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Thread: Protective Sleeves for Artwork

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    I've been searching as well. I have one with many sleeves, but it seems they are no longer in production. I bought from Jerry's Aratarma which often have free shipping and coupons up to 25% off.

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    i would be interested in the same is anyone is aware of some place that carries these!
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    I'm still desperate to find one of these if anyone can help!!! Anyone, anywhere???

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    new 24x36 portfolios and sleeves coming !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Medusa View Post

    new 24x36 portfolios and sleeves coming !

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Just in case I did not say it enough . I am very much looking forward to jumping on this Pre-Order. I did send in a few advance questions, including combined shipping if you order add-on sleeves at the same time?

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    Add the portfolio and three extra packs of sleeves. Comes out to $225 shipped. Only $25 was charged for shipping. Haven't purchased yet.

    Are these not going to be sold at other stores?
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