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02-24-2007, 03:30 PM
Would like to get this stuff out of here, so maybe this'll get it a little more exposure...

pics available for everything

Beast Wars -
Transmetal II Cheetor $3

Beast Machines-
Rav (2nd release, blue and silver) $2
Dillo (2nd release, red and blue) $2
Mol (2nd release, green and blue)$2
Mechatron (2nd release, purple) $3
Che (1st release, yellow) $3
Che (2nd release, purple) $3
Nightscream $10
Ultra Jetstorm $10
Supreme Cheetor $15

Previews Modern Age Shang-Chi (carded) - $3

Movie Maniacs Eve (from Species) (loose, complete with poster) - $3

Movie Maniacs Snake Plisskin (loose, complete with poster) - $3

Spider-man Classics Wave 2 Rhino (loose w/ base only, no comic) - $3

Digimon Angewoman skateboard (original release) (loose, complete) - $1 (free with anything else)

Viking Spawn (original)(has cape, no other accessories) - $1

Clown II (no accessories?) - $1

Scooby gang figure set (Scooby, Shaggy, Velma, Fred, Daphnie) - $8 (includes suction cup dog shoes, Shaggy's roller skates, flashlight, Scooby Snacks box, and mini-ghost) (8 inch figure versions) (will IMMEDIATELY trade for a set of the 5 inch versions of these figures)

C.U.T.I.E. box sets (10 figures each, girl's version of M.U.S.C.L.E. from 1986, all 5 sets make one complete set, sets are in original sealed boxes) $3 each (all 5 sets for $10) (will IMMEDIATLY trade for around 50-60 M.U.S.C.L.E. figures, doesn't matter what ones, even duplicates are fine)-
Gym Dollies
Lovely Dovies
Rockity Rollers
Tiny Trendies
Bitsy Babies

Set of 8 Univeral Monsters bean bag plushes (Frankenstien, Dracula, The Mummy, The Wolf Man, The Phantom of the Opera, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Creature from the Black Lagoon, The Bride of Frankenstien) - $30 (ONLY available as the set)

Snort the Bull Beanie Baby - $4

JAKKS WWF Raw is War mini ring (complete ring with 10 figures {Triple H, Owen Hart, Vader, Ahmed Johnson, Farouq, Golddust, Shawn Michaels, Mankind, Bret Hart, Undertaker, Sid Vicious, and Stone Cold Steve Austin}, steel cage, two belts, and two launchers - $5

JAKKS WWF figures (all are the older stuff when everything looked all goofy, not sure of the versions they are though, go by the pic) - $1 each
Jerry Lawler with crown
The Headbangers (not sure who's who)
Ken Shamrock?
Al Snow?, has bullet proof vest, gun and boots
Sid Vicious
Ahmed Johnson?
Farouq (sp)?
British Bulldog
Bret Hart (no glasses)
King Owen Hart?
Regular Owen Hart
Ultimate Warrior (legs are REALLY loose) - $.50
Undertaker (left arm comes off, stays on REALLY well)
Razor Ramone (head comes off, stays on like nothing's wrong)
Shawn Michaels (head comes off, stays on like nothing's wrong)

OSTM ECW Sabu (orange pants) - $2

Hasbro WWF Giant Gonzalez (carded) - $4

Hasbro WWF Berzerker (carded) - $4

Fisher Price house (two story brown one with a garage. No accessories. Pics available) - $5 (if you buy this, I'll throw in some extra stuff to offset the shipping)

McDonalds Beast Machines figures - set of 8 figures (Optimus Primal, Megatron, Tankor, Blackarachnia, Cheetor, Rattrap, Nightscream, Thrust). Includes original bags (opened), all original trays, and both Happy Meal boxes - $10

McDoanlds Armada Starscream - $1

McDonalds Armada Smokescrean (missing grey crane attachment) - $.50

Armada Opitmus Prime pen (extra paint details added, pen parts removed) - $1

Marvel Minimates (got these two at Wal-Mart, so, not sure if theres any real differnce with them)- $3 each set
Kingpin & Ultimate Spider-man
Peter Parker/Spider-man & Civilian Wolverine

Lego Throwbots (not sure of the names) $4 each-
Flame (red/black)
Scuba (blue/light blue)
Skier (white/blue)
Electric (purple/black)
racecar (green/black)


Monster In My Pocket-
Series 1 #s- 6. Griffen, 10. Triton, and 23. Hobgoblin (colors don't matter) (I have a purple Behemoth, neon yellow Red Cap and moss green Vampire that'll trade for these)
Spy Kids Donnagan x2 (one can have the head removed, if it's been removed cleanly)
Spy Kids Antonio Banderas (whatever his name in the movie is)
(if you have the two pack carded, that's fine too)
Atlantis Milo (3 3/4" scale one. Not the larger one with the light up accessory, loose or carded, complete as possible)
Atlantis Moliere (3 3/4" scale one. Not the larger one with the light up accessory, carded ONLY)
Stephen Hawking (Simpsons World of Springfield) (carded only)
Titan A.E. Cale in E.V.A. Suit (carded)
Titan A.E. Preed (carded)
Jek Porkins (helmet not needed, but a plus if included)
TMNT Muckman and Joe Eyeball (loose and complete, slime doens't matter)

