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Thread: Star Wars ringtones

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    Re: Star Wars ringtones

    As techie as I am, my wife and I decided against any kind of text/data transfer ability because we share the phone plan with her parents and brother. They don't use that super techie stuff, much to my chagrin. Thus, no extra ringtones. We have discussed it of late and are thinking about joining the real world with text messaging and stuff, but for right now I live with Ringtone 5.

    I'm going to go cry in the corner now...

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    Re: Star Wars ringtones

    Well, on my phone it's extremely easy to change ringtones. I have a Nokia 5300 (one of the mp3 player ones) and you can set any sound file as a ringtone. The phone also hooks up via USB to any computer, so I can upload files without any trouble at all.

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    Re: Star Wars ringtones

    I'm surprised no one has made one of Luke in the trash compactor...

    "Threepio? Threepio!! Where could he be?"

    After all, your cell is a comlink

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    Re: Star Wars ringtones

    Here's a bunch of sites that all offer Star Wars tones. We're just starting to put this section together... so if you have any to add use our "Fans Suggest" form over there and we'll get 'em in there!

    Fan Suggest Form

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    I know I'm very late to this forum and topic, but I joined just to ask if anyone ever put that 3p0 quote up on the interweb? I'm trying to assemble a few sound clips for a windows theme I'm starting to work on. And I'd love to add this quote to that sound clip list.

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