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02-23-2007, 05:51 PM
i work at wal mart and they just did a little remodel in the
sporting goods department and they had the old counter which had 3
glass display cases and about 5 just wooden counter sections.
they had moved them to the back and i asked what they were going to do with them
and they said mostly likely throw them out.so i asked if i could buy a couple
of the glass cases and they sold me 2 for $25 each which was great.
i really wish i had gotten the 3rd one too but i have no room
and had a hard enough time getting someone with a truck to help me
move them.

anyway i was curious if anyone here had experience using these kind of cases
to display there figures?

first im cautious of if the fluorescent light inside will be harmful to
figures or old cardboard playsets?

also having no knowledge of lighting and electrical wireing and so on
i had expected the cabinets to have normal plugins as all they were used
for were a couple simple fluorescent lights.
but when i got home i was suprised to see these male and female plugs on them.
i have no idea how or if i can switch these to normal 110 plugs?
having the cabinets without the lights is kind of self defeating you know.

first i have to figure out the lighting,then reassemble it
(meaning putting the doors and stuff back in it) and clean it,
then figure out where to put it,then figure what to put in it,should be fun.

thank you,shannon.


i put in the sandcrawler for size reference.

02-25-2007, 05:52 AM
It sure does look nice, what a bargin!

02-25-2007, 10:54 AM
thank you ive been waiting years to find some of these and it just kind of jumped in my face.im still kicking myself for not getting the 3rd one WHAT WAS I THINKING!?
now that these 2 are here i see i have plenty of room for a few more.

but like i said right now they arent doing me much good, i have to figure out what i can do about making the light work on normal 110 outlets.and i need to know the danger of the flouresent light shining on figures and vintage cardboard playsets?