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08-04-2007, 07:26 PM
Trying to empty out the basement. Pics available.
Much, much more to come. Buy a lot and I'll give you a better deal. Shipping is extra.

Hasbro Luke Skywalker electronic lightsaber ROTJ green 1st one 1995 NM loose. $5.00

Applause 10" Emperor figure $3.00
Applause 10" Boba Fett figure $3.00

Applause mini figures boxed set of 7 with bespin display base. (suncoast excl.) R2,3po,Vader,jedi Luke, Fett,Han,chewie $5 for set. MIB

Spawn series 4 Cygor purple MOMC $3.00
Spawn Iguantis and Tuskadon MOMC $5.00

Tech Deck Dude - Batman figure MOC $1.00

GI Joe 12" Action Pilot black -WWII 50th anniversary figure damaged box $5.00 (target excl.)
GI Joe 12" classic collection- US Army Infantry desert camo-black $10 MIMB

Darth Vader 2002 SW Fan Club bobble head $10 never displayed
Boba Fett 2002 SW Fan Club bobble head $10 never displayed
C3PO & R2D2 2002 SW Fan Club bobble head $10 never displayed

E2 Force Link vehicle clip-on key ring thingies:$5 for all 4
Anakin speeder
Zams speeder
Slave One
Obi Wan star fighter

SW Puzzle tins. 6x12 embossed SW logo tins each with a 500 pc puzzle inside. $5 each or $15 for all 4. never opened
Bounty hunters

ROTS Hasbro figure cases x15 $10 for all.

Calanders, never opened $2 each
Clasic adventures 2004
Art of E2 2004
Scum and Villany 2003
E2 ATOC 2002-2003 18 month
Heroes and Rebels 2003
Heroes and Villans 2003

Micro Machines Transforming helmet action sets
TIE Fighter Pilot $4 MIMB
Emperors Royal Guard $4 MIMB

Micro Machines mini figure sets
Jawas $3 x3
classic characters $3

Action Fleet
E1 Naboo Hangar - Final Combat Playset. MISB slight shelf wear. $10
Yavin Rebel Base with battle damaged X-wing MIMB$10

Unleashed Battle 10 Pack Boxed sets
Battle of Hoth
Battle of Geonosis
Battle of Kashyyyk

All carded figures $2 each or 3 for $5
Cards are mint, c8 or better. Can provide pics upon request.

POTF2 Red cards
Luke Skywalker x4
Ben Kenobi x5
Ben Kenobi Long saber-bent card
C3PO $2
Han in carbonite x3
Lando Calrissian x3
Princess Leia monkey face x2
Darth Vader Long saber x6
Luke Skywalker jedi knight x5
Stormtrooper x3

POTF Green Card
Endor Han Solo - blue pants x4
Endor Han Solo - brown pants x2
Admiral Ackbar
Darth Vader
Leia - monkey face
Bespin Han Solo

Cantina Showdown cinema scene NM box $5.00

Freeze Frame
Princess Leia new likeness x2
Biggs Darklighter pilot x2
Chewbacca boushhs bounty x2
C3PO removable limbs x3
Admiral Ackbar x2 $2.00Lak Sivrak x2
Slave Leia
Endor Leia x2
Mon Mothma
Bespin Luke

Flashback MOMC

Luke Skywalker floppy hat x3
Chewbacca Hoth x2
C3PO removable arm x2

Hasbro pop up Jabbas palace with carbo Han. MIMB $5.00

Episode One - TPM

Obi Wan jedi duel
Queen Amidala-courascant x2
Darth Maul jedi duel x2
Darth Maul sith lord x2
Darth Maul sith lord saber error
Darth Maul tatooine x3
Yoda with chair (no E1 logo) x4
Anakin naboo pilot
Battle Droid slashed
Anakin naboo


TIE Fighter (blue KB excl) with pilot MIB $20

Jango Fett room alarm $5.00 MIB

12" Figures MIB
Ultimate Jango Fett $25
Boussh Leia and Carbonite block-lights up $15 box shelf worn.
100th Luke Skywalker MIMB $20
E1 Chancelor Valorum and Courascant Guard MIMB $20
Grand Moff Tarkin and Imperial Gunner $25 MINT
Grand Moff Tarkin and Imperial Gunner $20 not MINT
KB Stormtrooper Luke and Han MINT $25