framed and my collection of signed McQuarrie figs (Bulloch, Prowse, Wood, Mayhew, Daniels/Baker and hopefully soon McQ himself) up.

    Also have the "Sith Rocks" poster framed and signed by Martinez complete with a Yoda sketch on it.

    Good thread guys! It's nice to see what others do to get ideas.

    We also need a thread called, "What to say when your significant other questions WHY you need all those autographs if they're just going to sit in those Itoya Binders..."

    One possible answer, as Mr. Bulloch told Mike at SWW..."you all try to outdo each other don't you?" lol.
    Looking for Shaw, Fords, Alecs and other rare, deceased cast pieces.

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    Re: Who displays your autos in your home?

    I don't have a picture of it, but mine are displayed in a stairwell of my house. Many people have started climbing the stairs and slowly ground to a halt questioning what the hell all the pics are about....

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    Re: Who displays your autos in your home?

    i dont have that much framed yet because i have a bunch of SW art on the walls. once i finish my basement i'll have enough wall space to frame most all of my 100+ autographed photos.

    this is whats up at the moment

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    Re: Who displays your autos in your home?

    Beautiful stuff guys!

    Mr_Vader, I love those mats you are using with your pictures. Did you have each one custom made? What is the approximate cost per mat? It looks like that adds up real fast. /the Alec G. piece is very nice, similar to what I'd like to do someday.

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