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06-29-2007, 06:21 PM
Need to clear some space. Prices are what I paid for the items or less but are negotiable and do not include shipping. Everything listed is still packaged unless specified. Most items are in good condition but may have some shelf wear. Items can also be shipped loose at a cheaper shipping cost and possibly even at a cheaper price for the items. I have feedback as a buyer here but have e ebay feedback (under the name skate4music and I have 100% positive) Willing to make deals on items please pm if anything I have interests you.

Best Buy Exclusive Vader-<s>$11</s> $9
Walmart Wave:
Shocktrooper- $12 (pending)
Chewbacca- $10 (pending)
Han in Stormtropper Disguise- $12 (pending)

Box Sets:
Target Exclusive Mace Windu Battle Pack x2 -$21each (Both SOLD)
Target Exclusive Skirmish at the Senate battle Pack x2 -<s>$21</s> $20 each (1 Sold)
Kmart Exclusive Imperial Throne Room- <s>$23</s> $20
Kmart Exclusive Jedi Temple Assault battle Pack (opened w/all accessories and box)- $24 (SOLD)
Power of the Force Final Jedi Duel- <s>$7</s> $5

Saga Figures:
UGH Snowtrooper (in Star Case)- $10
UGH Snowtrooper- $8 (pending)
UGH General Grevious (in Star Case)- $10 (pending)
UGH Boba Fett (in Star Case)- $10 (pending)
UGH Obi Wan (in Star Case) - $10
UGH Anakin (in Star Case)- $10
UGH AT-AT Driver ( in Star Case)- $10
UGH AT-AT Driver- $8 (pending)
UGH Han Solo in Carbonite (not mint)- $7
UGH Darth Vader (card bent some)-$7
Commander Cody- <s>$8</s> $7
Firespeeder Pilot- <s>$8</s> $7
Scorch- <s>$8</s> $7
Death Star Gunner x2- <s>$8</s> $7
Battle Droids 2 pack x2- <s>$8</s> $7
Sandtrooper x2- <s>$8</s> $7
5th Fleet Security Clone Trooper x2- <s>$8</s> $7
Greatest Hits 501st Clone x2- <s>$8</s> $7
Greatest Hits Shcoktrooper x2- <s>$8</s> $7

12inch Garindan (loose w/box)- <s>$7</s> <s>$6</s> $5
Episode 3 Electronic talking Darth Vader Bank (loose w/ box)- <s>$7</s> <s>$6</s> $5
Episode 3 Battle Arena Sidious Versus Mace (loose w/box)-<s>$6</s> <s>$5</s> $4
Episode 3 Battle Arena Dooku Versus Anakin (loose w/box)- <s>$6</s> <s>$5</s> $4

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Bump with more price changes. I am willing to work with you on the prices.

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