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Thread: Episode III Pop-Up Card

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    Episode III Pop-Up Card

    So I wanted to see what you guys thought of what I've been working on... this is a pop-up that is made entirely out of cut up pieces of cardstock paper and then glued together, I use a little paint and ink for the details, it also folds completely down, so it could be kept flat!

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    Re: Episode III Pop-Up Card

    Neat! Very arts-and-crafts...

    Your Vader is awesome in its contrast.

    I know I wouldn't mind getting a hand-made SW pop-up birthday card.

    You could make a b-day card with Jabba the Hutt watching Boba delivering Han in Carbonite and Boushh delivering Chewie and run a text like: "I hope you have a bountiful celebration!"

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    Re: Episode III Pop-Up Card

    Thanks... I put a lot of work into it... and thanks for the suggestion!!

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    Re: Episode III Pop-Up Card

    Can you post some more images from different angles?

    I think it would help show how complex it is.

    And did you use actual fabric on Padme's robe?

    EDIT: Now I see that you cut out multiple layers for the the second picture it actually has the impression of fabric. That's really cool.

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    Re: Episode III Pop-Up Card

    Sure, here's some more... let me know if you want another angle...

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    Re: Episode III Pop-Up Card

    I think the other angles help catch some of the shadows and show just how complex this piece really is.

    I also think you get mad props for even making a thing like this. It's probably one of the most original ideas to come through the threads in a's not a drawing (as cool as many of them are), it's not a picture of action figures (as fun as many of them are)'s a one-of-a-kind work of art.

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    Re: Episode III Pop-Up Card

    Here's the trooper on the bottom right...

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    Re: Episode III Pop-Up Card

    I thought I posted a reply earlier...but I don't see it here goes again.

    I like that it's a clone with a ball-jointed neck! (j/k)

    And what's going to go on the outside of the card?

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    Re: Episode III Pop-Up Card

    There isnt anything on the outside, any suggestions??

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    Re: Episode III Pop-Up Card

    Awesome work! I'd love to get a card like that in the mail!

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