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Thread: Batch of fake unpainted Palitoy "samples"...

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    Batch of fake unpainted Palitoy \"samples\"...

    Earlier this week I became aware of that a batch of unpainted samples sold by
    Billyboy has hit the market during last year. Bill has answered and confessed
    (via Ruth, his wife) that he has sold some of these fake in the past. Some has
    been returned to him but some more are unfortunately being discovered all
    the time. Iíve tried to get more answers from Bill or someone in his large family
    without any luck. When I started questioning the provenance, asked for more
    proof I didnt get any replies anymore. It would have been so easy to chime in
    here on RS and explain a few things, but obvious not, which I think itís a shame.
    Shocking news (that also includes a lot of money) needs to be known by the collecting
    community, some of these have even been sold on ebay just before Christmas and
    those are still out there.

    So I figured this should be known to all and not only to a small group of collectors.
    No one but me wish that it only has been one batch of fake figures, but when
    more are being discovered I get worried many more of the so called samples
    could be fake.

    There will be a lot to read and please take your time to read it, if I'm being
    indistinct please ask questions and I'll try to clearify.

    Let's start with some background.

    I was present when a well-known, and trusted, member of the community brought
    a couple of these so called unpainted Palitoy/PBP samples to CIV for some knowledgeble
    people to look at. Everybody was sure, they were all paint stripped home made samples.
    They were all were well made, but still no doubt they were fakes. The figures we looked
    at were Leia Hoth, Luke Hoth, Luke Bespin, AT-AT Commander, Imp Commander
    and original Lando. I was shocked to say the least.

    This started a lot of events and investigations. And I started to think back.
    Iíve recommended Billy to many friends that have asked me about the figures
    authencity and the sellers trustworthyness, Iíve even defended Bill's dealings
    and late shipments in public. Many of these samples have been sold to
    character collectors, here are some I remember from the top of my head
    (besides the ones I saw at CIV:

    Snowtroopers (3-4)
    Lobot (dont know if it was sold or not)
    LXW (3)
    Chirpa (3 known according to Bill)
    Cloud Car Pilot (2)
    AT-AT Driver (not delivered)
    Rebel Commando (not sold to my knowledge)

    Iíve even heard rumours about most of the first 12 charcters...

    When rumours started to leak out I contacted Bill and asked if any of the
    rumours were true, that the baggies were all fake? I have all correspondance
    three years back in time saved which can be published later on, but what
    was shocking to me and scary news was that "Ruth via Bill" confessed there
    had been a fake batch of bagged samples that had been sold, via Bill himself.
    According to the mail they said Bill had tracked down and bought some more
    samples via a well-known UK collector named Tom Woods (anyone know who that is?),
    those few baggies eventually went to CIV and according to Bill it was only the ones
    that we looked at during CIV. But now more samples that originates from Bill have
    the same symptoms, despite Bill says most fakes have been returned to him.

    The other samples are supposed to originate from a former Palitoy employee
    called John Patrick. Have anyone else ever met him? Does he even exist?

    I think the silence speaks for itself and until no facts are proven, at least I believe
    all baggies from Billy are fake. But I would love to be proven wrong and sincerely
    hope it only was this only batch.

    Bill, you have all my contact information, please contact me. Or just answer to
    the thread and help us (and yourself) out here.


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    Re: Batch of fake unpainted Palitoy \"samples\"...

    I bought a at-at driver "sample" that never arrived. I was told that my at-at driver was a "one of a kind". When my package didn`t arrived, Billy (Ruth ore som one else of there relatives) told me that my at-at driver was sold to another collector, but Billy told me he hade another one laying around that he could send me. That`s when a was starting to be suspicious. It has been six month sins i bought it and i haven`t got my package ore a refund yet. Billy has f§kt a lot of people and he should not get away with it.
    I hope that all of you who have bought this fake samples from him will write in this thread.

