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03-06-2007, 09:50 PM
Hey Guys,


I'm moving overseas and need to sell off my collection...the prices are what i'd like, but if you feel like you want to make an offer, put it to me!!! Prices do not include any shipping - TBD once I know what you want/where you are. I'd prefer Paypal, but cash is okay for local/pickup, or certified money order including the surcharge i'll have to pay to cash it. (All prices are CAD)

2006 Saga
#24 Commander Cody 10.00
#26 Utapau clone 10.00

(Canadian Card) 10.00 each
#6 White Clone Trooper
#6 Red Shock Clone Trooper
#23 Red Guard
#33 Clone Commander (Red)
#41 SA Clone Trooper x 4
#49 Commander Bacara

<s>Deluxe Jetpack Clone trooper x4 9.00 each </s>SOLD
Deluxe Operating Table Vader (one with browny pink painted head) 12.00

L/C M&Mpire full set w/stands - offer

(US Card)
#23 Blue Guard 10.00
#38 AT-TE Gunner 10.00
#41 SA Clone Trooper x2 8.00
#50 Battle Damage Anakin 8.00
<s>Deluxe Jetpack Clone Trooper x1 9.00</s> SOLD

ROTS Special/Exclusive
#2 Anakin x3 - all 3 saber variants - red Dooku saber is US card, other 2 are canadian (prefer to sell as lot) 24.00 for 3
Target Clone w/sealed starcase (Sith logo) 20.00
<s>Celebration 3 Darth Vader (C9) in MINT starcase 40.00</s> SOLD
TRU Holo Yoda x2 15.00 each
Anakin Evolution Pack (sealed, C9 condition) 35.00

300th edition Boba Fett 25.00
Masterpiece Edition Anakin Skywalker (complete, slightly damaged box) - 15.00
Animated Yellow Clone Trooper 12.00
M&Mpire Vader/Clone pack 10.00

<s>OTC (US card) #16 Stormtrooper 15.00 </s> PENDING
OTC 12" Fett (opened, but still mint, all tags and ties are in package) (grey coveralls) 25.00

VOTC - all in sealed starcase, starcases are generally C9 condition, so are the figures

Stormtrooper x3 20.00 each
Boba Fett x2 20.00 each
Vader x2 10.-15.00 each

M&Mpire Yellow M&M in Darth vader cutout standee 10.00

Thanks a lot for looking !!!! May the force be with you!

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