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06-27-2007, 11:21 PM

Title says it all.

This is the one I need: TSC Han Solo 035(Escape from Mos Eisley) This One (http://www.rebelscum.com/photo.asp?image=/TSC/tsc035hansolocardfr.jpg)

LOOSE/COMPLETE is fine and actually preferred http://threads.rebelscum.com/images/graemlins/grin.gif.

Willing to pay reasonable price or can trade for some of these things (this list is slightly different from my regular trade list since I only need the Han for a custom).


-Darth Vader and mind control droid from Tantive IV pack
-Galactic Marine COINS ONLY x2
-Airborne Trooper COINS ONLY x3

Order 66
-Mace Windu ONLY from Windu/GM set (loose complete)

-Foul Moudama #29 (MOC)
-Barada #4 (on card with slight crease on upper left of card and small nick on upper right) PENDING
-Geonosian Warrior(LOOSE--from Rep. Commando Pack) w/disruptor

Commemorative Tin figures--Return of the Jedi
-Princess Leia(Endor Dress)
-Jedi Tin

Revenge of the Sith
-Commander Gree (LOOSE/complete)
-Clone Trooper #6 (on card--has some creases on peg holder)

<font color="brown">
SAGA---AOTC </font>

-C3P0: Death Star Rescue w/clear stand (on card--slightly curved)
-Count Dooku w/lightsaber---(LOOSE)

POTF <font color="brown"> </font> <font color="brown"> </font> <font color="brown"> </font> <font color="brown"> </font>

-Yak Face (MOC--green card)
-Princess Leia Ewok Celebration outfit (MOC--green card)
-Yoda w/trainer pack (MOC--orange card)
-Princess Leia in Ceremonial Dress w/Medal of Honor (MOC--green card)


-Obi Wan x 2
-Rebel Trooper x 2
-Amidala x3
-Emperor Palpy x3


-Stormies x 2
-Rebel Trooper

Action Fleet Micro Machines

-Imperial Forces Set
-Rebel Forces Set

Miscellaneous (stuff for customs?)

-Elite Force Navy Soldiers x2 (only what's pictured--also holsters/ammo packs cut off)
-Elite Force "Chopper" Harris (no head/helmet or mg)

The Ultimate Soldier--Extreme Detail (all not complete--only what's in pics)

-D-Day Tank Commander (Sgt. Jesse "Wildman" James
-D-Day Bazookaman (Pvt. David "Peek" Jenkins
-DAK Afrika Korps Officer (Cpt. William Newnhaus)
-Wermacht German Parade Enlisted (helmet, hand, stand, rifle only)
-Other (not sure which, but just parts)

G.I. Joe (figures/parts--if you want their weapons, I can look for them)

-Snake Eyes x 2
-Scarlet (no head)
-3 others don't know names

Also have a bunch of SW comics, Insiders, SW Galaxy Magazine (listed below)

Star Wars Comics
•Dark Empire II (#s 1-6)
•Star Wars Empire’s End #1
•Boba Fett Enemy of the Empire #1-2
•Dark Force Rising #s 1-2
•SW Special Edition #s 1-4
•Shadows of the Empire #s 1-6
•Episode I The Phantom Menace #s 1-4 (picture covers)

Star Wars Insider Magazine Issue (in parenthesis I'll put what is on the cover)

•33 (wampa)
•35 (tusken raider)
•36 (jawas)
•37 (emperor/ian mcdiarmid)
•38 (simpsons: bart skywalker/homer vader)
•39 (vader/Ep I anakin)
•39 *misprint on issue—should have been 40 (Ep I amidala)
•41 (Ep I obi wan)
•42 (maul)
•43 (maul/qui gon)
•45 (naboo fighter)
•46 (Ep I 3PO)
•48 (cartoon 3PO, leia, chewie, greedo, r2, jawas)
•50 (hayden cristensen)
•52 (3PO, R2)
•53 (Palpatine)
•54 (obi wan)
•55 (mace windu)

Star Wars Galaxy Magazine –It was like the Insider which had interviews with actors from films, game reviews, artist/painter interviews, reviews/articles on CCGs, toy previews, and would usually come with a poster, mini comic, trading card, etc. in the bag. After 13 issues, it switched to SW Galaxy Collector which based itself more on toys, games, CCGs, Expanded Universe items, trading cards, etc.

SW Galaxy Magazine issues 1-13
SW Galaxy Collector issues 1-4


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