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    2013 Episode Index

    12/16/13 Sabacc Table #11: Wrapping Up 2013 | This week we cover new releases for iOS, the RPG, and the LCG, as well as some game updates. We also talk about some EA rumors, the new starships in SWTOR, listener feedback, and more! (1:12:00) link
    12/13/13 ForceCast #283: Steve Sansweet And The Boba Fett Dress | We wrap up our holiday gift guide this week by talking Star Wars collectibles with uber-collector and Rancho Obi-Wan president Steve Sansweet and with prolific Star Wars blogger and friend of the show Amy Ratcliffe. In addition to our collectible recommendations, we talk about Rancho Obi-Wan's recent World Record Night party, and Steve reveals some truly unusual items that he recently acquired. All that, plus the news of the week and your feedback, on this episode of The ForceCast! (1:14:01) link
    12/6/13 ForceCast #282: The Full Falcon | The most iconic starship in Star Wars may now exist as a full-scale interior and exterior set! We also have a new perspective on the Disney theme park delays and an introduction to the executive producer of the upcoming Star Wars Rebels series. In our second gift guide segment, we're joined by Jay Shepard (Jedi Journals) and Aaron Goins (Star Wars Bookworms, Bad Wolf Radio) to talk books and comics. (1:18:40) link
    12/4/13 Jedi Journals: December 2013 | This holiday season, Chris and Jay present a Star Wars literature package that you can open right now! Join them as they discuss deals (and horror stories) whilst searching for their favorite books & comics. Delight in an exclusive interview with author Ryder Windham! And hear about some of the things that they are thankful for this holiday season, on the December episode of Jedi Journals! (1:42:56) link
    12/1/13 Sabacc Table #10: We Broke Lou | No matter the technical difficulties, we will not be seduced by the dark side of the Force! This episode's a little late getting out, but we've got reviews of Tiny Death Star and QuizUp, news about some upcoming releases, and a listener who wants some advice on a squad build. (1:45:10) link
    11/29/13 ForceCast #281: Tabletops, Consoles, and Apps | Disney may have put its Star Wars theme park plans on hold, EA may be working on an open-world Star Wars game, and The Clone Wars may rediscover its "lost missions" next year on Disney XD. We discuss these rumors, a new J.J. Abrams interview, and the chances of seeing EU characters in the background of Episode VII. Plus, we're joined by Lou Secki from The Sabacc Table as we kick off our holiday gift guide mini-series with a segment on Star Wars games. (1:54:52) APP! link
    11/22/13 ForceCast #280: Emperor Gandalf | Ian McKellen...Shia LaBeouf...Joel McHale...No, they aren't being cast for Episode VII. Rather, they're a small sample of our casting considerations for an Original Trilogy reboot! We take a lighter approach to our discussion this week and look at who we would (or wouldn't) want to see cast if Disney were to remake the first three Star Wars movies. We also talk about the first confirmed casting for Episode VII, an interesting statement from EA's CFO, cover art for some upcoming books, and more! (1:15:47) APP! link
    11/15/13 ForceCast #279: Hipster Waru | Erik Blythe is out this week, but Christian Blauvelt from the BBC and Teresa Delgado from the new podcast Fangirls Going Rogue join Eric Geller to discuss Star Wars Episode VII's open audition process and the December release date that Lucasfilm announced last Thursday. Then, we step back from the day-to-day buzz around the first sequel film and discuss all the ways, big and small, that Disney could mine the Star Wars franchise for new material. From spinoff films to new EU publishing strategies to Disney merchandising tie-ins, we explore the opportunities that the galaxy far, far away presents to the House of Mouse. (1:36:18) link
    11/8/13 ForceCast #278: It's A Date! | We have an official release date! We also have news about casting calls we believe may be for Episode VII. Eric and Erik read the audition piece for "Thomas and Rachel," discuss what the character descriptions mean (if anything at all), and discuss a new actor rumored to be considered for an unnamed role. We’ve got all this and more in this week’s ForceCast! (1:30:40) link
    11/6/13 Jedi Journals: November 2013 | Star Wars Insider editor Jonathan Wilkins joins Jay & Chris this month (on their 3rd Anniversary show!) to discuss recent exclusives in the Insider magazine. Plus the guys provide their commentary on Star Wars Art: Concept, Star Wars Frames, The Making of Return of the Jedi and more recent books. All this plus the latest comic news and answers to your questions on the newest digital books from Del Rey! Join Jedi Journals and celebrate three years of the best podcast on Star Wars literature this side of Tatooine! (1:44:58) link
    11/1/13 ForceCast #277: We Arndt Worried | This week, we cover the big Episode VII screenwriter shakeup. Arndt is out and Kasdan and Abrams are in. What does this mean for the story and the key players? We also discuss a rumor that Harrison Ford is onboard, celebrate the one-year anniversary of Disney's purchase of Lucasfilm, and read your emails. (1:48:14) APP! link
    10/25/13 ForceCast 276: The Voice Of The EU | What are heroes without villains? This week, we discuss the Star Wars Rebels panel at New York Comic Con, where Lucasfilm revealed that the main villain in Rebels will be an Imperial Inquisitor. There's also news about The Clone Wars bonus content and a rumor about Episode VII working titles. Plus, we speak to Star Wars author Dan Wallace about his work on the Essential Guides and his upcoming book The Bounty Hunter Code. It's a potpourri of Star Wars goodness, and we're covering it all, because this is The ForceCast! (2:13:43) link
    10/19/13 Sabacc Table #9: Finally, Wave 3! | We finally have a chance to play with X-Wing Wave 3 and get some hands-on experience with how the new ships change the game. We also cover Star Wars Pinball, Tiny Death Star, SWTOR's Galactic Starfighter expansion, and more! (1:28:11) link
    10/18/13 ForceCast #275: Introducing The Inquisitor | What are heroes without villains? This week, we discuss the Star Wars Rebels panel at New York Comic Con, where Lucasfilm revealed that the main villain in Rebels will be an Imperial Inquisitor. There's also news about The Clone Wars bonus content and a rumor about Episode VII working titles. Plus, we speak to Star Wars author Dan Wallace about his work on the Essential Guides and his upcoming book The Bounty Hunter Code. It's a potpourri of Star Wars goodness, and we're covering it all, because this is The ForceCast! (1:43:24) APP! link
    10/15/13 Sabacc Table 8: But Wait, There's More! | In this jam-packed episode, we go over Star Wars Pinball, the new Angry Birds release, X-Wing Wave 3, recent RPG releases, the upcoming Imperial Aces expansion, the upcoming LCG Force Pack and deluxe expansion, and much, much more! (2:01:46) link
    10/10/13 ForceCast #274: What A Tease! | What can we take away from the Star Wars Rebels teaser? We couldn't be more excited, but the teaser raised some interesting questions for our Discussion segment. We also take a look at the latest Disneyland rumors, some interesting comments from Jett Lucas, and more! (1:16:12) link
    10/8/13 Sabacc Table #7: Interview With Jay Little | This week Jay Little, lead designer of the X-Wing Miniatures and Star Wars roleplaying games, joins us to discuss Edge of the Empire and Age of Rebellion! (1:02:19) link
    10/4/13 ForceCast #273: The Galaxy is Reading | It's Star Wars Reads Day Eve here at The ForceCast. Pablo Hidalgo and Leland Chee join us from Lucasfilm to discuss their work answering Star Wars questions for a living. Then, we talk to two of the biggest names in the Expanded Universe author community, Timothy Zahn and Aaron Allston. On top of all that, we cover an exciting slate of stories about Episode VII, Star Wars Rebels, Star Wars: 1313, and much more. (2:46:06) link
    10/3/13 ForceCast Special: Jedi Journals Presents Star Wars Reads Day | Chris and Jay present a missing segment from the October 2013 Jedi Journals, chronicling everything you need to know about Star Wars Reads Day II which is coming up on Saturday October 5, 2013. (0:09:58) link
    10/2/13 Jedi Journals: October 2013 | Jedi Journals, the premier show about Star Wars literature, returns for another jammed packed episode this month. Jay and Chris discuss The Star Wars #1 comic, lightly review the highly anticipated book The Making of Return of the Jedi, chat with Star Wars Insider Editor Jonathan Wilkins as he teases some amazing news about the next issue and a whole lot more. The hosts of Jedi Journals invite you to listen in and "keep on reading". (1:23:15) link
    9/27/13 ForceCast #272: Role Call | This week we've got casting rumors for both Rebels and Episode VII! Also, LucasBooks Senior Editor Jennifer Heddle joins us to discuss the Empire and Rebellion books, the Star Wars Expanded Universe, and more. We also talk about Star Wars Detours and get to some great listener feedback. (1:38:46) link
    9/20/13 ForceCast #271: Evergreens and Origins | It's a shorter show this week, but we cover the latest Star Wars news, rumors, and releases all the same. Disney's CFO calls the spinoff films "origin stories," J.J. Abrams reportedly expands his California headquarters, and Star Wars Rebels heads to New York Comic Con. Oh yeah, and there might be a young Han Solo movie in the works too. (0:57:36) link
