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06-26-2007, 09:29 PM
List Updated


After much research and a lot of help from fellow Scummers, I have compiled a list of figures I am looking for to complement my vintage set. I just bought a large lot from obehave, so my list is now considerably smaller. I am looking for the following loose, complete and in nrmt-mint condition:

VOTC= Vintage Original Trilogy Collection
EB= Early Bird Set
VTSC= Vintage The Saga Collection
TSC=The Saga Collection
OTC= Original Trilogy Collection
POTC=Post Original Trilogy Collection
POTJ= Power Of The Jedi

Stormtrooper- OTC 05-11
Luke Skywalker VOTC

Luke Jedi Hologram TSC 04-11
Bib Fortuna TSC 003
C-3P0- TSC 042
Luke Endor TSC-044
Emperor Palpatine TSC-043
Kabe and Nubrun Leids TSC-072
Labria TSC-073
Snowtrooper TSC-011
R5-J2 TSC- 058
Luke Hoth- Saga 04-03
Hoth Rebel Trooper
Dianoga from Trash Compactor

Orange Pauldron Sandtrooper from Evolutions
Sandtrooper from commemorative tin
Leia Endor “ “

Jabba The Hutt
Wampa set
Battle of Hoth multipack
Droid from Imperial multipack

Zutton POTJ
Jek Porkins- POTJ
Luke with Bacta Tank- POTJ
Rancor Keeper POTF
Yak Face POTF
Ree Yees POTF
Walrusman with jointed knees from bar set
Prune Face POTF

Chewbacca Mechanic (goggles and welder only) POTJ
Holographic Leia from R2-D2 POTF2
Accessories from SY Snootles, Joh Yowza band pair
lamp from R2 Hoth
Dannick Jerricho face tentacles
any stands that could be used with original trilogy figures
Charges from Han Endor raid
Muftak gun
Yoda lamp and pot

Mynock Hunt Cinema Scene

A-Wing Pilot with removable helmet vehicle pack in
Dack Ralter vehicle pack in
Red Leader vehicle pack in
Zev Senesca vehicle pack in

two different Rebel Guards from Tantive IV pack

Death Star Briefing Multipack

2007 Anniversary Collection

Wave2 Battle of Yavin,

30-10 Rebel Honour Guard
30-12 Luke Skywalker, Yavin
30-13 Death Star Trooper
30-14 Biggs Darklighter, Rebel Pilot

Wave 3 A New Hope,

30-16 Darth Vader, Sith Lord
30-17 Biggs, Toche Station
30-19 jawa and LIN Droid
30-22 M’iiyoom Onith
30-23 Elis Helrot

Vintage TAC

Han Hoth
Leia Endor
Luke Bespin

If you have some of these for sale please PM me with what you have and what your price would be with shipping to Nova Scotia, Canada. I greatly prefer Paypal and due to time constraints can only pay by this method at present. I have tons of feedback on ebay. Please only respond if you have four or more figures I need in order to make it worthwhile for the shipping costs. Thanks a lot for looking.



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