View Full Version : Have 3 Saga Elite Clones for sale and MCQ

11-21-2007, 09:58 AM
Clones are $6 and are carded

loose McChewie $6
carded McChewie x2 carded $8 each
carded McSnowie $10
carded UGH Animated Fett $10
Animated Fett loose $7
McVader loose $8
McQuarrie loose $6

Vwing loose w/ box and complete $20

will trade for TAC pieces I do need:
4lom and coin
Attack on corusant clones and commander,
Catina band members (tin ones ) I already got a set for $5 at walmart, but need another set.
Cantina aliens and bar pieces from the two packs

also interested in .45 scaled lightsabers