    9/13/13 ForceCast #270: Dawn of the Title Rumors | It's important to revisit iconic aspects of prior Star Wars films in the upcoming trilogy. But at what point do throwbacks become stale? This week we talk about finding that balance between honoring what's come before and creating something fresh. We also discuss title and casting rumors, news about Empire and Rebellion: Razor's Edge, and the status of our predictions for the upcoming films. (1:49:34) link
    9/10/13 Sabacc Table #6: Virtual Cardboard | We didn't care much for the Star Wars: Force Collection game, but fortunately we've got some news about the first RPG adventure, Beyond the Rim, and the now-downloadable Free RPG Day supplement! Plus discussions about the SWTOR guild, a big update to the Star Wars Dice app, and more! (1:17:32) link
    9/6/13 ForceCast #269: In Need of Khan-firmation | Erik Blythe is out this week, but special guest co-hosts Bonnie Burton and Christian Blauvelt join Eric Geller to discuss the latest and greatest rumors about Star Wars Episode VII. Could we see Benedict Cumberbatch make the jump from Star Trek to Star Wars? Would that be a good thing? Plus, Eric, Bonnie, and Christian discuss the role of nostalgia, with its promises and pitfalls, in the sequel trilogy era. (1:31:41) link
    9/4/13 Jedi Journals: September 2013 | It's a big month for variant hunters as Chris and Jay run down the top comics, books and magazines for September! Plus breaking news on the newest Star Wars comic exclusive! You'll also want to be sure to check out our conversation with John Jackson Miller about his newest novel, Kenobi. Be sure to listen closely as you'll never know what you'll hear, on the September episode of Jedi Journals! (1:30:55) link
    8/30/13 ForceCast #268: An Exclusive We Don't Want | Is The Clone Wars content coming exclusively to the Apple TV? Is Episode VII really being pushed to late 2015? Don't let these rumors get you down, because we have good news too! Lucasfilm Senior Events Lead Mary Franklin joins us to talk about Celebration, San Diego Comic Con, and much more! (1:48:48) link
    8/26/13 Sabacc Table #5: Interview With Steve Horvath | This week we've got an interview you don't want to miss! Steve Horvath, Senior Vice President of Communications and Digital Business from Fantasy Flight Games, joins us to talk about GenCon, upcoming products, his personal experiences with Star Wars, and more! (1:36:54) link
    8/23/13 ForceCast #267: Speculate Responsibly | This week's show is all about rumors and the fans who love (and hate) them. We discuss secrecy versus leaks in the Internet age, Star Wars blogging as a form of journalism, and how to manage expectations now that the next movie era is upon us. Plus, new Episode VII rumors, book news, and your Force ghost feedback. (1:59:51) link
    8/20/13 Sabacc Table #4: Catching Up | We've got a lot of things to catch up on since our last episode! We've started a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild, FFG has released their first deluxe expansion for the Star Wars Card Game, they've just announced "specialization decks" for Edge of the Empire, and SWTOR has released their 2.3 "Titans of Industry" update. In addition to this and other news, we discuss whether SWTOR is still worth checking out. (1:59:48) link
    8/16/13 ForceCast 266: X-Winging It | Eric Geller is out this week, but Lou and Nate from The Sabacc Table fill in! They tackle some topics submitted by listeners, talk about the upcoming theme park changes, and give their take on the Episode VII release date. We've also got book news, a comic book trailer, DVD news, and more! (1:37:49) link
    8/14/13 Jedi Journals: August 2013 | With Celebration Europe II wrapped, Chris & Jay are back for a jam-packed show full of interviews, reviews, contests, and more for all your Star Wars literature needs. Listen in as author Troy Denning stops by to discuss Star Wars: Crucible and Del Rey Editor At Large Shelly Shapiro graces us with her presence to chat about Star Wars: Kenobi and the future of the Expanded Universe. This is the show you're looking for! (2:05:03) link
    8/9/13 ForceCast #265: What If… | What if the films were released chronologically starting in 1977? What if Lucas created the series starting with The Phantom Menace? What if Luke suffers the same fate as Obi-Wan in Episode VII? This week, we take a look at how things could have been different, and we look at the possibilities of things to come. We also talk about Star Wars Celebration 2015, new DVD and Blu-ray releases, and more! (1:56:11) link
    7/30/13 ForceCast #264: From Clones To Rebels | As Celebration Europe II winds down, we discuss the big panels and the news they brought us. From John Williams' return to Star Wars to the concept art and logo for Star Wars Rebels, we break it all down and put it in context. Plus, Disney promises Star Wars theme park teases at D23, Lucasfilm registers new domain names, and yet another Episode VII casting rumor appears. (1:46:48) link
    7/26/13 ForceCast #263: Presented By Joh Yowza | This week we tackle the Special Edition changes, including a surprising argument over whether it's important that Han shoots first. And Erik reveals the only Star Wars scene he fast forwards through -- and it's not from the prequels! We also cover book news, debunk an Abrams rumor, talk about reveals from SDCC, and more! (1:46:22) APP! link
    7/22/13 Sabacc Table #3: Playing Roles | What roles would you want to play in the Star Wars universe? This week we take a look at the new Edge of the Empire roleplaying game from Fantasy Flight Games. We cover the "obligation" system, explain the unique dice mechanics, and go over the basic careers and specializations. We also talk about the new Angry Birds announcement, the upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic update, and more! (1:37:52) link
    7/19/13 ForceCast #262: To Screen or Not to Screen | This week, we tackle the important questions on every parent's mind: When should you introduce your kids to the Star Wars saga? In what order should you screen the movies? Should you include The Clone Wars, and if so, how so? Tune in to find out what we think about this big topic. Plus, we cover the latest theme park rumors, Celebration Europe II updates, book announcements, and more. (1:30:43) link
    7/16/13 Sabacc Table #2: Now What? | So you've decided to pick up the X-Wing Miniatures Game core set. Where do you go from here? We provide some basic ideas for squadrons you can work toward as a rookie player. We also discuss the Battlefront announcement, the release of KOTOR for iOS, the new Edge of the Empire roleplaying game, and more! (1:37:19) link
    7/12/13 ForceCast #261: Engendering Controversy | It may have been a slow news week, but the controversy brought on by a possible female lead in Episode VII continues! To further discuss gender representation in Star Wars, we brought in two bloggers who have written extensively on the subject: Bria from and Tricia Barr from After the discussion, stick around for updates on CEII, Disney's D23 plans, and more! (1:43:46) link
    7/10/13 ForceCast Special: CEII Artist Interviews: Doug Cowan, Drew Baker, and Shea Standefer | Join us for our third set of Celebration Europe II artist interviews. Once again ForceCast Clone Wars Roundtable co-host and Lucasfilm-licensed artist Spencer Brinkerhoff sits down with the art show participants and talks to them about their work, their experiences, and how they got to be contributors to the Star Wars universe. Today Spencer chats with Doug Cowan, Drew Baker, and Shea Standefer. (1:04:56) link
    7/5/13 ForceCast #260: No News? No Problem! | With no big stories to cover this week, Erik and Eric discuss their hopes for a "Star Wars land" at a Disney theme park. These may not be the most realistic ideas, but who knows what the House of Mouse is capable of? Plus, we've got book updates, Celebration Europe II news, and a trove of listener feedback. (2:10:42) APP! link
    7/4/13 Sabacc Table #1: Welcome! | Welcome to the newest show on the ForceCast network — The Sabacc Table! Join Erik, Lou, and Nate as they discuss Star Wars gaming. In this first episode, they introduce themselves, explain what to expect from the podcast, and give a brief overview of the Star Wars Card Game and the X-wing Miniatures Game. (1:28:10) link
    7/3/13 ForceCast Special: CEII Artist Interviews: Brian Rood, Chris Trevas, and Jerry Vanderstelt | Star Wars Celebrations are a unique opportunity for Star Wars fans, with film stars, book authors, costumers, prop builders, and artists all gathered in one place. As we prepare for Celebration Europe II, ForceCast Clone Wars Roundtable co-host and Lucasfilm-licensed artist Spencer Brinkerhoff sits down with the art show participants and talks to them about their work, their experiences, and how they got to be contributors to the Star Wars universe. In the second installment of our artist interview series, Spencer chats with Brian Rood, Chris Trevas, and Jerry Vanderstelt. (1:08:08) link
    7/3/13 Jedi Journals: July 2013 | 2013 is half over and the Star Wars literature release schedule is showing no signs of slowing. Del Rey Senior Production Manager Erich Schoeneweiss joins Jay and Chris for the entire show! Listen in as they finally peel the lid back on Star Wars: Scoundrels and spill the contents discussing the ending in detail. Also this month, a reading from the new William Shakespeare's Star Wars, a quick chat with a huge fan and your chance to win a signed copy of the upcoming Star Wars: Crucible! (2:02:07) link
