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Thread: Scale Millennium Falcon WIP

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    Re: Scale Millenium Falcon WIP (pic heavy)

    After seeing this I really can't imagine Hasbro EVER doing one. If the shuttle was $100, this thing would be $1000. Then they'd only make 50 of em. etc etc.
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    Re: Scale Millenium Falcon WIP (pic heavy)

    Insanely cool! One of the most exciting projects I've ever seen here.

    Have you seen the site Ship of Riddles? It's offline now, but preserved through the Wayback Machine. If not, it's a meticulous examination of the different dimensions of the Falcon sets and its various interiors, culminating with an effort to settle on the most-logical dimensions and internal plans. Might be useful....

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    Re: Scale Millenium Falcon WIP (pic heavy)

    Great work so far! Can't wait to see the finished product What are the dimensions, in inches, so far?

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    Re: Scale Millenium Falcon WIP (pic heavy)

    Quote Originally Posted by rogue1
    </font><blockquote><font class="small">Quote:</font>
    I think that this version is actually bigger than the "real" thing, or at least it appears bigger compared to the figures than the on set version compared to humans in ANH and ESB.

    Well, exterior sets are traditionally undersized in films (in Titanic, for example, the recreated ship was about 700 feet long, whereas the real one was 882). I used the construction blueprint for the cockpit set as a basis (It was a completely separate set), which increased the overall size of the ship by about 40 percent. If I'd stayed true to the size of the exterior set, none of the interior would fit without seriously shrinking everything.

    Thanks for the great comments, Professor!


    That Titanic comment is a good point. I hadn't thought of that. The interior of the thing definitely seems vast. And, you're right. The areas inside the ship that we see don't look like they'd fit inside the on-set version. I really like how you made the new scale based off the cockpit schematics. Oh, and I really love the profile shot with the boarding ramp.
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    Re: Scale Millenium Falcon WIP (pic heavy)

    Yeah, bay-bay!!!!!!!!!!

    This project rocks!!!!!

    As a very vocal advocate for a correctly-scaled Millennium Falcon for Hasbro Action Figures, let me just say that you are creating something that could really be the ENVY of the entire STAR WARS toy collecting community!!!

    If those awesome landing gear are any indication, your Millennium Falcon is going to be absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Congratualtions on an excellent start!!

    Maybe those of us with correctly-scaled larger vehicles in our collections should form a club.

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    Re: Scale Millenium Falcon WIP (pic heavy)

    First off, I'd like to extend a HUGE Thanks to everyone for all of your great comments, and I hope that this thing will live up to expectations. Now, to answer a few questions:

    DarthJace: I've spent a TON of time on the ship of riddles pages. Bob Brown has done the most extensive analysis of the Falcon that I've ever seen! Unfortunately, when it comes to an actual physical model, some of his ideas haven't worked out, at least for me. Ultimately, there is no way to make all of the interior sets work where they can be film accurate, so I guess no one can be 100% right OR wrong.

    SW_Fan: The ship comes out to 70" long, 45" wide, and 13" tall, though that will grow slightly with the quad laser.

    Darklord1967: A club sounds like a GREAT idea! I'll probably need a big support group just so I don't have a breakdown(lol)!

    Again, thanks to everyone. This project will literally take years and thousands of pieces to finish, so please bear with me!
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    Re: Scale Millenium Falcon WIP (pic heavy)

    Wow that is amazing already! I would love to see it in person when it is all finished.
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    Re: Scale Millenium Falcon WIP (pic heavy)

    Hey, Rogue. I'm just starting to follow customizing and have been preparing my first project and my jaw hit the floor when I saw this thing.

    I am simply amazed at what you have undertaken with this project and I will be watching your progress with great interest.


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    Re: Scale Millenium Falcon WIP (pic heavy)

    That is an awesome custom so far!

    The only thing that sucks is that, as with a lot of things in the Star Wars Universe, there is no continuity with the Millenium Falcon; and thus the whole design doesn't work. I refer specifically to the gun wells. Its great that you've used the windows from the gunners stations, but fitting everything together, they don't work right. The entire outer round section of the gun well is suppose to rotate to allow a full range of fire. If you've ever seen the cut-away model from ERTL you would know what I am talking about.


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    Re: Scale Millenium Falcon WIP (pic heavy)

    Yeah, I actually stuck the gunner station window in the prototype just to make it look cooler. One of the big disappointments with the gunwells themselves, is that by putting both of them them in, there would be no room for the ladder in between. Haven't yet decided on a final solution for that.
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