View Full Version : Have: CIV Boba Fett Want: ACME character keys

06-18-2007, 12:49 PM
So I am kicking myself because I was at Comic con in 05 and 06 and i held the Grievous character key in my hand, low number, and said, ahhh 30 bucks, Ill pass. Same with the Sidious. Now I am into the keys and i have to pay. Hopefully with some luck and rebelscum love, I can make a trade and not be out too much dinero.

Bottom line, I have a Boba Fett Animated Maquette from CIV, #336 out of 1000 that I would like to trade for some combination following Acme keys:

Grievous, Sididous, Amidala, Arc Captain.

LEt me know if anyone is interested. Thanks! D