    6/28/13 ForceCast #259: Casting Doubts | We have an official casting call, but what does it mean? Does this fit the EU or does it nail that coffin shut? Will we have a female lead? And if we will, why is that so controversial? Join us this week as we discuss this, book news, CEII announcements, and more! (1:35:48) link
    6/27/13 ForceCast Special: CEII Artist Interviews: Joe Corroney, Hugh Fleming, and Lin Zy | Star Wars Celebrations are a unique opportunity for Star Wars fans, with film stars, book authors, costumers, prop builders, and artists all gathered in one place. As we prepare for Celebration Europe II, ForceCast Clone Wars Roundtable co-host and Lucasfilm-licensed artist Spencer Brinkerhoff sits down with the art show participants and talks to them about their work, their experiences, and how they got to be contributors to the Star Wars universe. In the first installment of our artist interview series, Spencer chats with Joe Corroney, Hugh Fleming, and Lin Zy. (1:07:01) link
    6/21/13 ForceCast #258: Parks and Prognostication | George Lucas and Steven Spielberg ruminate on the future of entertainment, The Clone Wars receives long-overdue industry recognition, and Disney moves ahead with a Star Wars area in Orlando. Plus, Celebration Europe updates, comments from George Lucas about J.J. Abrams, and listener feedback. (1:36:28) APP! link
    6/14/13 ForceCast #257: Clone Tones | Spencer Brinkerhoff joins Eric to interview The Clone Wars music composer Kevin Kiner about his approach to scoring the animated series, his conversations with Dave Filoni, his ongoing work on the bonus content, and more. Plus, Erik and Eric cover big news on the gaming front as EA revives the Star Wars Battlefront name, big news on the book front as a bounty hunter tome is announced, and the rest of the week's news and notes from the world of Star Wars. (1:27:36) link
    6/7/13 ForceCast #256: The Artist Currently Known As Spencer | This week, official Star Wars artist and ForceCast Clone Wars Roundtable co-host Spencer Brinkerhoff III joins Eric to talk about his print for Celebration Europe II and the series of artist interviews he is recording for The ForceCast. We also kick off that series this week by presenting Spencer's interview with artist Ken Lashley. Plus, the iPad gets an award-winning Star Wars game for its tenth anniversary, Star Wars meets literature for the second annual Star Wars Reads Day, and the rest of the week's news. (1:22:15) link
    6/5/13 Jedi Journals: June 2013 | Another month has flown by and there is much to discuss! Chris and Jay are joined by Fanboys Director Kyle Newman who stops by to offer his commentary on all the latest Star Wars literature news and Topps trading cards return to Star Wars Insider as Editor Jonathan Wilkins also drops in to chat about issue #142. Tune in for listener feedback, upcoming titles and a whole lot more on this June episode of Jedi Journals! (1:25:42) link
    5/31/13 ForceCast #255: The Starkiller-Free Rebellion | Jedi Journals co-host Jay Shepard joins Eric Geller to discuss Star Wars Rebels from an Expanded Universe perspective. After another week of contemplating Lucasfilm's big TV announcement, we dig deeper into how it will affect the EU. Plus, we bring you the week's Star Wars news, from The Clone Wars award nominations to Celebration Europe II announcements. (1:12:44) link
    5/24/13 ForceCast #254: The Rebellion Will Be Televised | Lucasfilm's announcement of the TV series Star Wars Rebels takes center stage this week, as friend of the show Kyle Newman joins us to break down what this show means for the franchise. Plus, more bonus content from The Clone Wars gets previewed, J.J. Abrams works the interview circuit, and we make a major announcement about The ForceCast network. (1:52:19) link
    5/17/13 ForceCast #253: Can't We All Just Get Along? | For many of us, Star Wars created a love of science fiction, though we've suffered an "us versus them" rivalry with Star Trek over the decades. With Abrams at the helm of both franchises, can we finally bury that hatchet? Also, will Abrams cause creative overlap between the two franchises, or will he be able to maintain a distinct vision for each? Christian Blauvelt from joins us to discuss what this means for Star Wars fans. Also, Episode VII filming in the U.K., some interesting Lucasfilm domain name registrations, and more! (1:11:52) link
    5/10/13 ForceCast #252: Let The Games Begin | Electronic Arts scores an exclusive partnership with Disney to publish Star Wars games. What does this mean for the franchise? Xbox MVP and administrator William Devereux joins Erik and Eric to discuss the big announcement. Plus, The Clone Wars gets some much-deserved recognition, J.J. Abrams discusses balancing what fans want with what he wants, and a whole lot more. (1:39:59) link
    5/3/13 ForceCast #251: To Spoil or Not to Spoil | Do you want to know secrets about Episode VII? Do you really want to know? At what point do secrets become spoilers, and at what point does your excitement for new Star Wars content cause you to give in to the Dark Side? Join us as we discuss the world of spoilers and how the environment of the new films will differ from the days of prequel spoilers. But don't worry -- this episode is spoiler-free! All this, plus the latest news and events! (1:28:11) APP! link
    5/1/13 Jedi Journals: May 2013 | The month of May is upon us which can only mean one thing. It's time for Free Comic Book Day and...Star Wars Day! Chris & Jay discuss their May The 4th (Be With You) plans, find more variants, chat with Dawn of the Jedi: Into the Void author Tim Lebbon, review the latest comics, books & magazines and even delve into a book from the 90's with the Book of the Month! Sit back and relax as you enter into the May episode of Jedi Journals. (1:38:39) link
    4/19/13 ForceCast #250: Hatchet Day | Disney swings the axe again at Lucasfilm, a mysterious (and probably fake) Star Wars TV show pitch surfaces, and Entertainment Weekly commits a journalistic no-no. All that and more on this week's episode of The ForceCast! (1:12:15) link
    4/12/13 ForceCast #249: I'm Han Solo | First The Clone Wars, now LucasArts. Is Disney getting trigger-happy, or was shutting down LucasArts the right thing to do? Join us as we take a deeper look at this issue, reminisce about our favorite LucasArts games, and discuss a recent game that still gives one of our hosts nightmares! (1:06:34) APP! link
    4/5/13 ForceCast #248: Who Doesn't Need More Killiks? | On this week's show, we discuss a potential approach to the Expanded Universe that's straight out of the Marvel Comics playbook. Plus, more spinoff rumors, a new Dark Horse miniseries, the future of LucasArts, and a whole lot more. (1:29:14) APP! link
    4/3/13 Jedi Journals: April 2013 | Star Wars comics kick into overdrive as Jay and Chris cover the latest Dark Horse news from Wondercon. Listen in as they talk to THE MAN Randy Stradley about the future of Star Wars comics, the success of Star Wars #1, get the inside scoop on a brand new series based on George Lucas’ original screen play and so much more. Also listen as they dissect some interesting book news and discuss the questionable future of The Clone Wars magazine. It’s all here on the April episode of Jedi Journals! (1:31:45) link
    3/30/13 ForceCast Special: Looking Back and Looking Ahead with Ashley Eckstein | Eric Geller and Spencer Brinkerhoff III talk to Ashley Eckstein, the voice of Ahsoka Tano on Star Wars: The Clone Wars and founder of Her Universe, about her work on the TV show, the Year of the Fangirl campaign, and much more. (0:48:32) link
    3/22/13 ForceCast #247: The Real Obi-Wan | James Arnold Taylor joins us this week to discuss his experiences as Obi-Wan on The Clone Wars. Also, Erik changes his tune on the letter-writing campaign, Lucasfilm Animation may be going through some major downsizing, and Jedi may be conducting marriage ceremonies! All this and more, on this week's episode! (1:15:29) link
    3/15/13 ForceCast #246: An Animated Discussion | The Clone Wars gets the axe, a new animated series gets announced, and George Lucas gets talkative with Bloomberg Businessweek. Plus, Erik and Eric discuss how best to present the "underworld" premise of the live-action series, a possible precursor to Battlefront III emerges, and a whole lot more. (1:39:26) link
    3/13/13 FORCECAST CLONE WARS ROUNDTABLE SPECIAL REPORT: The Fate of the Series | Eric, Spencer, and guest Bryan Young from discuss Lucasfilm's announcement that Star Wars: The Clone Wars will not broadcast a sixth season. What does this mean for the franchise? Was this a Disney decision? What will be in the TCW bonus content that Lucasfilm promised? We break it down for you in a special episode of The ForceCast Clone Wars Roundtable. (1:05:05) link
    3/9/13 ForceCast #245: E-Canon | Will Disney respect the EU continuity, will they disregard it, or will they rewrite it entirely? Will they redefine what we consider canon? Join us as we discuss what Disney's plans for the future may be. Also, a look at Star Wars 1313, news on some upcoming short stories, and more! (1:39:56) link
