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01-06-2008, 02:39 AM
Since I am more or less out of Star Wars I am again going to sell some more remaining stuff from the collection. I do international deals, PayPal possible. Currency is EUROS !!!

Here is a current list of books I am going to sell:

Almost all in "read-once-condition", some still unread
1-5 books 5.- each
6-10 books 4.- each
11-more books 3.- each

Outbound Flight
Attack of the Clones
Cestus Deception
Medstar I - Battle Surgeons
Dark Lord - Rise of Darth Vader
Han Solo Trilogy - Paradise Snare
Han Solo Trilogy - Hutt Gambit
Han Solo Trilogy - Rebel Dawn
Han Solo at Star´s End
Han Solo and the lost Legacy
Han Solo´s Revenge
Splinter of the Mind´s Eye
Truce at Bakura
X-Wing - Rouge Squadron
X-Wing - Wedge´s Gamble
X-Wing - Krytos Trap
X-Wing - Bacta War
X-Wing - Wraith Squadron
X-Wing - Iron Fist
X-Wing - Starfighters of Adumar
Cortship of Princess Leia
Heir to the Empire
Dark Force Rising
Last Command
Jedi Search
Dark Apprentice
Champions of the Force
I, Jedi
Children of the Jedi
Planet of Twilight
Crystal Star
Black Fleet Crisis - Befor the Storm
Black Fleet Crisis - Shield of Lies
Black Fleet Crisis - Tyrant´s Test
The New Rebellion
Corellian Trilogy - Ambush at Corellia
Corellian Trilogy - Assailt at Selonia
Corellian Trilogy - Showdown at Centerpoint
Specter of the Past
Vision of the Future
Young Jedi Knights - Heirs of the Force
Young Jedi Knights - Shadow Academy
Young Jedi Knights - The Lost Ones
Young Jedi Knights - Lightsabers
Young Jedi Knights - Darkest Knight
Young Jedi Knights - Jedi Under Siege
Young Jedi Knights - Shards of Alderaan
Young Jedi Knights - Diversity Alliance
Young Jedi Knights - Delusions of Grandeur
Young Jedi Knights - Jedi Bounty
Young Jedi Knights - Emperor´s Plaque
Young Jedi Knights - Return to Ord Mantell
Young Jedi Knights - Trouble on Cloud City
NJO Dark Tide - Onslaught
NJO Dark Tide - Ruin
NJO Hero´s Trial
NJO Jedi Eclipse
NJO Balance Point
NJO Conquest
NJO Rebirth
NJO Star by Star
NJO Dark Journey
NJO Rebel Dream
NJO Rebel Stand
NJO Force Heretic - Remnant
NJO Force Heretic - Refuggee
NJO Force Heretic - Reunion
Dark Nest - Unseen Queen

Big Format Books
PEMIERE Movie Script Library Collectors Edition
15.- each
A New Hope
Empire Strikes Back
Return of the Jedi

Jedi Fact Files 120.-
complete collection of 120 german issues in 9 binders. HEAVY ! Shipping internationaly will be extremly high.

From Star Wars to Indiana Jones 10.-

<s>Audio CD´s
Star Wars Soundtrack Anthology 4 CD Set 15.-
Due age, the box is a little "offcolored" but the condent is in brand-new shape. No scratches to the CD, cases....

PC Games
5.- each
all come with their manuals

Episode 1 : Racer
Episode 1 : The Phantom Menace
Galactic Battleground
Rebel Assault PENDING !!!
Rouge Squadron PENDING !!!
TIE Fighter CD-ROM Edition
Shadows of the Empire
X-Wing CD-ROM Edition ( includes the expansions Imperial Pursuit and B-Wing )
X-Wing vs TIE Fighter
X-Wing vs TIE Fighter : Balance of Power

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
Monkey Island 3
Monkey Island 4
The Dig

Ace Ventura
Alien Trilogy
Deathtrap Dungeon
Discworld 2
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy VIII
Heavy Metall FAKK2
Interstate 76
Klingon Honor Guard
Need for Speed : Porsche
Mechwarrior 2
Mechwarrior 2 : Ghost Bears Legacy
Mechwarrior 2 : Mercenaries
Metal Gear Solid
Project I.G.I.
Project I.G.I. 2
Urban Chaos

Action Figures

<s>LOADS of accessoires ( 250 pieces )
0,20 each OR
40.- for the whole piece </s>
"<s>Half-cloaked" Chameleon Droid 5.- [ </s>
"Solid" Chameleon Droid 3.- due a "knee joint" that was already missing in package

3.- each OR
25.- SHIPPED for the lot of remaining 7 units
POTJ SP : R3-T7 ( includes lightning )
POTJ : R2-Q9 ( includes DS2 Holo )
SAGA : R4-I9 ( from BP Imperial Forces )
<s>STAR TOURS : R3-D3</s>
<s>STAR TOURS : R5-D2</s>
ROTJ SP : R4-G9 ( includes Utapau Holo )
<s>ROTJ : R4-P17</s>
TAC : R4-K5
TAC : R5-J2
<s>TAC : R2-D2 ( from Ambush at Ilum BP )
TAC : all 5 units from Astromech Collection 1
TAC : all 5 units from Astromech Collection 2</s>

POTF2 : Admiral Ackbar 2.-
<s>POTF2 : FX X-Wing 35.- SHIPPED</s>
<s>POTF2 : Endor Bunker[/color:red] 10.-</font></s>
E1 : Eopie with Quo-Gon Jinn 30.- SHIPPED PENGING
E1 : Darth Maul w/ Sithspeeder 15.-
E1 : Wattos Box Cinema Scene 10.- figures only, no base
<s>POTJ : Shmi Skywalker 3.- </s>
POTJ : Jar Jar Binks - Tatooine ( includes folded Pit Droid ) 3.-
POTJ : Fode and Beed - Podrace Announcer 3.-
<s>POTJ : Jek Porkins 3.-</s>
POTJ : 25th Aniversary Swing to Freedom - Luke and Leia 10.-
POTJ : 25th Aniversary Death Star Duel - Ben and Vader10.-
( includes both figures, base, blaster, grabbling hook )
<s>POTJ : Paploo with Speederbike ( from AT-ST ) 10.- </s>
SAGA : Bespin Luke Skywalker ( inlcudes lightsaber, med-device, blaster and Antenna ) 4.-
SAGA : Bespin Darth Vader ( includes lightsaber, cut-apart thing ) 4.-
SAGA : Exclusive Wedge Antilles 5.-
SAGA : Exclusive 500th Figure : Vader with Med-Chamber 15.-
SAGA : Anakin Skywalker w/ Speederbike <font color="red">20.-
</font> ( includes extra Jedi robe from another Anakin figure as it seems to be meant for this item )
ROTS : Vader with Operation Table 8.-
TSC : Gold Leader 5.-
TSC : Shadow Stormtrooper ( includes blaster, silver stand ) 6.-
TSC : Demise of Greivous ( includes flames, blaster, vibrostaff ) 6.-
<s>TSC : TIE Fighter w/ big wing 35.- SHIPPED</s>
TAC : Biggs Darklighter Pilot5.-
TAC : Snowbunny Padme ( from Ilum BP ) 6.-
TAC : Concept Stormtrooper ( includes blaster, lightsaber, shield, coin ) 5.-
UNLEASHED Aurra Sing 15.-
UNLEASHED Assaj Ventress 15.-
<s>UNLEASHED Padme Amidala 15.-</s>

more to be added soon

Stayed tuned as I will add some more action figures and PC games soon

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added PC Games
added some action figure items

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PM Sent

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Accessoires are gone !

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