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Thread: Vader Focus Collectors

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    Thanks guys!!! Next addition will most llikely be the new SS PF

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gartogg View Post
    Thanks guys!!! Next addition will most llikely be the new SS PF
    Thats super impressive dude!! Holy crap *****!
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    I found this little candy dish at Target.. odd though it only comes with a clear crappy vac formed top..but I plan to make a one from black acrylic..I have it sitting at my work desk filled with Skittles

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    heres a nice surprise this morning..this is the electronic version from Kmart...glad I didnt pick up the regular one..the voice recordings are really cool

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    Vader isn't my focus, but I couldn't resist buying a Darth Vader 'Snuggie' from my local comic shop.
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    recently got a Santa Cruz Vader Inlay deck!
    it is what it is!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill_McBride View Post
    Just to give everyone a heads up - there are two new Vader TENUGUI that have been released. Personally, I love Japanese art (in general), and I think the SW editions are brilliantly executed.

    "Darth Vader on Fire"

    "Darth Vader - Fireworks"

    Here is the link to Strapya World for the entire SW line of TENUGUI:

    These are 1,480jpn (18.00usd), and I've never had a single problem ordering from Strapya World.

    Quote Originally Posted by karnorjax View Post

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    A typical Kendo-style Tenugui

    A Tenugui (手拭い) is a thin Japanese hand towel made of cotton.

    It is typically about 35 by 90 centimeters in size, plain weaved and is almost always printed with some pattern.

    It can be used for anything a towel could be used for - as a washcloth, dishcloth, headband, souvenir or decoration. Towels made from terry cloth have replaced many of its use in the household. However tenugui is still popular as a souvenir, decoration and as a head covering in Kendo.

    A tenugui frequently appears in anime and manga as a prop during a sentō scene.
    A bit late to the party as usual...
    Was browsing this thread & learned something new today... interesting.

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