    3/7/13 FORCECAST CLONE WARS ROUNDTABLE: SEASON 5: EPISODE 20 | Rebelscum's Jay Shepard and friend of the show Aaron Goins join Eric and Spencer to discuss "The Wrong Jedi," the final episode of The Clone Wars Season 5. (1:40:08) link
    3/6/13 JEDI JOURNALS: March 2013 | This month Chris and Jay welcome a very special visitor in the form of Star Wars Insider editor, Jonathan Wilkins! Listen as they discuss more variants to Star Wars #1! Thrill to the descriptions of an affordable version of Star Wars The Blueprints! Cringe as you hear more horrific tales of subscriptions gone wrong! All these stories and more can be yours, on the Jedi Journals for March 2013! (1:36:49) link
    2/28/13 ForceCast #244: Rebel Retirees | Mark Hamill says Lucasfilm's talking to him, Billy Dee Williams wants to don the cape again, and what's this about Alfonso Cuaron directing a Star Wars movie? Plus, Erik reviews Star Wars Pinball and we discuss what role the Big Three should play in the sequel trilogy. It's all here in the latest episode of The ForceCast. (1:13:57) link
    2/26/13 FORCECAST CLONE WARS ROUNDTABLE: SEASON 5: EPISODE 19 | Eric and Spencer discuss the penultimate episode of The Clone Wars Season Five, "To Catch a Jedi," with blogger Amy Ratcliffe. (1:05:51) link
    2/23/13 FORCECAST CLONE WARS ROUNDTABLE: SEASON 5: EPISODES 17 & 18 | Eric and Spencer are joined by podcaster Louis Secki for a discussion about "Sabotage" and "The Jedi Who Knew Too Much". (1:16:55) link
    2/21/13 ForceCast #243: Spin-off Candidates | "Jovial" Jay Shepard joins us to discuss the rumored candidates for the spin-off films, Erik explains why the original trilogy is all about Boba Fett, we discuss the possibility of Ewan McGregor and John Williams returning, and much more! (1:19:29) link
    2/20/13 FORCECAST CLONE WARS ROUNDTABLE: SEASON 5: EPISODES 14-16 | Friend of The ForceCast Joshua Stolte joins Eric Geller and Spencer Brinkerhoff III to talk about "Eminence", "Shades of Reason", and "The Lawless". (1:17:18) link
    2/19/13 FORCECAST CLONE WARS ROUNDTABLE: SEASON 5: EPISODES 12 & 13 | Nick Bishop of the 501st Legion's Terror Australis Garrison joins Eric Geller and Spencer Brinkerhoff III for a discussion about "Missing in Action" and "Point of No Return." (1:05:08) link
    2/14/13 Weekly ForceCast #242: New Beginnings | This week, Erik Blythe and Eric Geller take over the reins of The ForceCast. They introduce themselves, discuss The Weekly ForceCast's new format, and cover the latest Star Wars news, from spinoff film rumors to the latest events on The Clone Wars and beyond. (0:56:51) link
    2/6/13 MICROCAST: Jedi Journals: February 2013 | It’s a jam packed show this month. Join Chris & Jay as they discuss the new Star Wars #1 comic that sold out in 24 hours, the most recent Episode VII news and a quick update on the Weekly ForceCast. Also, listen in for a very special announcment regarding Dalmation Press and all the comic, book and magazine news you can handle on this February edition of Jedi Journals! (1:16:17) link
    1/9/13 MICROCAST: Jedi Journals: January 2013 | It's ever alliterative Jedi Journals for January! Join Chris and Jay as they continue to delve into the rumors around the future of the Expanded Universe. Or maybe you'd prefer to hear the latest news (spoiler free!) about Tim Zahn's newest book! Of course there's also the listener mailbag chock full of great questions! So, whether it's comics, books or magazines that you crave, all your hungers will be satiated on this months Jedi Journals! (1:26:31) link
    Eric Geller
    | Former ForceCast host and TheForce.Net reporter

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    12/23/14 Echo Base #11: Past, Present, Future | As we wind down 2014, we look back at our favorite moments of the past year, we look ahead anticipating the new year, and we consider the present state of fandom. Join us as we bring this year to a close here at Echo Base! (0:42:38) BONUS CONTENT! link
    12/20/14 Echo Base #10: The Biggest Fan | On this episode of Echo Base, Lou gives his thoughts on the teaser, we answer a listener question about cosplay, we talk about the possibility of George seeing Star Wars as a fan for the first time, and we give some last-minute Star Wars gift ideas. Don't miss this jam-packed episode of Echo Base! (1:00:21) BONUS CONTENT! link
    12/19/14 ForceCast 334: Finn and Rey's Excellent Adventure | The Force Awakens' young leads have names! BB-8, the ball droid, is a real prop! Yoda is coming to Star Wars Rebels and Rebels is going to Celebration! It's our last show of the year and we're powering ahead with all kinds of interesting news and rumors. Don't miss our thoughts on a rumored name for Gwendoline Christie's character and a report about Luke Skywalker's whereabouts. Happy Holidays from The ForceCast! (1:38:31) BONUS CONTENT! link
    12/12/14 ForceCast #333: Gonk and Uber | Late this week, Lucasfilm revealed the names of several The Force Awakens cast members and announced a Star Wars Rebels Season 2 premiere at Celebration Anaheim. Also in the news: Oscar Isaac reveals his childhood Star Wars costume, Del Rey reveals the cover of Dark Disciple, Bob Iger talks teasers and theme parks, and Marvel confirms a record-breaking figure for its first Star Wars comic. All that and much more in this week's ForceCast! (1:43:34) BONUS CONTENT! link
    12/5/14 ForceCast #332: Ball Droids and Broad-Sabers | Erik is out this week, but Eric and Justin continue our discussion about The Force Awakens' teaser trailer. Stars John Boyega, Andy Serkis, and Oscar Isaac have all weighed in, Good Morning America has exclusive information, and there might be more to the ball droid than some fans realized. Plus: When are we getting the next teaser? What is Isaac's X-wing pilot up to? And what about that strange new lightsaber? We're following up on the biggest Star Wars video of the year, so don't miss this week's show! (1:08:19) BONUS CONTENT! link
    12/3/14 Jedi Journals: December 2014 | Another year comes to a close as Jay & Chris say farewell to Dark Horse Comics and usher in a new era of Star Wars Marvel Comics. Book and Magazine news is a bit light this month, but listen in to a quick rundown of literature gift ideas to put under the Christmas tree for that special Star Wars fan in your life and...hear your hosts’ thoughts on the recently revealed The Force Awakens movie trailer all on the December episode of Jedi Journals. (1:01:15) link
    11/29/14 Echo Base #9: The First 88 Seconds | The teaser is here! We're still riding the emotional high of getting to see new Star Wars content, but we're also eager to jump into some in-depth analysis. Though 88 seconds doesn't provide much to analyze, it does provide a lot to be excited about, and we have the honor of sharing that excitement with Vanessa Marshall from Star Wars Rebels! Join us as we geek out about The Force Awakens teaser here at Echo Base! (1:04:11) link
    11/28/14 ForceCast #331: A New Era Begins...Now | Star Wars blasts back onto the public stage today as fans everywhere watch and rewatch the teaser trailer for The Force Awakens. We discuss the leadup to this momentous event, along with rumors about a standalone film and a sequel-era animated series. We also talk to a ForceCast listener who is using his artistic talents for charity, discuss what the sequels can learn from the prequels, and check in with our Patreon supporters. Join us for the ride as our favorite franchise enters a major new phase. (1:48:00) BONUS CONTENT! link
    11/26/14 Rebels Roundtable #9: Gathering Forces | Justin Bolger from The ForceCast joins us to discuss the Star Wars Rebels episode "Gathering Forces." (1:22:25) link
    11/25/14 Echo Base #8: Can't Stop The Ghost | This week Erik and Lou take a look at the "character" of the Ghost, discuss similarities between Star Wars Rebels and Firefly, and reflect on Episode I's teaser trailer. (1:03:43) link
    11/24/14 ForceCast Special: Full of Sith Crossover | In a special crossover episode, Mike, Bryan, and Bobby from Full of Sith invite us onto their show to discuss all things Star Wars, from The Force Awakens trailer to a Mace Windu spinoff to the question of whether The Old Republic is really a Star Wars story. We also discuss our history with the Star Wars franchise and our work on The ForceCast. Enjoy two shows in one with this podcast crossover! (1:10:41) link
    11/22/14 Sabacc Table #19: Imperial Assault | We're back! This week we catch up on some new releases and discuss the upcoming Imperial Assault! (0:46:35) link
    11/21/14 ForceCast #330: Trailer Talk | The trailer for The Force Awakens could drop any day now. What will it show us and when will we see it? That's the main news topic for this week. We also discuss's character spotlight, Padmé Amidala, with Making Star Wars' Johnamarie Macias. Plus, Celebration Anaheim news and details about one of the first TFA tie-in novels. It's all here in this week's show! (1:35:41) link
    11/18/14 Rebels Roundtable #8: Empire Day | Justin Bolger from The ForceCast joins us to discuss the Star Wars Rebels episode "Empire Day." (1:22:07) link
    11/14/14 ForceCast 329: What's In A Name? | We continue our discussion of the title reveal for Star Wars: The Force Awakens with Steve Sansweet, the former head of fan relations for Lucasfilm and the man who revealed Revenge of the Sith's title in 2004. We also talk to former LucasArts sound designer David Collins about his video game work, his Celebration stage hosting experiences, and his new show, The Comlink. Between those interviews and the week's top stories, it's a jam-packed ForceCast you won't want to miss! (1:45:48) BONUS CONTENT! link
