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06-11-2007, 05:53 PM
Well i will try this.
I have over $3k in this collection, but im not having a good year and i need the money bad.
3 weeks ago i just about cut my leg off with a chain saw at work and will be out work for at least another 4 weeks, i have bills piling and can barely eat. So this must go. Needs a good home.
I made a list and there is prices that are on them but they dont mean anything any more. I need to sell it all. Who ever buys it can sell what they dont want and make some money on it.
I am looking to get $800 for it but its not set in stone.
I found a box that was missing when i made the list, there is a ton of stuff in there, (all items that were missing and listed as so are now here), also three boxes with weapons. One if not two has some rare vintage figure weapons in them. I know there is 4 vintage endore speeder bikes, and alot of both vintage and "neo classic" figures that are not listed are now here.
If you really want me to i can find out what ive got but i prefer to just get rid of it all. I have pictures of them if you want email me at jm33852@yahoo.com
I just want to sell it. Its in my way, and its going to get lost or dammaged if no one buys it.




Y-Wing with complete bomb, upper gun, decals are missing. -C7 $120

Y-Wing for part/build. All decals are there, in fair shape. Gear: front leg is there but doesn’t work mechanically, rear works. Missing canopy. -C4 $20

Twin pod cloud car. Near mint, decals, great color. -C9 $20

Millennium Falcon. Has paint in places. Near complete if not complete (cant find dish mount right now, if you buy this I will not stop until I find it.) Still has training ball and mount. -C5-6? $20

X-Wing complete, some decals missing. -C6 $30

X-Wing for part/build. Some decals missing. -C5 $10

AT-ST Complete. Excellent but played with condition. All decals there. Guns and canopy are there and work great. Walking mechanism works flawless. -C7 $50

Imperial Shuttle. Missing front fuselage guns (not wing guns), otherwise complete. Great decals. Gear works great, wings work but one has problems at times, I think the gear inside might be wearing. -C7 $100

Imperial Shuttle Wing. This is the top wing on a imperial shuttle only. All decals. Would work great to replace a missing or lose top wing. -C5 $10

Snow Speeder. Missing canopy, cannons, and back of cannons. It does have the harpoon. -C3 $10


Tie Fighter. Red box, exploding wings. -C8 $20

Millennium Falcon. LNIB. Fantastic. Complete. Its like New. -C8 $50

Luke Land Speeder. LNIB. Has been played with but it looks new and the box is in fantastic shape. It has been opened but its LNIB. Complete. -C9 $15

A-Wing. LNIB. Has been played with, but it looks like new. Box is in good shape. Complete. -C8 $30

A-Wing. LNIB. Has been played with, but it looks like new. Box is in good shape, but missing inside separator. A-wing is Complete, in fantastic but played with condition.
I would also call it a opened -C8 $30

Snow Speeder. Played with. Complete (but at this time its missing a piece behind the blaster cannon I will find it if you buy it). This one probably was the one that got played with the most. But it is in Excellent shape. Box is there but in poor shape, with “blue prints” -C5-6 $30

Expanded Universe Snow Speeder. Complete. Played with. I am pretty sure I have the box but haven’t found it yet. -C7 $25

Vaders Tie Fighter. Played with. (at this time its missing a missile) Right wing never fit well, it fits good, but it doesn’t clamp on well. -C5 $60

X-Wing electronic FX. LNIB. Has been played with some. It is fairly good size. Complete. -C7 $50

Slave 1. Canadian ??? European ???. Excellent shape. In box. -C8 $80

Cloud Car. Expanded universe. LNIB. Pristine. -C8 $30

Rebel Blockade Runner. Collector Fleet. Pristine. Don’t think it was ever out of the box. -C9 $30

