View Full Version : For Sale: Star Wars comics from the 1990's

05-11-2007, 09:31 AM
I have a collection of Dark Horse comics from the 1990's. Thinking of selling them. Maybe $1.50 each. They usually went for over $2.50 each.

I have Classic Star Wars, Tales of the Jedi, Golden Age of the Sith, Freedon Nadd Uprising, Shadows of the Empire, Shadows of the Empire: Evolutions, Dark Empire II, Empire's End, some Rogue Squadron issues.

A more complte list will follow but if you have any questions about Dark Horse from this time please let me know.

I also have issues of Star Wars Galaxy Magazine that came out in the mid 90's. I have them bagged with all the various goodies and chase cards that they came with as well as open copies (I still have the accompanying goodies too). I'm asking for $1.50 each for them open. $2.00 in the original sealed plastic bag with all the goodies. Thanks