    11/12/14 Rebels Roundtable #7: Out of Darkness | Christian Blauvelt from BBC Culture joins us to discuss the Star Wars Rebels episode "Out of Darkness." (1:13:53) link
    11/7/14 ForceCast #328: The ForceCast Awakens | What's in a name? Star Wars: Episode VII is now Star Wars: The Force Awakens. We discuss this late-breaking news, including what it means for Luke in the sequel trilogy. Then, we talk to Tiya Sircar, the voice of Sabine Wren on Star Wars Rebels, about the Mandalorian rebel's role on the show. Plus, John Boyega chronicles The Force Awakens' wrap party and a soundtrack for The Clone Wars is coming soon. Awaken and enjoy this week's ForceCast! (1:56:41) BONUS CONTENT! link
    11/6/14 Rebels Roundtable #6: Breaking Ranks | Rocky Blonshine from Eleven-ThirtyEight joins us to discuss the Star Wars Rebels episode "Breaking Ranks." (0:56:44) link
    11/5/14 Jedi Journals: November 2014 | As we grow ever closer to the end of 2014, Star Wars book releases continue to impress. Jay & Chris are joined by author James Luceno to talk about his latest novel just released called Star Wars: Tarkin and they delve into Star Wars Art: Posters, Star Wars: Costumes and more. Listen in to the second to last month of tribute discussions for Dark Horse Comics and get caught up on the latest Star Wars magazine news all on the November episode of Jedi Journals! (1:29:32) link
    10/31/14 ForceCast #327: Bard Wars | Star Wars Rebels may snag two voice actors from The Clone Wars, a Star Wars costuming exhibit tours the U.S. next year, X-wing and TIE Fighter games are back, and we may be less than two months away from an Episode VII trailer. Plus, we talk to Taylor Gray, the voice of Ezra Bridger on Rebels, about the series' tone, Ezra's growth, lessons from voice-acting, and more. (1:42:35) BONUS CONTENT! link
    10/30/14 Echo Base #7: Outside The Box | This week on Echo Base, we take a look at a few theories sent in by listeners that, while feasible, are a bit creative. (0:39:40) link
    10/29/14 Rebels Roundtable #5: Rise Of The Old Masters | Aaron Goins from Jedi News and Star Wars Bookworms joins us to discuss the Star Wars Rebels episode "Rise of the Old Masters." (1:06:27) link
    10/27/14 ForceCast Special: Chris Taylor On How Star Wars Conquered The Universe | Mashable Deputy Editor Chris Taylor joins us to discuss his book How Star Wars Conquered the Universe, which chronicles the entire history of the Star Wars franchise from George Lucas' early life to the 2014 canon decision and the lead-up to Star Wars Rebels. We talk about Palpatine's first name, the "Save the EU" movement, George Lucas' inspirations, J.J. Abrams' grasp on the heart of the saga, and much more. (1:08:36) link
    10/24/14 ForceCast #326: Team Palpatine | As principal photography on Episode VII winds down, the youngest Star Wars fan to star in the original films comes back again, the set gets a visit from the Boy Who Lived, and a cast member who wasn't even announced has completed her role. Plus, Eric talks about the progression of technology in Star Wars with Christian Blauvelt, and Disney releases a trailer for the Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion "Special Edition" on ABC. Strap in and make the jump to hyperspace with The ForceCast! (1:28:49) BONUS CONTENT! link
    10/23/14 Echo Base #6: Building Character | If you can't connect with the characters, a story will bomb no matter how good the plot. So what makes good characters? This week we invite Patrick Gorman (Star Wars in 60 Minutes) to discuss the importance of characters in the Star Wars saga across the past, present, and future. (1:37:21) BONUS CONTENT! link
    10/22/14 Rebels Roundtable #4: Fighter Flight | Eric, Spencer, and Justin discuss the second episode of Star Wars Rebels, "Fighter Flight." (1:20:47) link
    10/17/14 ForceCast 325: Rebels in the Empire State | Eric is back from New York Comic Con with a report on all the Star Wars panels, an interview with Star Wars Rebels panel moderator Christian Blauvelt and panelist Vanessa Marshall, and audio from the show floor. In other news, Rebels gets more strong ratings, canceled Rogue Squadron videogame footage emerges, and Marvel has a new Kanan Jarrus comic. All that and so much more, including a special Star Wars book giveaway, in this week's ForceCast! (2:05:55) BONUS CONTENT! link
    10/15/14 Rebels Roundtable #3: Droids in Distress | Eric, Spencer, and Justin discuss the first episode of Star Wars Rebels, "Droids in Distress." (1:42:34) link
    10/10/14 ForceCast #324: There Are Plenty of Pools | Good news for Rebels after its series premiere, new interviews with James Luceno and Lucasfilm's point-person on Star Wars storytelling, and a new arcade game that truly immerses you in that galaxy far, far away. Plus, what's the deal with the "save the EU" crowd? We'll weigh in. It's New York Comic Con weekend and we're bringing you a heaping helping of Star Wars in this week's ForceCast! (1:18:00) BONUS CONTENT! link
    10/8/14 Rebels Roundtable #2: Spark of Rebellion | Eric, Spencer, and Justin discuss the series premiere of Star Wars Rebels, "Spark of Rebellion." (1:48:54) link
    10/8/14 Jedi Journals: October 2014 | October has arrived and with it, many expensive and heavy books! Join Jay & Chris as they tackle what’s being released this month in Star Wars comics, books and magazines in addition to being joined by author Dan Wallace to discuss his latest installment: Star Wars: Imperial Handbook Deluxe Edition. Also, get the lowdown on a most interesting book titled How Star Wars Conquered The Universe on this latest episode of Jedi Journals! (1:30:38) link
    10/3/14 ForceCast 323: Rebels, Rumors, and Story Reels | Star Wars Rebels premieres tonight, and to prepare you for the show, we share our thoughts on its hour-long debut, Spark of Rebellion. The big story this week is the bonanza of Episode VII rumors ranging from characters to sets to story lines -- plus a massive report that, if true, would upend the face of Star Wars as we know it. Then, Spencer Brinkerhoff III joins us to discuss "Crystal Crisis on Utapau," the four unfinished episodes of The Clone Wars that Lucasfilm recently released. It's a show spanning movies, television, and more, and you won't want to miss it! (2:06:11) link
    10/2/14 ForceCast Special: Vanessa Marshall Talks Star Wars Rebels | With less than twenty-four hours to go until the series premiere of Disney's Star Wars Rebels, voice actress Vanessa Marshall spoke to a small group of podcasters -- from Jedi News, the Ion Cannon Podcast, and The ForceCast -- about her life and career, her Star Wars fandom, and her experience working on Rebels. (1:01:21) link
    9/30/14 Echo Base 5: Something Old, Something New | The galaxy of the Republic era is quite different than that of the Empire. How is it the Jedi go from centuries of public service to a time of obscurity? Megan from Blog Full of Words joins us to discuss the transition of Jedi from servants to legends. (0:46:03) link
    9/29/14 ForceCast Special: A Conversation With Andrea Alvin | Poster artist John Alvin, who died in 2008, left an indelible mark on the Star Wars saga through his iconic artwork. In this episode, ForceCast host and Lucasfilm-licensed Star Wars artist Spencer Brinkerhoff III talks to John's wife Andrea Alvin, the author of a recently published book celebrating John's art, about his career, their work together, and his experience in the Star Wars universe. (0:44:17) link
    9/26/14 ForceCast #322: For The Clone Wars, A Legacy Revealed | Lucasfilm shares unfinished material from three story arcs of The Clone Wars, new Episode VII set photos emerge, and there's a new Star Wars video game in town. Plus, we present a fan report from the 2014 Rancho Obi-Wan Annual Gala, complete with greetings from the man himself, Steve Sansweet. It's all here on The ForceCast! (2:12:02) link
    9/19/14 ForceCast #321: Pixel Dust | J.J. Abrams shows us Star Wars: Episode VII's Millennium Falcon, a rumor may have told us Luke's whereabouts, and everyone and their mother wants a cameo in the movie. Plus, we go in-depth with our analysis of the film's "first pixel" and we discuss why you shouldn't trust Tumblr. Strap in for the jump to hyperspace, because it's time for The ForceCast! (1:41:46) link
    9/12/14 ForceCast #320: Falconspotting | I spy with my little eye...something from a galaxy far, far away! This week, we tackle tidbits about Episode VII's ships, cast, locations, and emotional focus. Plus, Eric reports back from the Star Wars Rebels New York City press screening with reflections on the episodes from himself and two friends of the show. It's all here in this episode of The ForceCast! (1:05:26) BONUS CONTENT! link
    9/5/14 ForceCast #319: Pompous Pilot | With Erik out for the week, Eric and Justin discuss the new Star Wars Rebels short, the release of Star Wars: A New Dawn, and an Episode VII casting rumor. Plus, Eric and Christian sit down for brunch and a discussion of flashbacks in the second installment of A Plate of Star Wars. TGITF: Thank Goodness It's The ForceCast! (1:18:24) BONUS CONTENT! link
    9/4/14 Echo Base #4: Mooning The Wookiee | We're often asked whether any of the Legends books are worth reading in light of the new continuity, and if so, which ones. So for this episode, we've invited Jovial Jay (Jedi Journals) to join our jolly... umm... Okay, we don't have a good alliteration there. But we have a great episode for you here at Echo Base! (1:44:02) link
