View Full Version : W: Capcom games for Dreamcast/PS1&2/Xbox/Saturn

07-05-2007, 01:44 PM
I am after any of the following games for the DC/PS1&2/Xbox/Saturn/Etc:

Marvel vs Capcom 1 & 2
Marvel Superheroes
X-men vs SF
Marvel vs SF
Street Fighter Collection 1 & 2
Capcom Generations 1-5
El Dorado Gates (ALL)
SF III: Third Strike
SSF2TX (Dreamcast)
X-men Children of the Atom
Spawn (Dreamcast)
Street Fighter Alpha 1-3
Street Fighter EX 1 & 2
Capcom vs SNK 1 & 2
Capcom vs SNK PRO
SNK vs Capcom (I know this one is made by SNK but it counts to me)
Resident Evil (ALL Except for the Outbreaks- got 'em)
Mickey's Magical Quest (SNES)

any others that I might have missed, please let me know.

I am really interested in a copy of Transformers Tatakai for the PS2. (Yes, it is not a Capcom game but it is cool)

I am offering $$$ or toys for trade. Either way, PM me if interested.