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02-20-2007, 05:33 AM
Post your new international toys & collectibles here finds here.

02-20-2007, 09:31 AM
Recently traded for a Medicom Comic RAH Wolverine! http://threads.rebelscum.com/images/graemlins/grin.gif

02-20-2007, 02:17 PM
I just bought Comic Wolvie from a Scummer last month. I had held off for a long time with this figure because I thought he didn't look quite right. I was wrong. His face sculpt and manueverability have fast made him one of my favorites.

My most recent Medicom purchase was picking up the Rocketeer a couple of weeks ago.

03-08-2007, 06:13 PM
I just got a processing notice from Sideshow that Medicom Ghost Rider is about to ship. Sadly it's coming at the same time as their RotS Clonetrooper. I'm going to have to make a decision here.

03-20-2007, 01:40 PM
I recently got a Ghost in the Shell Motoko Kusanagi figure:

http://img48.imageshack.us/img48/2664/ghostintheshellsacmotokbp9.th.jpg (http://img48.imageshack.us/my.php?image=ghostintheshellsacmotokbp9.jpg)

http://img161.imageshack.us/img161/8315/ghostintheshellsacmotoksz5.th.jpg (http://img161.imageshack.us/my.php?image=ghostintheshellsacmotoksz5.jpg)

http://img251.imageshack.us/img251/8576/ghostintheshellsacmotokhm0.th.jpg (http://img251.imageshack.us/my.php?image=ghostintheshellsacmotokhm0.jpg)

and Intron Depot SSAT Police figure:

http://img251.imageshack.us/img251/4369/introndepotssatpolice01gz3.th.jpg (http://img251.imageshack.us/my.php?image=introndepotssatpolice01gz3.jpg)

http://img235.imageshack.us/img235/221/introndepotssatpolice04jb1.th.jpg (http://img235.imageshack.us/my.php?image=introndepotssatpolice04jb1.jpg)

http://img251.imageshack.us/img251/6180/introndepotssatpolice13zj6.th.jpg (http://img251.imageshack.us/my.php?image=introndepotssatpolice13zj6.jpg)

04-17-2007, 03:02 AM
I recently received two Gundam MSiA figures. A Gouf Ignited Heine (Though I am not a SEED fan) and a Extended Nu Gundam. I also ordered a Hi-Zack (Titans Version) and a Baund Doc (Gates Kappa Custom). Now just to find those Kanon trading figures.