    9/3/14 Jedi Journals: September 2014 | The months are flying by this year and business is starting to pick up considerably in the Star Wars literature world. Jay & Chris continue taking you down memory lane with the last 23 years of Dark Horse as they release their last single issue Star Wars comic. (single tear) Also author John Jackson Miller returns for an exciting chat about the just released book A New Dawn, his newest novel & the first of the new Star Wars “canon” line up. Also, listen in for the very latest book and magazine release schedules on the September issue of Jedi Journals! (1:30:10) link
    8/29/14 ForceCast #318: Reactor Shaft Mysteries | This week's show focuses on a recent report that a famous face will be back to menace the galaxy in Episode VII. Eric debuts a brand-new mini-series with a friend of the show to break down that report and its implications. We also discuss Dave Filoni's comments about Star Wars Rebels, whether stormtroopers are elite professionals or comically inept blaster fodder, Marvel's Star Wars reprints, and more. (1:58:42) BONUS CONTENT! link
    8/27/14 Jedi Journals: Author Interview Jordan D. White | Dark Horse Comics reign may be done, but Marvel Comics has a few ideas to get started! Join Jedi Journals as they present an interview with Marvel Comics Star Wars group editor Jordan D. White. The ForceCast's Justin Bolger talks to the acclaimed editor & author and delves into the upcoming Marvel comics, his favorite character, his visit to the Lucasfilm Archives, and his love of The Rocky Horror Picture Show! (Wait, what?) All on a special Jedi Journals Microcast! link (0:43:00)
    8/22/14 ForceCast #317: Domo Arigato, Sith Lord Roboto | A raft of rumors about Star Wars: Episode VII has us speculating about the heroes, villains, troopers, and planets of the first sequel. Find out which rumor makes Justin and Eric crack up laughing and which rumor supports one of Erik's predictions. All that and more, including the premiere date for Star Wars Rebels and tales from Erik and Eric's vacations, in this week's show! (2:00:53) BONUS CONTENT! link
    8/21/14 Sabacc Table 18: GenCon! | A new X-Wing Faction! Star Wars: Imperial Assault! Star Wars: Armada! Fantasy Flight Games raised the bar at GenCon 2014, and we've got it all here at The Sabacc Table! (1:14:36) link
    8/21/14 Sabacc Table #17: Chalupa Batman | It's a double-header! In this episode, we cover the upcoming Rebel Aces expansion, the first Force pack in the LCG Rogue Squadron cycle, Rebellion Day, and much more. Later today, we'll be posting episode #18, containing our GenCon 2014 coverage! (1:05:31) link
    8/20/14 Jedi Journals: Author Interview Jeremy Barlow | Here's a special treat to help you beat the summer heat! Join Jedi Journals as they present an interview with Dark Horse scribe Jeremy Barlow. The Forcecast's Justin Bolger talks to the acclaimed author and finds out what went into making Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir for Dark Horse comics as well as advice on writing, comic books and of course, Star Wars. All on a special Jedi Journals Microcast! (0:34:08) link
    8/15/14 ForceCast #316: I Want To Be DC Barns! | An appearance in Episode VII for one lucky Star Wars fan as the Force For Change winner is announced, a HANDsome note left for fans by JJ Abrams, and a bearly bearded Mark Hamill are just some of the topics discussed by Justin Bolger and guest co-host Megan Crouse while Eric and Erik are away. It's Friday. It's the ForceCast! (0:49:51) link
    8/10/14 Echo Base #3: Solo Hands And Lost Ships | Following last episode's discussions of spoilers, we delve into some rumors that have been floating around. Do we like where things are rumored to be heading? What's up with our classic heroes? What's the state of the Empire? Join us for this potentially spoiler-filled episode as we look ahead to Episode VII. (1:24:12) BONUS CONTENT! link
    8/8/14 ForceCast #315: Filoni, Finoli, Finale | Star Wars Rebels is heading to television, Dave Filoni is heading to Celebration Anaheim, Star Wars attractions are headed to Disney theme parks, and The Clone Wars soundtrack is headed to a store near you. In this week's show, we discuss all the great things headed our way, focusing on the seven-minute preview of Rebels that aired on Disney XD. Harrison Ford walks and Rian Johnson talks, and it's all here on The ForceCast! (1:34:17) BONUS CONTENT! link
    8/6/14 Jedi Journals: August 2014 | San Diego Comic-Con 2014 has wrapped and there’s all kinds of awesome Star Wars book and comic news to discuss and digest! Listen as Jay and Chris delve into a monthly look back at the history of Dark Horse Comics and their contribution to the Star Wars Universe and get caught up on all the magazines to watch out for as Episode VII looms ever closer. It’s a jammed packed episode of Jedi Journals waiting just for you! (1:14:02) link
    8/1/14 ForceCast #314: A New Dawn At Comic-Con | Justin Bolger is back from San Diego Comic-Con with a full report of everything that happened in the world of Star Wars. He also shares his reactions to the sneak preview of the Star Wars Rebels premiere that was screened for a select group of SDCC attendees, which makes Erik and Eric equal parts jealous and excited. Find out what Lucasfilm has in store for us based on its Comic-Con presentations in this week's ForceCast! (1:33:47) BONUS CONTENT! link
    7/30/14 Echo Base #2: Knowing Too Much | When is a spoiler really a spoiler? How much knowledge is too much? Would you read the novelization before watching the movie? This week we take a look at one of the biggest issues facing Star Wars fans leading up to Episode VII. Come join us at Echo Base! (1:04:45) link
    7/25/14 ForceCast #313: The First Transport Is Away | J.J. Abrams reveals the first new starship of the sequel trilogy, Star Wars Rebels reveals the voice behind its "big bad," and we've got Episode VII rumors aplenty. Justin is out at San Diego Comic-Con, but Eric, Erik, and guest co-host Christian Blauvelt discuss the possible premise of the first sequel film, John Boyega's role, a gender-swapped character, a new rumored cast member, and much more. Tune in and sit back, because another news-packed ForceCast is coming right up! (1:37:30) link
    7/18/14 ForceCast #312: Sorry Sarlacc, Boba Fett Lives | Star Wars Rebels has cast David Oyelowo as an ISB agent, Marvel is re-publishing its original run of Star Wars comics, and Karen Gillan's hair probably wasn't used for Mara Jade after all. Plus, author and editor Jonathan Rinzler's Reddit AMA reveals an interesting fact about a famous bounty hunter. This week, we tackle a potpourri of stories from all corners of the news realm, launching several heated debates in the process. (1:19:31) BONUS CONTENT! link
    7/17/14 Echo Base #1: Shrouded in Mystery | Welcome to Echo Base! Should the characters we know and love remain shrouded in mystery, or should their backstories be explored? How much backstory is too much? Join Erik, Justin, Eric, and Lou in the premiere of our new Echo Base discussion podcast, the latest addition to the ForceCast network! (1:09:22) link
    7/11/14 ForceCast #311: In My Palpatine Way | Episode VII has two new cast members -- fresh from the open casting call -- and a trio of snazzy IMAX cameras. This week, Eric and Justin analyze what this latest Star Wars news means, preview Lucasfilm's presence at San Diego Comic-Con, and discuss their hopes for the villains of the first sequel. (1:27:45) link
    7/10/14 Sabacc Table #16: Barenaked Headhunters | X-Wing Wave IV has hit the streets, Wave V has been announced, and FFG has a new stand-alone card game coming. We also go over Erik's X-Wing/RPG idea. Does it work, or would a league system be better? Don't miss this episode of The Sabacc Table! (1:37:29) link
    7/9/14 Jedi Journals: July 2014 | It’s the calm before the storm! If you’ve been missing the regular large dose of Star Wars literature that we’ve become accustomed to over the years, you are not alone, but have no fear…it’s about to explode back onto the scene with an onslaught of new books coming very soon! Jay and Chris are joined by Star Wars Insider Editor Jonathan Wilkins for the entire show as they run down a very large list of what’s being released and when. Also, listen as they continue their look back at the history of Dark Horse Comics and delve into Star Wars Insider #151! This is the Star Wars literature podcast you’re looking for. (1:30:08) link
    7/4/14 ForceCast #310: A Love Story | Might Harrison Ford be back to filming? May we see romance between John Boyega and Daisy Ridley's characters? What is Luke's possible involvement in Episode VII? This week we discuss the good and bad sides of these rumors, the issue of motion capture, the concern about gimmick casting, and much more. Don't miss this week's episode of The ForceCast! BONUS CONTENT! (1:47:29) link
    6/30/14 Clone Wars Roundtable: 613 - Sacrifice | Newly named co-host of the ForceCast, Justin Bolger, joins Eric and Spencer to discuss "Sacrifice," the thirteenth and final episode of The Clone Wars Season 6. (1:15:59) link
    6/27/14 ForceCast #309: Star Wars and Rumors of Star Wars | Justin and Eric discuss the proliferation of Star Wars rumors in the lead up to Episode VII and debate the best way to interpret such news. We also chime in on the recent announcement of Rian Johnson's involvement in Episodes VIII and IX before answering a listener question about everyone's favorite Expanded Universe ginger, Mara Jade. Make the jump into Hyperspace with this week's ForceCast! (1:10:19) BONUS CONTENT! link
