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Thread: Recent Acquisitions - Indiana Jones Edition

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    Recent Acquisitions - Indiana Jones Edition

    I'll seperate this from the other thread, if you have found any figures or anything Indiana Jones post your finds here! Please make sure to mention where you got it from (an price if on sale) to help the community out

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    Re: Recent Acquisitions - Indiana Jones Edition

    The other night I finally found the missing deluxe sets - German 2 pack, Marion & Cairo Dude & Indy and Ark.

    I only got the Germans. Needed to add more baddies for my truck. Marion's paint apps were off, so I'll hold out for a better one. The Indy/Ark 2 pack gives me minor concerns - I hope they release an Ark with loops and poles, so I may hold off to see if another one is coming for 08 or early 09.

    Also picked up a Cairo Indy, really just for the whip and Grail Tablet.

    Earlier in the week, I got a good Sallah and Cairo swordsman. Loving, loving the line!

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    Re: Recent Acquisitions - Indiana Jones Edition

    Picked up a KOTCS Indy(jacket) at TRU last night.

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    Re: Recent Acquisitions - Indiana Jones Edition

    Picked up KotCS jacket Indy & jacket Mutt from Target this morning. I've also got both on order with HTS (along with 3 Irinas, haven't seen her in the wild yet) but I couldn't pass up decent paint jobs, not knowing what I'd get in the mail. Haven't opened Mutt yet, still hoping for a bit better paint; he looks very Shia, but more like Shia in Transformers, wowed & a bit freaked out by giant robots running around. Indy's pretty cool! Now to find a Raiders version with good paint (or maybe the TLC one in a few months).

    Side note: Indy's hat fits perfectly on Darth Bane. Strange, yes, but fun Bane's head could be repainted & slapped on some Indy body (maybe a future one, like a Belloq-in-suit) and with a repainted hat could be some fan-fic nemesis for Dr. Jones.

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    Re: Recent Acquisitions - Indiana Jones Edition

    Stopped by Wal-Mart on the way home and the toy aisle had been filled with Indy stuff. I got:

    3x German Motorcycle
    1x Ugha Warrior
    1x Cemetery Warrior

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    Re: Recent Acquisitions - Indiana Jones Edition

    Picked up 4 figures at my work today since it was payday. Picked up Sallah, Belloq, Cairo Indy, and a German Soldier. Come out to be 29.96 minus the 5 dollar target toy coupon and then my employee discount I paid about 21.50. So I basically got 1 figure for free. Then stopped at a Fred Meyer(local Northwest Store) Picked up a German Motorcycle and a Colonel Dovchenko. They had a sale going on and everything was a dollar off. So the motorcycle was 8.99 and the figure 5.99. Not to bad if I say so
    Always on the look out for B-wing Pilot related stuff

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    Re: Recent Acquisitions - Indiana Jones Edition

    My quest to obtain the sacred Marion went unfulfilled today, but at least I did NOT come home empty handed. Scored the PITFALL DELUXE INDY to pair with my oh-so-nifty Temple Trap. Plus, and this I was oh-so-excited-about, I found a lone MONKEY MAN lurking behind a vast sea of Mutts. (And too top it all off both man and the monkey had solid paint apps.) Woo-hoo! Today I may not have made Marion a part of my collection, but at least I have captured her treacherous little friend. . .

    PS -- All my finds were at the Culver City Target. Paid the usual Target prices.
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    Re: Recent Acquisitions - Indiana Jones Edition

    The one figure I have not been able to find, despite looking everywhere, has been the Cemetery Warrior. On top of that, I had the most trouble finding Marion, Sallah, and Monkey Man. Finally, though I stumbled upon one each of them at a Target.

    I've heard others mention Spalko and Ugha Warrior as tough finds, but I've seen multiples of each at a TRU.

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    Re: Recent Acquisitions - Indiana Jones Edition

    Guess it really depends on the buyers in the area. I imagine Spalko sells well locally because of customizers, troop-builders (minoring in customizing), and most especially scalpers who tend to pounce on action-women & lead-villain type figures (Padmes & Leias, not so much, but Wonder Women, Supergirls, Marvel Girls, etc... usually!).

    Today the basic pegs were full even 15 minutes after opening; not sure if anything had been purchased, but there weren't any Colonels, Spalkos, Ughas, or a few others... but I could've built a nice little squad of Cemetary Warriors. Plenty of those!

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    Re: Recent Acquisitions - Indiana Jones Edition

    I caved and bought both Mutts and the Ugha yesterday. I've now got all but the Whip Crackin Indy (which I will NOT buy) despite having vowed to only buy the Raiders Indy and Russians.

    Dang those little relics and nice articulation!

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