View Full Version : FT: Anyone interested in trading Lego minifigures?

04-08-2007, 09:25 PM
I've just come into about 50 lego minifigures, mostly space police, first run space, and the underwater figures. A few townspeople as well. I can take pictures and catalog exactly what I have if there is any interest in this.
I also have some space shuttle sets and some other sets which I'm not sure of. I haven't had the chance to put all the pieces together and everything to see exactly what I have there. Again will take some cataloging but I want to see if there is any interest here first.

I'm looking to trade for either: Forestmen, knights, pirates, or ninjas. Also any sets with those.

If you don't have legos, I'm also interested in Marvel legends, DC Superheroes, and minimates.