    6/20/14 ForceCast #308: I Can't Tell You How I Know This, But... | This week, we've got a response to a recent report about the villains of Star Wars Episode VII, exclusive information about Star Wars Rebels, and a host of other stories about all manner of Star Wars media. Plus, we debut our Comlink Participation segment, where we discuss Patreon supporters' feedback on the show with them. Oh, and we have two surprises for you in this show. Get your weekly Star Wars audio fix right here! (1:48:48) BONUS CONTENT! link
    6/14/14 Sabacc Table #15: Angry Clones | Angry Birds Star Wars II gets an expansion, we spoil some LCG cards from Join Us or Die, we consider starting an Artemis league, Lou curses his dice, we drool over the Star Wars Battlefront trailer, Nate mourns the cancelation of X-Wing Assault Squadrons, and much more in this episode of The Sabacc Table! (1:30:31) link
    6/13/14 ForceCast #307: A Cleansed Palette | As Eric flies back from vacation, Justin joins Erik to discuss the one way in which Episode VII brings an experience not felt since 1983. We also discuss a confirmed Lando appearance, Lucasfilm's new head of Production & Development, the new Star Wars Battlefront trailer, and the growing availability of The Clone Wars Season Six. Justin also chimes in on the spinoff rumors, and everything is Eric's fault in this week's ForceCast! (1:14:23) BONUS CONTENT! link
    6/6/14 ForceCast 306: Worth A Thousand Words | They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and we have plenty of words about leaked pictures of a desert marketplace, an interior docking bay, and some familiar ships. Justin fills in for Erik this week, as he and Eric discuss the Abu Dhabi set, John Boyega's social media activity, and new additions to the cast. Also, Teresa Delgado from the Fangirls Going Rogue podcast joins us to discuss the Disney Store's lack of female merchandise. Don't miss this week's episode of The ForceCast! (1:29:24) BONUS CONTENT! link
    6/4/14 Jedi Journals: June 2014 | Summer's almost here as Chris and Jay roll in for another month of Jedi Journals. Whether it's looking at convention exclusives, reciting a little Empire Striketh Back Shakespeare (in the park) with our good friends Erich and Joe from Del Rey Books, or looking ahead to the newest book and magazine news, you won't get burned listening to the June Jedi Journals! And be sure to listen closely to find out the Del Rey Comic Con premium, exclusively on Jedi Journals! (1:35:18) link
    6/3/14 Clone Wars Roundtable: 612 - Destiny | Dan Zehr from Coffee With Kenobi joins Eric and Spencer to discuss "Destiny," the twelfth episode of The Clone Wars Season 6. (1:15:01) link
    5/30/14 ForceCast #305: Red Five Standing By | The first Star Wars spinoff film has a director and a writer, while a leaked roadmap suggests that 2020 will see a Red Five film. What do we think of the latest developments in the cinematic Star Wars universe? We'll share our thoughts on that news, the problem with the Disney Store's Star Wars line, a Lucasfilm presence at an Apple developers' conference, and much more. (2:15:50) BONUS CONTENT! link
    5/28/14 Clone Wars Roundtable: 611 - Voices | Tricia Barr from joins Eric and Spencer to discuss "Voices," the eleventh episode of The Clone Wars Season 6. (1:12:47) link
    5/26/14 Clone Wars Roundtable: 610 - The Lost One | Aaron Goins from Star Wars Bookworms joins Eric and Spencer to discuss "The Lost One," the tenth episode of The Clone Wars Season 6. (1:05:26) link
    5/23/14 ForceCast #304: Feedback Loop | Though it's a slow news week, filming has begun on Episode VII! On this episode, Justin joins Erik to discuss what may be the reveal of a new alien and to catch up on a wide variety of feedback topics. Don't miss this week's ForceCast! (2:03:42) link
    5/22/14 Sabacc Table #14: Full Throttle | In our most jam-packed episode ever, we cover the Rebel Transport release for X-Wing, the Wave 4 ships, a new adventure module for Age of Rebellion, the final four tables for Star Wars Pinball, the two smartphone card battlers, and much more! And we introduce some important changes to the Sabacc Table for the future! (1:41:43) link
    5/16/14 ForceCast #303: Wedge Issues | On this episode, we discuss Episode VII's Abu Dhabi set, Star Wars Rebels news, a mystery Billy Dee Williams project, Denis Lawson bailing on Star Wars, and more. Plus, we interview acclaimed children's book author Tony DiTerlizzi, whose upcoming picture book retells the story of the original trilogy using Ralph McQuarrie's iconic concept art. Friday means ForceCast, and we've got a great one for you this week! (1:49:27) BONUS CONTENT! link
    5/14/14 Clone Wars Roundtable: 609 - The Disappeared, Part II | Christian Blauvelt from BBC Culture joins Eric and Spencer to discuss "The Disappeared, Part II," the ninth episode of The Clone Wars Season 6. (0:57:11) link
    5/10/14 Rebels Roundtable #1: The First Trailer Is Away | The first full trailer for Star Wars Rebels has been released. Join Eric, Erik, and Spencer as they break down this minute-long look at the animated series, from Ezra and Kanan to TIE fighters and the Inquisitor. (0:58:19) link
    5/9/14 ForceCast #302: Delving Deeper | Might Star Wars oversaturate the market? Which characters might be featured in the spin-offs? Should the EU/Legends have been handled differently? Director Kyle Newman (Fanboys) joins us this week as a guest host to give us his take on these topics, the latest news, and more! We also cover some new games and catch up on lots of listener feedback. Don’t miss this episode of The ForceCast! (2:00:28) BONUS CONTENT! link
    5/8/14 Clone Wars Roundtable: 608 - The Disappeared, Part I | Amy Ratcliffe from joins Eric and Spencer to discuss "The Disappeared, Part I," the eighth episode of The Clone Wars Season 6. (0:55:09) link
    5/7/14 Jedi Journals: May 2014 | It’s the month of May and that can only mean one thing…Star Wars! Join Chris & Jay as they recap their own May the 4th and dissect the big literature news that recently shocked the world about the Expanded Universe and what this means going forward. Listen in as they continue celebrating the contributions of Dark Horse in Star Wars comics, get the latest magazine news and check out some great listener feedback on this May edition of Jedi Journals! (1:22:09) link
    5/2/14 ForceCast #301: New Canon, New Cast | Justin Bolger joins us as we break down the past week's two major news stories: the cast of Star Wars Episode VII and Lucasfilm's new post-Expanded Universe continuity program. What do we think of the young actors whose careers are about to be launched into the stratosphere? How do we feel about the seeming end of the Expanded Universe and the new books on the horizon? Tune in for a jam-packed show featuring those stories, Erik's rant of the century, and other a special announcement at the end of the show. (1:48:35) link
    4/30/14 Clone Wars Roundtable: 607 - Crisis At The Heart | Lillian Skye from The Star Wars Underworld joins Eric and Spencer to discuss "Crisis at the Heart," the seventh episode of The Clone Wars Season 6. (1:01:27) link
    4/25/14 ForceCast #300: Something About A Breakfast Alan Horn confirms that Episode VII filmed in Abu Dhabi, the Star Wars Rebels crew reveals the show's theme music, and Star Wars Weekends brings The Clone Wars and Rebels to Disney World. Plus, we present Justin Bolger's WonderCon interview with Dave Filoni -- where he discusses major subjects like the identity of the Chosen One -- and then break down the interview and the Rebels panel with Justin himself. Don't miss this jam-packed episode of The ForceCast! (1:51:27) link
    4/24/14 Clone Wars Roundtable: 606 - The Rise Of Clovis | Joshua Stolte aka Jedi Shua from Techno Retro Dads joins Eric and Spencer to discuss "The Rise of Clovis," the sixth episode of The Clone Wars Season 6. (1:07:26) link
    4/18/14 ForceCast #299: Meet Your New Favorite Twi'lek | Episode VII may be filming in Abu Dhabi, Celebration Anaheim stage hosts are revealed, and Benedict Cumberbatch crushes some dreams with a Star Wars announcement. Then, ahead of her appearance at WonderCon this weekend, Vanessa Marshall, the voice of Hera on Star Wars Rebels, joins us to talk about her Star Wars fandom and her new role as the captain of the Ghost. (1:27:35) link
    4/16/14 Clone Wars Roundtable: 605 - An Old Friend | Pete Morrison from Lightsaber Rattling joins Eric and Spencer to discuss "An Old Friend," the fifth episode of The Clone Wars Season 6. (0:54:04) link
    4/14/14 Clone Wars Roundtable: 604 – Orders | Austin Blankenship from Far, Far Away Radio joins Eric and Spencer to discuss "Orders," the forth episode of The Clone Wars Season 6. (1:19:02) link
    4/11/14 ForceCast #298: Great Expectations | We're all excited about Rebels and the upcoming films, but are we too excited? Are we setting our expectations impossibly high? This week we look at past experiences and discuss whether Star Wars fans have reasonable expectations for future projects. We also cover filming updates, Peter Mayhew, Tatooine, WonderCon, and much more! (1:20:52) link
