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07-02-2007, 01:03 PM
Well it looks like a few people beat me to this but here it goes. All sets are loose complete (except where noted) and come with instructions.

Will consider reasonable offers and will offer discounts with multiple purchases-- shipping not included.

Tusken Raider Encounter (minus one Tusken)- 10.00
Stormtrooper Technic- 15.00
Original Slave 1- Complete-35.00
Anakins Podracer- No Padme- 20.00
Jedi Defense 1- Complete- 20.00
Mini Snowspeeder/AT-ST- no extra parts- 6.00
Final Duel 1- Complete- 20.00
Chewie AT-ST- Complete- 15.00
A- WIng Fighter (original) Complete-15.00
Original X-Wing -Complete- 32.00
Battle Droid Carrier- No Pilot Droid- 30.00
UCS TIE Interceptor- Complete- 85.00
Mini Falcon- no extra parts- 12.00
Imperial Shuttle (Original)- Missing one Royal Guard- 45.00
Flash Speeder- Complete- 20.00
Sith Infiltrator Complete- 45.00
Hogwart's Express (Original)- Complete 30.00
Mini Sith Infiltrator- Complete- 5.00
Mini Jedi Starfighter/Jangos Slave 1- no extra parts- 6.00
Mini MTT- No extra parts- 5.00
Mini Podracers- no extra parts- 5.00
Mini Tie/X-Wing- no extra parts- 5.00
Mini AT-TE- No extra parts- 10.00
Mini AT-AT- no extra parts- 10.00
Mini Y-Wing- parts no instructions- 7.50
Mini TIE Bomber- parts- no instructions- 7.50
Y-Wing/DV TIE Original Set-- No Darth Vader Mini-- will include D.V. Keychain in place-30.00
Jabbas Palace (All 3 sets)- No Bib,Boba,G.G. or Slave Leia-65.00
Ewok Attack Complete-42.00
Wattos Junkyard Complete-- 65.00
Original TIE Fighter Complete - 20.00
Bionicle Jaller & Gukko Complete- 20.00
10 Final Duel II sets (No minifigs- One instruction) 20.00
Batman Killer Croc Attack- (No Croc Minifig) 10.00
Jango Fett Technic- 15.00
Darth Vader technic- 15.00
R2-D2- Technic-10.00
Tatooine Skiff original (Han and luke included) Complete loose 12.00
Jedi Duel (dooku/yoda) complete loose 38.00
Original Landspeeder complete- 15.00
Geonosian Fighter 30.00- (Missing one battle droid and geonosian with wings)
Droid Fighter (Ep.1)- 5.00
Bespin Luke Minifig from CC playset 17.50
Droid Developer Instruction Book- 7.50
Harry Potter Final Challenge- 8.00
Harry Potter Troll on the Loose- 8.00