View Full Version : pocket model TCG cards and ships for sale

08-25-2007, 07:50 AM
Right then guys i have for sale a few pocket model items..
089/120 Rare count dooko
117/120 luke skywalker foil
084/120 Anakin skywalker
104/120 Cloud city
092/120 General grievous
088/120 C3PO
016/120 Interceptor
039/120 Jedi Academy
020/120 Jedi Sacrifice
004/120 Concussion Missile
048/120 Buzz Droid
007/120 Defensive Fire
011/120 Easy Target
023/120 Lucky Break
028/120 Proton Torpedo
036/120 Coruscant Navel Base
019/120 Jedi Reflexes
010/120 Don't Get Cocky
035/120 targeting Computer
031/120 Scatter Offense
030/120 Redirect Power
022/120 Jedi Wisdom
068/120 Stolen plans
073/120 Asteroid Hideout
060/120 Master Touch
044/120 Bail Organa
063/120 Orbital Mine
058/120 Han's Gambit
074/120 Coruscant Industrial Zone
071/120 Veteran Pilot
067/120 Shield Breach
1xscythe squadron 1x dark squadron 1x red squadron- X3 (ties and xwings)
1xobsidian squadron 1xsword squadron 1x rogue squadron X1 (ties and xwings)
1xsquad3 1x squad4 1x 128th flight X1 (V-wings and droid fighter)
1X ST178 LAMBADA Class Shuttle X1
1X Vigilance VENATOR class star destroyer X1
1X Star of Tion YT-1300 X1

I am selling as a complete lot but will sell seperatly if the price offered is right There is 4.5 opened packets here and they have never been punched out of there cards. They are in mint condition
Any offers are considered but i am looking for around the 15 including postage to the uk. I will add a little for worldwide

08-28-2007, 05:35 PM