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Thread: Indiana Jones - Rumors and Confirmations

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    Was unpacking my Indy figures into a new display today. After marveling at how good some of them look, like Henry Sr. and the German Mechanic, I had an idea.

    How I'd bring the line back a year out from the new movie as an all-Internet exclusive, risk and all.

    Step 1: Announce the previously rumored and at least modeled Flying Wing as a HasLab project. It would include the previously released German Mechanic on a new TVC style card back with a nice large movie image and Photo Real Tech face, and he would be numbered #1 ala The Vintage Collection. Probably looking at $299 to pull this off.

    This is the Barge approach to reignite interest in the line. Give the fans what was planned and dropped not once, but twice now. It would have to be majestic/model-like and of Barge quality/detail.

    The card back would be designed in a way that it looked like it belonged in the same family as the TVC card backs. Distinctly Indiana Jones, but clearly related to TVC. MOC Collectors should appreciate this.

    Step 2: IF Step 1 funds in 45 days then prep a wave of figures #2 through #7 on the new TVC-style card backs to be available when the Flying Wing ships. Four could be the harder-to-get figures from the lost wave (everyone except zzzz Indy with Bazooka) with Photo real tech, and two could be all-new. The all-new would be two-per-case while the others would be one-per-case. Dietrich/Donovan and Flying Wing pilot (someone needs to man the plane) come to mind.

    Step 3: Take a similar approach to Step 2 as budget/success warrants, mixing figures from the different movies and movie #5. Partial or all re-sculpts if needed to keep TVC quality consistency. Looking at you, horribly posed Marion with frying pan and the lunging Grail Knight with stiff cape.

    After a little momentum gets going then you look at small combo packs to get the side car into the line, and possibly a second HasLab (ha ha) for The Last Crusade tank.

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    I like how Indy's fedora is like a shark fin. *Jaws theme.*
    "I mean, really, how many times will you look under Jabba's manboobs?" - bkusna

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kooshmeister View Post
    I like how Indy's fedora is like a shark fin. *Jaws theme.*
    I didn't even notice till you pointed it out. Nice!

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