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1/18 scale Super Robot Heroines Set of Five Figures (can be doubled as Race Queens)
Imported from Bandai, Japan

A complete set of five lead heroines from the early 1970ís Japanese Super Robot Animation. These five girls are the very first female characters ever appeared as super robot pilots. Each has her own unique background story and unique female robot to pilot. These five pioneers have set up the high standard for all female characters that appeared in Japanese Super Robot Animations to follow.

They are from the following TV Series:
Sayaka Yumi from Mazinger Z (1972)
Jun Hono from Great Mazinger (1974)
Mari Sakurano from Brave Raideen (1975)
Maria Grace Fleed from UFO Robo Grendizer (1975)
Chizuru Nanbara from Super Electromagnetic Robot Combattler V (1976)

Many critics believed that Sayaka Yumi was the first female character who had a function and purpose of her own in a Japanese animation. Before Sayaka Yumi, the sole purpose for the leading females in an anime was to support the leading male characters. We all remembered Jun from Gatchaman (Battle of the Planets). She was there for the entire 105 episodes, and we had yet to see any of her own story. Compared with female characters like Jun, Sayaka Yumi was about 100 times more interesting, and thus made the entire show more interesting and unforgettable.

Anyone who has ever watched them on TV since childhood would never forget their images. And I am sure they donít need my advice to purchase this set. As for the people who have never watched any of the above shows, it is a little late to catch up right now. Although Mazinger Z anime series can be easily found on eBay.com, the other shows are not so easy to be found at the moment.

Each figure is about 3.6 inches tall, except for Jun Hono, who is about 3.8, since her father was African American and mother was Japanese. You may take a look at their pictures here: http://miscolle.sakura.ne.jp/toys/srh/srh.html#AnchorHead

Star Wars action figure collectors will find these five Japanese girls are perfectly compatible with their collections. They do look much prettier and *****r than any Hasbro made figures I have seen. Princess Leia can only dream of that someday she can be made this pretty. They are, of course, not action figures; but more like mini statues. Their paint jobs do look much better than most Hasbro made figures.

Each girl is dressed in her official battle uniform with her helmet. With the exception of Mari Sakurano, who is dressed in her casual clothes with a helmet hiding on her back. And itís not even her helmet; it belongs to the leading male character in the show. We can see the ingenious work the designer has put into them. It is obvious the designer himself watched these shows as he grew up.

People who have seen them for the first time may think they dressed like race car drivers. Indeed, their 1970ís style uniforms and helmets do look a lot like race car drivers by todayís standard.

For those people who collect 1/18 scale automobiles, they will find these girls very useful as race queens. Their 3.6-inch height is in perfect match with 1/18 models. Race queen is a Japanese term for a type of promotional model found as part of a pit crew in motor racing, such as F1 races. The equivalent British term is "Pit babe". Race queen is regarded as a high profile job in Japan; many go on to become models or even actresses.
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This whole thing is actually a dream come true. For years I've been complaining about how small they made Padme's eyes on these action figures, and her waist was too big. You know? I was just about to call it quits with this hobby, but thankfully I don't have to now. Thank you!

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