Speeder Bike-Luke. SEALED NIB. Box has Little shelf wear. -C9 $20

Speeder Bike-Lea. Sealed. NIB. Box has Little Shelf Wear. -C9 $20

Episode 1

Naboo Fighter. Played with. In good condition. Complete. -C7 $25


Sealed, and Open Cards, Also Sets:
The condition of these figures is what I am giving, the cards are just a bonus. All of these figures are opened unless stated, but are Like New. Cards are in good opened condition unless stated otherwise.
Condition rating works as follows.
C5-C9.5. We only grade loose figures C5 to C9.5 in our Collection. This means we do not sell junk and we not believe a figure can achieve the grade of C10 even in sealed carded condition. We use the C grading method for loose figures, vehicles, and sets even though it is originally intended for sealed items. The condition rating is for the main item and has no standing of if the item is complete (i.e. with weapons etc), if the item is complete it is stated, if it is missing an item it is stated.
C5- Lots of paint/play wear, usually very loose limbs only good for restore/repair/nostalgia and play.
C6- Some paint/play wear. Usually stiff joints. Good for nostalgia and play But could be used in a collection if so desired.
C7- MINIMAL Paint/Playwear VERY STIFF JOINTS. Possibly 1-2 flaws (small tear in decal, some wear on hands.) Will have sporadic minimal amount of paint wear. Collectors grade. For and affordable and impressive collection.
C8- DEFINITELY Collectors grade. Tiniest amount of paint wear probably maximum of 2-3 dots of paint wear. EXTREMLY STIFF JOINTS. Figure should appear almost in new condition. Will almost Always have ONE particular flaw that keeps it C8 but it is still COLLECTOR GRADE.
C9- In my opinion is flawless but will almost always have the very tiniest of a discrepancy, not always visible to the untrained eye.
C9.5- In original package. Very collectable. May have just been taken out of the box.

50% OFF listed price.
Tusken Raider. On Open Card. Complete. -C9 $4

Ponda Baba. On Open Card. Complete -C9 $4

Princess Leia, in ceremonial dress with medal of honor, Flashback picture. On Open Card. Complete. -C9 $4

Lak Sivrak. On Open Card. Complete. -C9 $4

EV-9D9. On Open Card. Complete. -C9 $4

Princess Leia Organa, in celebration outfit. On Open Card. Complete. -C9 $4

Orrimaarko. On Open Card. Complete. -C9 $4

Probe Droid. On Open Card. Complete. -C9 $8

Obi-Wan Kenobi. On Open Card. Complete. -C9 $4

R5-D4. On Open Card. Complete. -C9 $2

Weequay Skiff Guard. On Open Card. Complete. -C9 $4

Tie Fighter Pilot. On Open Card. Complete. -C9 $4

Jabba the Hut and Han Solo. LNIB. Complete. -C9 $8

Dewback and Sandtrooper. LNIB. Complete. -C9 $8

Ronto and Jawa. LNIB. Complete. -C9 $8

Luke gunner set. On Open Card. Complete. -C9 $8

Boba Fett, Canadian??? Mexican??, ½ circle hands. On Open Card. Complete. -C9 $30

Momaw Nadon, “Hammerhead”. On Open Card. Complete. -C9 $4

Luke Pilot. Long Lightsaber. On Open RED Card. Complete. -C9 $8

Leia Boushh bounty hunter. On Open PURPLE SOTE Tri-Logo Card. Complete. -C9 $6

Emperor Palpatine. On Open Card. Complete. -C9 $6

Vader Tie Gunner Station. On Open Card. Complete. -C9 $4

Greedo. On Open Card. Complete. -C9 $4

Rebel Fleet Trooper. On Open Card. Complete. -C9 $4

Bespin Luke. On Open Card. Complete (in pic its missing light saber now found). -C9 $7

8D8 Droid. On Open Card. Complete. -C9 $6

Moff Tarkin. Very Rare. On Open Card. Complete. -C9.5 $10

Biggs Darklighter. On Open Card. Complete. -C9 $4

Lando Skiff Guard. On Open Card. Card is bent pretty good Complete. -C9 $4

Endor Rebel Soldier. On Open Card. Complete. -C9 $4

Ugnaughts With Tool Kit. On Open Card. Complete. -C9 $4

Garindan (long snoot). On Open Card. Complete. -C9 $6

Luke Storm Trooper. On Open Card. Complete. -C9 $4

Lando General. On Open Card. Complete. (pic shows missing freeze frame, now found) -C9 $4

C3PO. On Open Card. Complete. -C9 $4

Obi-Wan. On Open Card. Complete. -C9 $4

Detention Block Rescue. LNIB. Open RED box in excellent condition. Complete. -C9 $8

Death Star Escape. LNIB. Not Complete at this time (missing cardboard scene.) Open RED box in excellent condition. -C9 $4

Vintage POTF: All are lose, no box. Some do not have weapons. Some that don’t at this time I have weapons for but just cant seem to find them.

