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07-05-2007, 12:12 PM
Of sorts...

Pulled this from their official CE site.

Main Hall Features

Celebration Europe Autograph Hall – packed with stars from and the makers of all 6 Star Wars films this is your opportunity to get up close and personal with the people who created and shaped the films.

Celebrity Stage – Hosted by Warwick Davies this is the main stage at Celebration Europe. With a host of live presentations, exclusive performances and a host of other Star Wars related programming this state of the art 2000 seat theatre is one of the major attractions at the show.

Tantive IV Experience – a once in a lifetime opportunity to see how the magic was made; we have a full size recreation of the corridor of the Tantive IV, set for the iconic opening scene of A New Hope. Giving visitors a chance to take key behind-the-scenes roles this is a great chance to see how the film making process has changed in the last 30 years.

Millennium Falcon – A recreation of the famous set where C-3PO first learnt not to beat a Wookie at chess this gives fans the chance to get a feel of the size and layout of ‘the fastest star ship in the galaxy’.

Star Wars Family Fun Zone – Sponsored by Toys ‘R’ Us this is the place for families to come and get involved in creative Star Wars projects. With activities including face painting, art classes and colouring in this will be a draw for kids of all ages.

Artists Alley – Sponsored by The Animation Art Gallery this is your chance to meet 30 of the top Star Wars artists from around the world and buy specially created exclusive prints from them. With each print limited to a maximum run of 250 you’ll need to move quickly to snap up a piece before they run out.

Droid Builders Club – The R2-D2 droid builders club is an international group dedicated to building accurate working models of everyone’s favourite droids. Come and see how the models are made and see them in action.

LEGO® Zone – With life sized models, a chance to see the Millennium Falcon – the largest LEGO model ever released – and the opportunity to play on the Lego Star Wars video games this is your opportunity to immerse yourself in LEGO’s contributions to the Star Wars universe.

Toys ‘R’ Us Jedi Training on Dagobah – Experienced Jedi’s will train young Padawan in the many Jedi skills on a faithful recreation of Dagobah. Learn to wield a lightsabre, use the force and hopefully pick up some Jedi etiquette (but only under 16’s – sorry!)

Army Assault Course – Be put through your paces by the British Army to see if you are fit enough to be the next Jedi.

Dealer Area – The place to find and buy the many toys, props, prints and other collectables from the Star Wars universe along with other exciting Film and TV memorabilia.

Star Wars Arcade – Run by www.scifimachines.co.uk (http://www.scifimachines.co.uk) this is your chance to relive those childhood moments by playing the classic Star Wars arcade machines. The machines are also available to buy or rent.

Fan Stage – Organised by the 501st Garrison this is your chance to see talks, presentations and other displays from the most important people in the Star Wars universe: the fans.

Official Celebration Europe Store – The place to buy exclusive Celebration Europe merchandise, exclusive action figures and many other exciting, and collectable, items.

Waterfront Rooms

Collector Panels – Your chance to meet the experts and learn more about the incredible world of the Star Wars collectable. With panels throughout the three days of the show and exclusive collectables handed out at random times during talks there is something to interest everyone from the keenest to the most casual Star Wars collector.

WizKids Tournament Room – A room dedicated to the WizKids miniatures games this gives you a chance to see the games in action and even have a go.

Fan Club Lounge – Exclusively open to members of Hyperspace – the Star Wars fan club – this is room gives members the chance to have a drink together and talk about their favourite films away from the crowds on the main floor.

Auction Room – Your opportunity to get up close to some of the most exciting and rare pieces from the Lucasfilm licensing archive. This specially selected collection of old toys and collectables will be auctioned off in the Platinum Theatre on Sunday afternoon.

Platinum Rooms

Platinum Theatre – The place to see exclusive screenings, presentations and previews at Celebration Europe. With highlights including presentations of the forthcoming Clone Wars TV Show and the new Star Wars game from Lucasarts – The Force Unleashed.

Screening Room – Showing fan films and the Lucasfilm pop culture archive this is an opportunity to see some of the more quirky clips related to Star Wars.

Lucasfilm Prop Archives – Your chance to see some of the original props from the Star Wars films. Specially selected by Lucasfilm’s archivists these pieces reflect the myth, the mystery, and even the macabre of Star Wars movie history.

Arts Wars

Star Wars has always been closely linked with art ever since Ralph McQuarrie started sketching ideas and that idea is something we are carrying throughout the show. In addition to the Artists Alley we have several other exciting and innovative art exhibits.

Vader Project – A selection of leading artists and designers from both sides of the Atlantic have been hard at work customising Vader’s helmets so come to the Platinum Rooms to see what they have come up with. From the pieces which proved such a hit at Celebration IV to 20 new and exclusive helmets decorated specifically for Celebration Europe this exhibit is sure to excite amaze and amuse all fans of the Sith Lord and modern design.

Urban Canvas – Come to watch some of the hottest European Graffiti artists create a giant Star Wars inspired Graffiti piece live at the ExCeL Centre.

The Illustrated Trooper – A selection of talented tattoo artists will be decorating pieces of Stormtrooper armour during Celebration Europe which, when completed, will be a one-of-a-kind head-to-toe trooper.

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Hehehe....After you posted in the other thread, I printed this out from the Official site! Sounds great!

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Bit of a newbie question but i assume you can buy photos to get signed from the store?

07-06-2007, 10:10 AM
Thanks for that. I'll add it to the CE Survival Guide



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Great survival guide!

Will the (official) site post an overview of when which event, performance and panel will be?

07-07-2007, 01:27 AM

And I hope so.


07-07-2007, 01:48 AM
They've just done so today

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Super! That is exactly what I wanted!

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Me too http://threads.rebelscum.com/images/graemlins/smile.gif


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That is great, just one question though when you open the Thursday programming schedule it opens a pdf and it just says 'will call' whats that?

07-07-2007, 04:39 AM
That is great, just one question though when you open the Thursday programming schedule it opens a pdf and it just says 'will call' whats that?

For our American bro's to collect their tickets I think!