View Full Version : 12", cups, figures,clones and rare items for sale

12-28-2007, 02:30 AM
Hello I am selling off some pieces
Please pm me if interested or email me at charlesdukas@aol.com

12" Boss Nass $10 MIMB
12" Chancellor Valorum and Guard $15 MIMB
12" Leia Boushh and Han in Carbonite $15 MIMB
12" Jango Fett $15 MIB
12" Han in Endor Gear $10 MIMB
*** I will do all 5 for $50!!!!!!!!!
Amanaman Deluxe Figure $5 MOMC
Luke in Bacta Tank $5 MOMC
Republic Gunship 1st issue from AOTC $40 MIMB
Target EXCL. Set of 5 figures w/ glass
Obi Wan w/ Glass MIMB $10
X wing Luke w/ Glass MIMB $10
Slave Leia w/ Glass MIMB $10
Darth Maul w/ Glass MIMB $10
Anakin w/ Glass MIMB $10
OR ALL 5 for $40

I have the Clonewars series multifigure 3 packs that i am selling
all are MOMC
I have the yellow clonetrooper 3 pack
Blue clonetrooper 3 pack
Green Clonetrooper 3 pack
Red Clonetrooper 3 pack
All 3 white clonetroopers 3 pack
Spider Droid
Destroyer Droid Battle Launcher
Droid Army
There are 8 packs I will sell all 8 for $100
Brians Toys has all 8 for $235.00

Toy Fair Vader w/ Red metallic lightsaber coming out of package $75 MOMC LAST OFFER $60

Holiday Yoda MOMC $15
Holiday C-3po and R2-D2 $15

12-28-2007, 05:00 AM
The 12" Jango Fett is it the one that has the 2 jetpacks, and all the accessories in the blue box?.