    4/8/14 Sabacc Table #13: Aces High | We're back! We're kicking off spring with a ton of news, including Imperial Aces, Rebel Aces, and more! And though March Madness is over, we're letting you choose your own X-Wing aces and giving away some prizes! Check our @SabaccTable Twitter feed for more info! (1:22:56) link
    4/7/14 Clone Wars Roundtable: 603 – Fugitive | Christian Blauvelt from BBC Culture joins Eric and Spencer to discuss "Fugitive," the third episode of The Clone Wars Season 6. (1:00:48) link
    4/4/14 ForceCast 297: Location, Location, Location | A new Star Wars Episode VII filming rumor inspired us to discuss Star Wars locations and their potential appearances in the sequel trilogy. Which planets worked in the first six films and which didn't? Which places would we like to see again? Which unseen locations should make their on-screen debut in December 2015? We cover all of that on this week's show. (1:17:14) link
    4/2/14 Jedi Journals: April 2014 | Jedi Journals returns for the April 2014 edition! Join Chris & Jay as they run down the latest comic releases and take a walk down memory lane with the Dark Horse era winding down. Also, get the latest news on that mysterious Luke Skywalker novel along with the rest of the book news for the month and…get caught up on Star Wars Insider and the first issue of the brand new Star Wars Magazine! (1:06:11) link
    4/1/14 ForceCast Special: Episode VII Special Report | We managed to get our hands on a few tantalizing scraps of information about Star Wars Episode VII, and after mulling it over for a little while, we're ready to discuss it on the show. Tune in to hear what we learned about a character and a starship -- and what we think it means for the first sequel. (0:27:55) BONUS CONTENT! link
    3/28/14 ForceCast #296: Feedback Loop | Even though it was a light news week, we've got plenty to talk about! This week we go through the questions and comments you've submitted, from questions about Dooku to the possibility of seeing the Droids and Ewoks cartoons again. Don't miss this week's episode! (1:22:56) link
    3/26/14 Clone Wars Roundtable: 602 - Conspiracy | Christian Blauvelt from BBC Culture joins Eric and Spencer to discuss "Conspiracy," the second episode of The Clone Wars Season 6. (1:04:43) link
    3/21/14 ForceCast #295: Controlling The Story | After news drops about Star Wars Episode VII, Erik and Eric discuss Lucasfilm's media strategy for the film. In the digital age, can Lucasfilm hope to control leaks and rumors? How will they distribute information, whether publicly or otherwise? Can they balance the needs of the film production and the fan sites? Our conversation explores all of that and more. Plus, we discuss Episode VII casting and studio rumors, new Insider short stories, and The Clone Wars interviews. (1:31:10) link
    3/19/14 Rebels Roundtable #0: An Introduction To Your Hosts | As we inch closer to the premiere of Star Wars Rebels, the ForceCast network launches the Rebels Roundtable to provide commentary and analysis of Disney's new animated Star Wars TV series. In this introductory episode, hosts Eric Geller, Erik Blythe, and Spencer Brinkerhoff talk about themselves, their history with Star Wars, and what they're looking forward to seeing when Star Wars Rebels blasts onto television screens later this year. (0:15:03) link
    3/17/14 Clone Wars Roundtable: 601 - The Unknown | TheForce.Net's Justin Bolger joins Eric and Spencer to discuss "The Unknown," the first episode of The Clone Wars Season 6. (1:09:18) link
    3/14/14 ForceCast #294: March Madness! | March Madness has arrived! Lucasfilm has announced the characters for the annual "This Is Madness" competition, and we go over our personal picks. We also discuss Dave Filoni's comments about The Clone Wars and Rebels, Carrie Fisher's possible involvement in Episode VII, and Variety's latest casting rumors. Don't miss this week's ForceCast! (1:39:24) link
    3/7/14 ForceCast #293: Winding Down The Clone Wars | Today sees the release of The Clone Wars bonus content, and The ForceCast has the perfect podcast companion to your binge-watching. Eric and guest co-host Justin Bolger discuss the dramatic evolution of the animated series, from Ahsoka's introduction to her fateful decision in the fifth season finale. Between characters like Rex and Maul and story arcs like Mortis and Umbara, the show profoundly shaped the Star Wars galaxy and the fan community. As Netflix reveals "The Lost Missions," we put the legacy of The Clone Wars in perspective, looking at its impact on the galaxy far, far away. (1:53:47) link
    3/5/14 Jedi Journals: March 2014 | It’s March Madness on Jedi Journals! First time Star Wars author(s) James S.A. Corey stops by to talk Empire and Rebellion: Honor Among Thieves. Also, Chris & Jay bring you the latest news from Dark Horse on their plans for the remainder of the year, chat about the latest book & comic titles and dig into the newest Star Wars Insider Magazine. It’s a galactically fun-filled ride through the vast expanse that is the Star Wars literature universe and you are invited to come along for the ride! (1:26:22) link
    2/28/14 ForceCast 292: Dissecting Diversity | Justin Bolger joins Eric Geller to discuss Star Wars Rebels character reveals, a super-sized Star Wars Weekends, and the trailer for The Clone Wars: The Lost Missions. Then, as Rebels prepares to take us back to the Original Trilogy, Eric and Justin talk to FANgirl Blog's Tricia Barr about racial and gender diversity in the Empire, the Rebel Alliance, and the galaxy as a whole. (1:33:56) link
    2/21/14 ForceCast #291: Rebels Round-Up | Rebels news galore! From introduction videos to Toy Fair reveals, we learn more about our new heroes. Then TheForce.Net's Adam Nettina joins us to discuss concerns about the future of Star Wars novels, and we tackle your listener feedback. (1:51:51) link
    2/14/14 ForceCast #290: Kanan Is Canon | We meet the newest member of the Star Wars Rebels cast, discuss an Episode VII casting story and a production rumor, and share good news for Star Wars fans in Australia and New Zealand. Plus, enjoy part two of our interview with Patrick Gorman of The Star Wars Saga In 60 Minutes. You'll find all that and more in Erik and Eric's one-year anniversary episode of The ForceCast! (1:05:47) link
    2/7/14 ForceCast #289: The ForceCast In 78 Minutes | It's a light news week, but we're keeping things exciting by interviewing the creator of one of Star Wars Celebration's most popular events: Patrick Gorman of The Star Wars Saga In 60 Minutes. In part one of our interview, Patrick discusses his Star Wars fandom, the origins of his show, and more. Plus, we cover a Disney Infinity rumor, discuss a Star Wars Rebels propaganda campaign, and read your emails and Facebook comments. (1:18:07) link
    2/5/14 Jedi Journals: February 2014 | Do you 'heart' Star Wars literature? We here at Jedi Journals sure do! Book, comics, magazines...everything! And this month is no exception, as Chris and Jay discuss the future and the past of Star Wars Comics, talk to author Joe Schreiber about his latest book Maul: Lockdown, and wonder how far we'll go to collect...everything! All this and more on the February 2014 edition of Jedi Journals! (1:37:32) link
    2/4/14 Sabacc Table #12: The Aces Are Coming | This week we go over a ton of announcements and discuss the upcoming Imperial Aces pilots! (1:30:51) link
    1/31/14 ForceCast #288: Cat People, Rejoice! | With several rumors pointing to big changes in Star Wars canon, Erik and Eric break down the latest news and speculation, and then address the question of an evolving continuity in the discussion segment. What could Lucasfilm do to streamline the universe? What changes are likely in the months ahead? We break it down for you on The ForceCast. (1:26:07) link
    1/24/14 ForceCast #287: Rewriting History | Might Kasdan's spin-off rewrite Boba Fett's origin? This week TheForce.Net's own Justin Bolger joins us to discuss this rumor, as well as Jesse Plemons, Episode VII's production start date, possible script changes, your feedback on Obi-Wan's possible granddaughter, and the possibility of a Pixar Star Wars film! All that and more, on this week's ForceCast! (1:57:59) link
    1/17/14 ForceCast #286: The Rumor Mill Keeps Churning | Erik and Eric dissect a veritable feast of Episode VII rumors on this week's show, from casting reports to an alleged explanation for the departure of screenwriter Michael Arndt. What do we think of Jesse Plemons playing Luke Skywalker's son, Obi-Wan having a daughter, and hologram Jedi cameos? Tune in to find out! (1:36:04) link
    1/10/14 ForceCast #285: Star Wars Comics Turn The Page | The new year began with big news as Disney announced that Marvel would acquire the Star Wars comics license from Dark Horse in 2015. Erik and Eric discuss the license transfer, one of Dark Horse's last big comic projects, Disneyland Star Wars park rumors, The Clone Wars bonus content, a possible Star Wars Rebels character leak, and more. 2014 is off to a fast start and you'll find coverage of all of it here on The ForceCast! (1:06:28) link
    1/8/14 Jedi Journals: January 2014 | Welcome to the New Year, with comic book news hot off the press! Listen in as Chris and Jay puzzle out what the return of the Star Wars brand to Marvel Comics may mean for the future. They'll also update you on the latest comics, books and magazines this month has to offer. It's a Big Bang to start off the year with the January edition of Jedi Journals! (1:22:41) link
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