View Full Version : FS: Multi-logo POTF2 figures, Orange cards ,CDN

05-03-2007, 07:17 PM
Hi All

Selling off some modern MOC figures, all are on 5 Logo? Multi-language euro card , Kenner

Orange Card:

Original 95 Luke with long saber i'd say it's a (9) $15.00

Original Boba Fett 8.5 $15.00

Original Style Stormtrooper $15.00

Chewbacca as Snova SOTE on orange card with hologram $20.00
8 , has ding in the top part of the bubble.

Green Card:

Luke Jedi, 7.5 has a ding in the lower right corner.

Leia as Boushh , warped card with light creases 7

Canadian Freeze frame luke $15.00 7.5 bubble slight ding
card is great shape.

Canadian leia Collection: Wicket and leia 8 , $10

Canadian Sealed POTF2 Speeder Bike, Mint $15 plus

All figures plus shipping:)