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06-27-2007, 05:08 PM

* International shipping will cost extra

NOTE: I have gotten exactly 18 pm's asking if I would break up the case. I can not. Sorry.

Once again, I don't need the wave 3 case I just received from NFC, so I thought I'd offer it up. The case contains:

1 x McQuarrie Chewbacca
1 x Tatooine Luke
1 x Academy Biggs
1 x Jawa
2 x Stormtroopers
2 x Darth Vaders
1 x Airborne trooper (from wave 1)
1 x Mace Windu (from wave 1)
2 x Galactic Marines (from wave 1)

The case has been opened to verify the contents, but the figures have not been removed.

Cost is $88 shipped ($71.99 for the case + 9.95 shipping = my original cost, plus $6.06 = your shipping cost. I'll be taking a loss on shipping.)

Please PM if interested. DO NOT e-mail.

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Thanks for looking.

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