Trendmasters Voltron -
Stealth Hunk and Keith (preferabley carded, loose is fine but must include the carded versiona ccessories, not the Stealth Cycle stuff, chrome condition NOT important)
Lance with Stealth Cycle (sealed or open box is fine, must be complete, again chrome condition not an issue)
Haggar x3 (carded or loose and complete as possible)

Figurines from X-Men Alert board game (all 18, full game ok)

Van Helsing - (note : I'm ONLY looking for the playset accessories from the deluxe figures)
Castle Dracula playset (complete, with instructions and decal sheet(s) if possible/if any)
Dracula's Blast-Out Coffin & Rising Action Coffin (are these coffins the same?)
Frankenstein's Monster's Break-Away Ice Block & Swinging Iron Prod
Van Helsing's Lightning Tower
Van Helsing's Repel and Climb hook (Actually I'll go for the full figure on this one)
Velkan's Iron Prod playset (is this the same as Frankensteins?)

Vintage Voltron (clip pins not nessicary)
King Zarkon
Prince Lotor

Power Rangers-
Princess Shayla (came with Wild Force Temple Ruins playset)
Lothor (came with Ninja Storm Mobile Command Center)
Doggie Cruger (SPD)
monster figures in general

Equity Scooby-Doo (loose fine on all)
Movie Spooky Luna Ghost
Movie Spooky Demon
Movie Jester
8 inch Witch Doctor (complete)
8 inch Funland Robot (complete)
5 inch monsters (with accessories)
5 inch Scooby
5 inch Shaggy
5 inch Fred
5 inch Velma
5 inch Daphnee

Monster In My Pocket Super Scary series (colors don't matter)-
97: Charun
98: Thunderdell
99: Hanuman
100: Yama
104: Lambia
105: Grave Watcher
109: Houngan
110: Mad Gasser of Mattoon
113: Alu
114: Fachen
118: Umi Bozu
119: Wild Man of China

Vintage TMNT (loose and complete as possible)-
Mondo Gecko (carded if possible)
Doctor El
April the Ravishing Reporter
Scumbug accessories (backpack, gun, all three hoses)

90's Toy Biz Marvel stuff (all carded)-
Madame Web
Red Skull
Silver Sable
Captain America
Black Sea Venom
Ultimate Octopus (NOT Marvel Select)
Maximum Clonage 8-pack

"animated" X-men/X-Force/X-Family-
Erik the Red
Blob (NOT the one from X-men : Evolution)
X-men Strike Team 8-pack
Bloodhawk (X-men 2099)
Brimstone Love (2099)
Storm (X-men Battle Blasters, mohawk storm)

animated Silver Surfer-
Ronan the Accusor
Adam Warlock (Silver Surfer AND Overpower)
Nova (Silver Surfer, both characters, but looking for the guy that was in the New Warriors over the female Galactus herald)

Previews exclusive lines-
Dormammu (Dark Side)
The Fallen (Mutant X)
Captain Britian (Modern Age)

animated Iron Man-
Titanium Man (animated Iron Man)
Dreadknight (animated Iron Man)
Iron Man Hologram Armor (aniamted Iron Man)
Fin Fang Foom
Avengers #1 Iron Man dull verion (loose)

animated Fantastic Four -
Psycho Man
Invisible Woman (painted and clear)

Playmates Star Trek (carded prefered, loose if COMPLETE unless noted)-
Leta (gold accessories)
Kieko O'Brien
Ro Laren
Gorn Captain
Edith Keeler
City on the Edge of Forever Kirk
City on the Edge of Forever Spock
Q in Judges Robes
TOS bridge crew box set (LOOSE STRONGLY prefered, must be complete. Individual figures ok if they have the proper accessories, including correct stand)

McFarlane Monsters Playsets (MUST be carded):
Frankenstein I
Frankenstein II
Sea Creature
Phantom of the Opera
The Mummy
Spawn the Movie Graveyard playset

DC Direct (carded unless noted):
Kilowog (loose fine)
Brother Blood
Black Mask
Sandman Incarnations
Crimson Mist Batman
Uncle Sam
Kingdom Come Deadman
Thrillkiller Batgirl
Big Barda & Mr. Miracle

Teen Titans (animated style, all are 3 3/4" unless noted) (carded)-
Wildebeest & Menos
Cinderblock & white Raven
Trident & Speedy
Gizmo & Red X Robin
Bumblebee & Hot Spot
Robin & Puppet King
Aqualad & Mas
Armored Cyborg
Robin & Terra (Slade minion armor, both verisons of Terra [white/silver])
Slade & Slade Terra
Cinderblock & Red X
blue card Raven & Beast Boy
blue card Robin & Starfire
all large T-boxed vehicles
5 inch Master of Games

Any and all of the following-
Figurines from games like Hero Quest, Doom Trooper, Dark World, etc.
Battle Beasts (except Bludgeon Bulldog, missing rub signs not a problem)
Monster In My Pocket series 2
Marvel Superhero Showdown (carded or loose and complete including game cards)