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05-14-2007, 05:20 PM
Hi everyone

I have a huge collection of POTF2 for sale, total of 54 figures. The lot also includes a few Episode I figures in the package as well. Are in near mint perfect shape:

Power of the Force( Red Lightsaber background)
Luke Skywalker(Jedi Knight w/ lightsaber & cloak), Luke Skywalker(regular fatigues), Luke Skywalker( Dagobah Fatigues w/ 3.75 inch lightsaber), Han Solo(regular fatigues), Han Solo(Hoth Gear), Boba Fett(sawed off blaster rifle & jet pack), Chewbacca( bowcaster and heavy blaster rifle), Darth Vader( lightsaber and removable cloak), Stormtrooper(blaster rifle and heavy blaster cannon)

Power of the Force(Green Lightsaber background w/ hologram sticker)
Chewbacca(bowcaster and heavy blaster rifle), R2-D2(light-pipe eye port and retractable leg), Yoda(jedi training backpack and gimer stick), Boba Fett(sawed off blaster & jet pack), Bossk( blaster rifle and pistol), Dengar( blaster rifle), 4-Lom( blaster rifle and blaster pistol), Luke Skywalker( Hoth Gear), Admiral Ackbar(comlink wrist blaster), Weequay Skiff Guard(force spike and blaster rifle), Snowtrooper( imperial issue blaster rifle), EV-9D9(datapad), Gamorrean Guard(vibro-ax), Nien Numb(blaster rifle and pistol), Han Solo(Endor Fatigues), Bib Fortuna(hold-out blaster), Ponda Baba( blaster rifle and pistol), Luke Skywalker( X-Wing fighter pilot gear), 2-1B Medic Droid(medical diagnostic computer), C-3PO, Malakili(Rancor Keeper), Saelt-Marae(Yak Face), Grand Moff Tarkin x2( imperial issue blaster and rifle),

Power of the Force(Green Lightsaber background w/ Freeze Frame Action Slide)
Princess Leia Organa(Jabbas Prisoner), Darth Vader(lightsaber and removable cloak), Luke Skywalker(Bespin Fatigues w/ removable hand), Obi-Wan Kenobi(lightsaber), Endor Rebel Soldier( survival backpack &blaster rifle), Captian Piett(blaster rifle and pistol), Ishi Tib( blaster rifle), Lak Sivrak(blaster pistol and vibro-blade), Lando Calrissian(General Gear), Han Solo(Bespin gear), Emperor Palpatine( walking stick), Emperors Royal Guard( force pike), Ugnaughts( tool kit), Ewoks: Wicket & Logray, Biggs Darklighter(X-Wing fighter pilot gear w/ blaster pistol), Han Solo in carbonite(w/ carbonite block), Lobot(blaster rifle and transmitter), Grand Moff Tarkin(imperial issue blaster rifle and pistol)

Star Wars Episode I w/ comtech chip
Anakin Skywalker(Tatooine gear), Senator Palpentine(senate cam droid), Battle Droid( blaster rifle)


PM me if interested.

05-15-2007, 09:29 AM
no one???

05-16-2007, 10:19 PM

Here is the pic of the total lot...