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10-13-2007, 11:17 PM

Gentle Giant:
<s>+CW Mace Windu Maquette #119 of 1000 - Opened to check he was in mint condition and packed away. He has NEVER been displayed. - GONE!!!!</s>
<s>+Commander Bacara #1518 of 2000 - MIB, Sealed and never opened. GONE!!!! </s>
+Harry Potter 5th Year bust Sealed MIB - $40.00

<s>+SS Yavin Luke Sealed SDCC Exclusive MIB - $50.00 </s> - Traded <s>
+SS Darth Maul Inclusive Edition Sealed MIB $45.00</s> - Traded
+SS Jedi Luke Sealed MIB (slight dent in one corner of box figure unaffected) - $83.00
+SS Darth Sidious w/holo chair MIB - Opened to check that it worked and resealed. - $40.00
<s>+SS Probe Droid Sealed Inclusive MIB - $10.00 - SOLD!!!</s>

+Unleashed Boba Fett MIP (Target Tube) - $15.00
+Titanium C3PO MIP X 2 - $8.00ea
+Titanium Vader's Tie Fighter MIP - $10.00
+Battlepack Capture of the Tantive IV MIB - $15.00
+Battlepack Treachery on Saleucami MIB

__________________________________________________ _______________________________________


<s>-Gentle Giant Republic Commando Maquette (Color Version Preferred BUT I will consider a Bronze version as well)- IN HAND!!!</s>
-Koto McQuarrie Vader vs. Luke
-Koto Cmdr Bly
-GG Dewback w/Sandtrooper statue
-GG Obi-Wan Clone Trooper Statue (not the maquette version)
-GG Boba Fett Statue
-GG Luke on Tauntaun Statue
-GG Han on Tauntaun Statue
-GG Palpatine Bust
-GG Greedo Bust
-GG Tarkin Bust
-GG C3PO and Jawa Maquette
-GG Leia and R2D2 Maquette
-GG Anakin Skywalker Maquette
-Koto Sandtrooper Sergeant
-Koto Sandtrooper Corporal
-Koto AOTC Clone Trooper Commander
-Koto AOTC Clone Trooper Captain
-Koto Scout Trooper
-Koto Snow Trooper
-Koto Darth Vader 1st Release

Also possible trade contenders:

-RAH Stormtrooper
-RAH Clone Trooper
-RAH Sandtrooper
-VCD Stormtrooper
-VCD Clonetrooper (white)
-VCD Tie Fighter

I would prefer U.S. based trades only because of the shipping costs involved but I will not rule out overseas trade offers. Payment via Paypal or Money Order ONLY!!! All prices do NOT include shipping, shipping will be the exact shipping rate via Priority Mail w/Delivery Confirmation.

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11-29-2007, 12:10 PM
Bumpers...added some additional GG items (maquettes) and VCD's to the wish list. Hopefully this generates some trade interest if not I guess they're bound for Ebay.

12-28-2007, 09:19 AM
Bump with updates. Still some items left, if there's something you see that you'd like I'll even entertain reasonable offers. Shoot me a PM with your offers http://threads.rebelscum.com/images/graemlins/smile.gif