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Thread: Question about balljoint compatability

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    Question about balljoint compatability

    I'm considering doing a custom of the Mandalorian armor I'm working on, and so before I go chop up $40-$60 worth of figures, I thought it might be a good idea to make sure that the joints are compatible. The base for the figure is the body of the Evo Jango figure, with clone arms and thighs (either codpiece would work, though I'd like to use the clone one so I can attach a clone kama), and Galactic Marine shins and feet, as well as a B'arin Apma head (it's literally identical to me in every way, except with smaller ears) and helmet.

    Will I face compatibility issues between any of these parts? I already know I'll have my work cut out for me making the Coruscant Clone Commander paulidron work, but I've got a couple extra sitting around in case my dremel slips.

    On a related note, assuming these parts will work together, does anyone have any of them available for sale/trade?

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    Re: Question about balljoint compatability

    All parts are compatible with a little bit of work.
    Looking to buy or trade for GI Joe Kreo Cobra army builders. Please PM if you can help me out.

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    I have a compatibility question with a bit of detail as well, regarding Hasbro Black Series 6" figures. Do you know if the heads of figures from below manufacturers are compatible with Hasbro BS?

    - SH Figuarts
    - Mafex
    - Crazy Toys (I think this is a knock-off of Mafex)


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