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So DAVE what happened to that all 8 lot? I thought it didn't go through? Or did someone give you more then the listed price for the Han Solo. I always thought that 8 was more of a priority then 2 or.....3 Thus you make more money.

Any way thanks for letting me know about Solo and PMing me that the deal didn't go through. http://threads.rebelscum.com/images/graemlins/mad.gif

I sold a set of the 8 VOTC to another board member which shipped out today.

I added more figures including some VOTC, Max Rebo Band, ROTS Deluxe & Galactic Heroes in Another Post, that I came across in my storage unit this weekend.

I won't be PMing you, or selling to you because of the way you spoke to me in your PMs.

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And how exactly did I speak to you in your PM's. Maybe passive aggressive but never rude. I have a list of the conversations, would you like me to post them here.

I never bad mouthed you and I thought I was perfectly patient and polite. But it pisses me off to no end that you would sell 8 figures to someone that PMed after me mind you, just so that you would make more money, and not be helpful to a fellow collector the thing thats expressed and said over and over again. Then for me to be less of a priority because I wanted 3 instead of 8, is just not a nice thing to say. They are your items, up till the time of shipping them out, but it was a very rude comment.

Even after that I brushed it off, and didn't have a little fit or complain. And yet you STILL didn't PM me that you have more VOTC to sell. I could care less if you make up lies and such saying that I was rude and impolite during our many PMs, and post that here. I was really looking foward to buying from you, and you had some great items for sale. But when the whole thing is about making money, and what I thought was against the rules....auctioning, items, and taking higher offers, and not trying to help others, I should think I have the right to tell others to stay away or atleast explain what happened.

I just thought I would let others know, because frankly, some of the comments and ways of thinking expressed on his part were not that pleasant. While he didn't come out and actually say mean things, the way he went about selling was just very irratating and got under my skin. So good luck, and I hope the customer gets what they want, the way it should be.

Be warned. If you plan on buying a I don't know 5 VOTC figures, but someone else plans on buying that and the Darth Maul head and you PM in first, he will take the others offer because in the end he gets more. It's not about helping others at all as far as I'm concerned.

And at the same time I'm not mad at the person that ended up getting those figures, it's not their fault. Again good luck and I hope you make out well.

General Rules

- No auctioning is permitted.

- The purpose of this section is to help other collectors find what they need, so please post in the spirit of cooperation and mutual benefit.

Here is an exerpt from your 2nd PM Received 6/29/07 at 12:21
"I'd hate to be pushy, but I'm in other trades now, but would consider 30 shipped. I already have the figures but wouldn't mind buying them from you, because I know how it feels to sell of some of my collection either for room or other purposes,(might not even be the case for you) so I want to help out. If not I may have to think about it. I have 50 going there, 20 here, 10 there 30 here, and want to try and make simple fast payments with out leting any one down, which is entirely not your problem, but I'd just thought I'd ask"

You Requested Free Shipping, and then stated if you do not get it "I may have to think about it" I had yet to send you the shipping quote requested in your first PM. Since YOU want to think about it does that mean I have to wait on you.
What makes you more important than the other board members?

The Board Member I sold to PMed at 6/29/07 12:24 which I read right after yours he wanted all 8 and I sent a shipping quote.

So don't act like we had a deal and I backed out.

I never quoted you shipping, in fact my first PM to you was that I was selling to the other board member "All 8 are pending to another buyer I'll let you know if payment does not arrive"
This was in Response to your third PM in which you stated "sorry for being pushy and rude" but a deal had been struck already at the posted price of $10 per fig plus $6 priority mail shipping with delivery confirmation(he's in LA).
My 2nd and Only other PM to you was "If someone wants to buy 8 items instead of 3 I give the person buying more the priority"

Those were the only two sentences I PMed you.

And After your Next PM you were added to my DO NOT sell to list.

This is why I did not PM you this morning when I added the new figures. I WILL NOT SELL TO YOU!!!

Items were sold for listed price, Don't act like I Auctioned the Items.

I did help a board member get figures he needed.

And YES BUYERS BEWARE until a deal is FINALIZED I will look at other offers.
If when Reading a Batch of PMs priority will be given to those purchasing the most, Let's face it I'm trying to sell the stuff.

Play Nice or Leave the playground.


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Then I guess I just simply lost. And my second post was just to late. I wouldn't have know that. The main thing I guess was miscommunication on both our parts and me jumping to conclusions. I was pushy and rude but I thought I tried to "redeem" myself because, I'm NOT more important then other people. I would have simply left and thanked you anyway, if you would have just let me know after my second post, and not leave me guessing.

Sorry, I was being a bit of a [censored], but still unless I can read minds how am I supposed to know that it didn't work out for you. I stated may's and if's not anything set in stone. You could have just let me know that that didn't work for you. But then again the posts between me and the other buyer and then my final choice were only minutes apart, so I guess that yes, I did just miss out.

Again sorry, I jumped the gun on that one, but again I'm not completely wrong. Good luck with selling off your items.

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