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04-29-2007, 08:41 PM
I am selling these 25 small Titanium ships all for $75, I will have to get a shipping quote. These are all great condition mimb, I even inspected all the j-hooks and paint jobs, these are all at least c-8, c-9.

The list is as follows

Silver UGH Slave I Limited
White UGH Tie Fighter Limited
2x Republic Gunship clone wars deco UGH Limited both packaging variants
2x Anakin Starfighter yellow
Anakin Green Jedi Starfighter
Obi-Wan Blue Jedi Starfighter
Mace Windu Purple Jedi Starfighter
ARC-170 ROTS version
Republic Gunship ROTS version
Tie Interceptor ROTJ version
Vader Tie advanced X1
Tie Bomber clean version
Y-Wing Yellow version
Speeder Bike with Scout Trooper
Boba Fett Slave 1 Wal-Mart exclusive ESB paint job
Jango Fett Slave 1
AT-AT walker Hoth clean version
Naboo Royal Starship
A-Wing ROTJ version
Snowspeeder 1st version
X-wing Wal-Mart exclusive red 5
Millennium Falcon Wal-Mart exclusive clean version
Tie Fighter Wal-Mart exclusive clean version blue

I also need a few that I would trade for if they are also in good condition, I will trade 1 for 1.

I need

Naboo patrol fighter blue
Star Destroyer repaint
Obi Wan with Hyperspace ring

PM me if interested.

Thank You

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