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Thread: Thread Index -- "The Legacy Collection (2008-10)"

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    Thread Index -- \"The Legacy Collection (2008-10)\"

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    Re: Thread Index -- \"The Legacy Collection (2008)\"

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    Re: Thread Index -- \"The Legacy Collection (2008)\"

    Who's 0bi-Wan?
    SL 2008:
    SL04 0bi-Wan Kenobi
    WANTED FIGURES: Elan Sleazebaggano, Clegg Lars, Shimi Skywalker, Boba Fett - Child (Resculpt) , Clone Trooper - Training Fatigues (Resculpt), Anakin Skywalker - AOTC (Resculpt), Obi-Wan Kenobi - AOTC (Resculpt), Holographic Clone Trooper (Phase I), RC-1262 (Clone Wars), RC-1207 (Clone Wars), RC-1140 (Clone Wars), RC-1138 (Clone Wars - Resculpt)

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    Re: Thread Index -- \"The Legacy Collection (2008)\"

    Legacy Collection wave 13 will include (well, they could still change it until June):

    1x Obi-Wan Kenobi (Episode I)
    1x Darth Maul (Sith Tattoos)
    1x Luke Skywalker (Death Star II/Jedi Knight)
    1x Bespin Wing Guard
    1x Spacetrooper (Expanded Universe)
    1x Shaak Ti (The Force Unleashed)
    1x Chewbacca (with headset)
    1x Jacen Solo
    1x R2-D2 with restraining bolt & Jawa stun net
    1x K’Kruhk
    1x Dark Trooper (Phase I)
    1x Jaina Solo
    (subject to change)

    Star Wars Legacy Collection action figures wave 13

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    Re: Thread Index -- \"The Legacy Collection (2008)\"

    The link for "AT-ST" I was hoping led to the AT-ST thread (for obvious reasons) v1, actually leads to the AT-AT v3 thread?
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    I know that this part of the forum is basically the land of the walking dead these days, but hopefully the fact that someone actually posted something here will prompt someone (HOPEFULLAY A MOD, LOL) to take a quick look. I was interested in looking up the 2010 Geonosian Arena 2-Pack Sets in the Photo Archive (Reason being: I wanted to make sure that I wasn't dreaming that the SBD included in the Obi-Wan/Super BD set was THE ONLY SBD TO DATE that was made with articulated ankles.

    I could have simply sifted through my piles of figures & find out easily enough enough(since I try to keep most of my figures marked as to where/when/what type of packaging they came from etc), but I thought I'd just cut a corner & check the RS Photo Archives; it was rather odd that when I went there to take a look into the 2010 Geo Arena Sets & saw that they lack any kind of representation thereat all; save for a list of the names of each set, ALL OF THEM however "greyed out".

    That led me to come here to the TLC threads graveyard where I initially went through as many threads as I could with no success before going nuts, so that then lead me to be logical and use the "Thread Index". Well....lo & behold, the Thread Index has a clickable link for each & every Geo Arena Set from the '09 Series 1 line, but has only a single thread----one that simply reads in general "Geonosis Arena Set - 2010"-----when it comes to the 2010 Series 2 sets.

    Is there any mod out there that could possible help me out & let me know what(if anything) I am doing wrong in going about finding these. Or possibly even maybe update the archives with the sets? Either would be VERY VERY much appreciated. Thank you so much for any help.
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    The sets don't exist that's why you can't find it Just joking.

    We do have the version 2 of the 2010 Geonosis packs in the Vintage section as well, obviously when it came to this wave we decided to keep it all in one main thread to keep it easier (so no seperate threads in this case).

    As for the photo archive, that's in Curto's ballcourt, he musn't have had a chance to do photography on this wave just yet.

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