View Full Version : WTB: Yoda Shield Ornament by Kurt S Adler

06-15-2007, 09:12 PM
OK this is a huge shot in the dark but maybe someone can help me out. I have been trying to get this ornament for almost 2 years now when I first saw a picture of it on the Adler website.

Here (http://starwars.kurtadler.com/starwars_catalog/product_detail.php/pid=25838~subid=2497/index.html) is a link to the page. Note it is in the starwars.kurtadler.com page, if you go to kurtadler.com and look at star wars, you won't see it.

anyway, at christmas of 2005, I contacted Adler and was given a long list of stores that "might" have it. well none of them did, so in following up with them I was told that they would probably re-release all of their '05 items in '06. well last year came and went, and I never saw it, nor the Vader one.

at that point I basically just assumed that neither had ever been made since I never saw them nor did anyone else I asked. None even showed up on ebay which was the real litmus test.

well about an hour ago I saw a story from december linking to an ebay auction for the Vader ones!!! so that means that those were made, which would make me think the Yoda was as well.

so to sum up, I'm basically looking to get this item, but I'll even settle for some leads on where I could try to find it. thanks!