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Thread: Recent Acquisitions - Legacy Edition

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    Picked up Green Leader's A-wing (no figure though), which came with an acrylic stand for $32. I wanted the stand for my A-wing anyway, so getting another A-wing was a bonus. I might do a custom with it, not sure yet.

    If anyone is looking for Green Leader's A-wing, I just saw a new buy it now listing on ebay for $30 but $8.30 shipping. One of the cheapest listings I've seen.

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    I finally did it... I bit the bullet and bought BG-J38 on Ebay. He cost a bit more than I wanted to spend, but I've always hated having that gap in my Jabba's Palace collection. I wanted to get it for under $100, but the fact that I'm in Canada meant that most listings had an insane import fee (sometimes over $30), so it always jacked the price up for me. I found a listing for a decent prince, low shipping and no import fee and I jumped on it. I'll always kick myself for not spending $40

    I had planned on making my own with a POTF 8D8 body and a BG-J38 head I got off Ebay last year, but I knew I'd always stare at the thing and long for the real deal.

    So now that I have him on the way, I am finally complete! Every Jabba related figure will be in my possession, which is a good feeling, as I mainly collect Jabba stuff in the 3.75" scale.

    Of course, now that I've plunked down the money to secure this guy, I am sure Hasbro will announce a re-release. I seem to have that type of luck.

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    I just got BG-J38 in the mail this week... he is such a cool figure! I'm really happy to have it.
    I can see them re-using parts from this body to update 8D8. I'm surprised they haven't done that yet.

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    Got a carded Nikto Gunner for $5 at a Vintage Stock which feels like a steal considering how much he’s going for on ebay right now.

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    $5 is a great price! Very cool.

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