    Edit: sorry, spelling.
    LF: At-At driver,At-At Commander,Bossk and Zuckuss pre-production items.

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    Re: Batch of fake unpainted Palitoy \"samples\"...

    Hi everyone,
    here is my part in this sorry story:
    i had a MASSIVE sell-off around 7 months ago when a sold 4 of these sample baggies via ebay, my Hoth set, Han Hoth, Leia Hoth, Luke Hoth and Imperial Stormtrooper in cold weather gear, which i originally bought from Billyboy.
    I paid good money for them, we have all been duped, and so it goes on when they are resold. What happens now?

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    Re: Batch of fake unpainted Palitoy \"samples\"...

    Hi All

    And my Story is I bought a Luke X Wing Pilot directly from Billboy that cost me quite a lot of money. I sold it about 12 months ago with all my X-Wing focus via Ebay due to emigrating and needing all the money I could get.

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    Re: Batch of fake unpainted Palitoy \"samples\"...

    this is so sad.
    is there any chance that billy made these deals unintentionally not knowing that the items are fake?
    i mean, are these fakes so professional made, so good to mislead even someone like billy?

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    Re: Batch of fake unpainted Palitoy \"samples\"...

    Quote Originally Posted by mogwai26
    this is so sad.
    is there any chance that billy made these deals unintentionally not knowing that the items are fake?
    i mean, are these fakes so professional made, so good to mislead even someone like billy?
    I never accused Billy, even in my previous post, but I did look at the ones at C4 and at Marc's personally and they looked suspect. I'm not sure everybody wants to be named but I will say that besides me and Mattias maybe 6 or 7 of the hobby's most experienced prototype collectors also looked and not one said they looked 100% legit. We all saw stuff here and there that looked bad but then some turned up with chemical odors and after recently seeing macro pics of one and being able to see the staining, scarring, and remaining paint I have no doubt that a bunch, if not all, are fake. Well, that's my flippant comment that's probably very, very arrogant and almost assuredly totally misguided. (inside joke for those confused by that last line - I know a few will get it though)

    and time will be, the catalyst to weed out the weak and beget strength-of character
    -Shai Hulud
    southside_201 at yahoo dot com My PMs are full so please don't use.

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    Re: Batch of fake unpainted Palitoy \"samples\"...

    I bought that Zuckuss Mattias mentioned.
    I will try to take some close photos of it an send to you as soon as possible Mattias.
    I will also try and finde some lup (do you say so in eglish?) and take a closer look.

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    Re: Batch of fake unpainted Palitoy \"samples\"...

    Yeah i got my LXW example from Bill 2 years ago.
    Ive recently asked for a refund so heres hoping all involved will be reimbursed and then we can all move on (again).


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    Re: Batch of fake unpainted Palitoy \"samples\"...

    Good Luck Marc I really hope you and everyone else gets a refund.


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    Re: Batch of fake unpainted Palitoy \"samples\"...

    these were also offered to me back when they appeared. i am not sure if this was the first or second batch of these but according to billy these came from a guy called tom woods, mattias already mentioned him.

    i am pretty sure that billy didn't know what he was selling, because he told me that the seller, tom woods, also sold some carded PBP figures. it was back in 05 i believe and the seller was present at the memorabilia. that's where billy was told about these.

    i guess that billy told the truth regarding this seller, because i know a couple of uk guys who actually bought carded PBPs from the same seller. tom woods supposedly had some good contacts to spain and told everyone that he could get more carded PBP figures and samples.

    i know that billy made a few mistakes and i understand that a few guys are still quite angry but in this case he might have been fooled aswell. i am not vouching for anyone or taking any site, i am just sharing information! so just my 2 cents!


    p.s. good that i am not into pre prod stuff and passed on these back then but i still feel sorry for the ones who got burned
    WTB: Spanish PBP Retorno del Jedi Luke Jedi, Boba Fett and Luke X-Wing. Paying top prices. Any condition!

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