R2D2. Collector Grade. Has one spot where decal is pushed. -C7 $8

R2D2. Dirty, decal is tore in some places but for the most part is there. -C6 $4

R5D4. Dirty, decal is tore, but still there in places, head spins loosely. -C5.5 $2

FX-7. Missing solid hand, has all the others. Lose head. -C5.5 $2

IG-88. With Rifle. Stiff joints. -C7 $10

C3PO. Removable limb one, so the joints are Not stiff but good. -C5.5 $1.50

Imperial Guard. Excellent, with cape, has very stiff joints, probably my best vintage figure. Almost positive I have his staff (not found yet). -C8+ $10

Imperial Guard. NO Cape. No Staff. Stiff joints. Excellent for restore, put a cape on him and you got a collector grade fig, though it doesn’t have a staff. -C7 $2

AT-AT Driver. Stiff joints, believe I have his weapon somewhere. -C7 $8

AT-AT Driver. No gun that I know of. -C5 $2

Imperial Commander. Might have his weapon. Mildly loose limbs. -C6 $3

Chewbacca. With weapon. Very stiff limbs, No wear. -C8 $30

Han Solo Bespin. No weapon -C5 $2

Han Solo Hoth. No weapon -C5 $2

Luke Black Hand. No weapon, mildly loose legs. -C5.5 $2

Luke x-wing Pilot. No weapon. Very stiff joints. -C6 $4

Luke Bespin. Ultra Rare Light Blond hair, Dark Boots, with pistol -C6.5 (cant find for price, make offer)

Luke Hoth. Stiff Joints. No weapon. -C6.5 $4

Admiral Ackbar. Very stiff limbs, NO wear at all. No Staff. -C8 $6

Tusken Raider. No cape, No staff. Mildly loose limbs. -C6 $2

Endor Rebel Commando. Stiff limbs. With rifle (when I find it) -C8 $6

Endor Rebel Commando. Stiff limbs. May have rifle. -C7 $4

General Madine. Stiff limbs. No weapon. -C7 $4

Klaatu. Stiff limbs I have the staff but not at this time. -C7 $6

REE-YEES. Stiff limbs. No weapon. -C6 $2

Boba-Fett. No weapon, one mildly loose leg. -C6 $4

Squid Head. With Cape, and I think I have the pistol. -C8+ $4

Hammer Head. No weapon. Stiff limbs besides the head is a little loose. -C6 $2

Bib Fortuna. I believe I have the staff. Stiff limbs, with robe. -C8+ $4

Nien Numb. Just figure. Stiff limbs. -C7 $2

4-LOM. With robe, has something on it.. I have his weapon somewhere. -C7 $10

Hoth Rebel Commander. Might have weapon. Stiff limbs -C6 $2

Hoth Rebel Soldier. Might have weapon. Mildly loose limbs. -C6 $2

Ugnaught. No kit. With robe. -C6 $3

Lobot (lando’s aid). No weapon. Very stiff limbs. -C7 $3

Dengar. With Rifle. Complete. Very stiff limbs. -C8+ $5

Leia Organa Bespin. No robe, no pistol. Rare “Crew Neck”. Very stiff limbs. -C8 $3

Prune Face. No weapon, No robe. Stiff limbs -C7 $2

Lando Bespin. No robe, No weapon. Stiff Limbs. -C7 $3

AT-AT Commander. No weapon. Stiff limbs. -C6 $4

Storm Trooper Hoth. No weapon. Mildly loose limbs. -C6 $2

Storm Trooper. No Weapon. Lose limbs. -C5 $1

Imperial Biker Scout. No Weapon. Very Stiff limbs. -C6 $2

Bossk Bounty Hunter. No weapon. Mildly loose arms. -C7 $3

Greedo. No Weapon. Stiff limbs. -C8 $6

Bespin Security Guard. No weapon. Stiff limbs. -C6 $2

Gamorrean Guard. No weapon. Stiff limbs. -C6 $2

Darth Vader. With Cape, something is on it, needs cleaned.. No Lightsaber. Stiff limbs. -C8 $14

Obi-Wan Kenobi. No weapon, no robe. Stiff limbs. -C7 $2

ALL POTF2 Figures are 50% off Listed Price. +S&H
For all the vintage figures $260 +S&H
For all the vintage vehicles $390 +S&H
For all the POTF2 Figures $108 +S&H
For all the POTF@ Vehicles $550 +S&H
FOR IT ALL $800 +S&H Total comes to $1,308.50 But WILL TAKE $800 +S&H
These were current prices about 6 months ago. But no one wants to give me what they are giving someone else for the same stuff.
Prices are invalid at this time. Please, Im not riping anyone off, there is a lot of stuff here. Over $3k in stuff, im looking to get a fraction of that back out of it, I cant just give it away though. So please make an honest offer Please.
Jarrod M

Everything LISTED IS Current. NOTE* I found all my missing stuff, so its all here now, parts that were missing are all there, weapons that were missing are there too.
THERE is A lot of extra figures and things that are not listed that were in that box of missing stuff. If you really want I can go through it and find out what I have.

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It needs to go. Taking offers on all of it.