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02-19-2007, 03:20 PM
Does anybody want to trade for or buy Battle Beasts???

Here's what I got:

sambuca's Battle Beasts list:

Basic Figure Battle Beasts
<s>#1 White Lion (weapon slightly damaged)
#2 Deer Stalker (no rub, antler damage)
#3 Ferocious Tiger (no weapon)
#4 Colonel Bird (no rub)
#5 Killer Carp (no rub)
#6 Triple threat Snake (no weapon, arm damage)
#8 Sledgehammer Elephant (weapon damaged)
#9 Rocky Rhino (no rub)
#10 Roamin Buffalo (no weapon, some damage)
#11 Grizzly Bear (no rub, damaged arms/body)
#13 Gargantuan Gorilla (no weapon)
#14 Swiny Boar (no weapon)
#15 Gruesome Gator (weapon ONLY, no figure)
#16 Sly Fox (no weapon)
#18 Rubberneck Giraffe
#19 *****ly Porcupine (no weapon)
#21 Danger Dog
#22 Hare Razing Rabbit
#23 Sir Sire Horse (no weapon)
#27 Web Slinger Spider (have an extra weapon too)
#28 Crusty Crab (no weapon)
#29 Icky Iguana (no rub)
#30 Armored Armadillo (no rub)
#31 Jaded Jag (some weapon damage)
#32 Humungous Hippo (no rub, no weapon)
#33 Major Moose
#34 Delta Chameleon (no rub, no weapon, major body damage)
#35 Kickback Kangaroo (no weapon, missing boxing glove arm)
#36 Octillion Octopus
#38 Powerhouse Mouse (no rub, no weapon)
#39 Dragoon Raccoon (no rub, no weapon)
#41 Run Amuck Duck (no rub, no weapon)
#43 Cutthroat Cuttlefish (no weapon)
#44 Eager Beaver (no weapon)
#45 Slasher Seahorse
#48 Pillaging Polar Bear
#49 Squirrely Squirrel (no arms, no weapon)
#51 Bludgeony Bulldog (no arms, no weapon)
#53 Panzer Panda (no weapon)
#54 Leapin' Lizard (no weapon)
#55 Killer Koala
#56 Tarsier Tyrant
#57 Black Panther (no weapon)
#58 Torrential Tapir (major body/head damage)
#59 King Cobra
#60 Manic Mandrill (no weapon)
#61 Pixilated Pointer (no weapon)
#62 Pillager Pig (no weapon)
#63 Rowdy Rooster (some weapon damage)
#64 Musky Ox
#65 Tanglin Pangolin (no weapon, damaged rub)
#66 Slowpoke Sloth (no weapon)
#68 Bodacious Bovine
#71 Diving Duckbill
#75 Pugnacious Penguin (no weapon, paint wear on beak)
#76 Ossified Orangutan (no weapon)</s>

LaserBeasts Battle Beasts (with a crystal orb belly instead of a rub)
#78 Spark Shark
<s>#79 Sailon</s>
#80 Anarchy
#82 Condorassin
#84 Fly Sailor (no weapon)
#85 Zariganian (no weapon)
#88 Brain Mouse (no weapon)

Chariots: ('pull back and go' action is pretty much gone on all 3 of them)
Tearin' Tiger complete with #26 Bighorn Sheep (variant light blue)
Deer Stalker complete with #25 Bloodthirsty Bison (no weapon)
Battlin' Bighorn complete with #24 War Weasel

Transport Stations: I honestly don't know if I have the figs that came with these, I might have them and they are listed as Basic Figures, i dunno.

Shocking Shark: Missing one of the gun turrets, fold down platform (not the jail cell one, the other) has one half-broken hinge.

Wood Beetle: Missing the "Antenna" gun turret.

Blazing Eagle: Pretty bad shape, both gun turrets missing, one of the grey panels is missing, main hinge of top piece is broken, this got played with hard.

If anybody wants these, please PM me with an offer, or a link to your trade list. I would really like to trade these for Star Wars stuff, MOC or loose. Will trade some/all of these, would prefer to trade all of them at once.

Stuff I am looking for!!!

sambuca's SORTED Want List:
most of it can be loose/mint/complete, if that's easier.

TAC Airborne Trooper(s)
TAC Super Battle Droid(s)
TAC Lava Miner x2
TAC Mace Windu x2
TAC Wave 2 (especially McFett x2)
TAC Vaders Black Jedi Fighter
TAC AAT Trade Federation Tank
TAC Hailfire Droid
TAC White TIE Fighter
TAC Saesee Tiin's Starfighter
TAC V-Wing
TAC Sith Infiltrator
TAC Tantive IV BP(s)

SAGA2 TPM Commemorative Tin
SAGA2 AOTC Commemorative Tin
SAGA2 ROTS Commemorative Tin
SAGA2 Death Star Briefing multipack
SAGA2 Republic Commando multipack
Saga2 TRU Hunt for Grievous
Saga2 TRU Clone Wars Tigerstripe Gunship
Saga2 EE Astromech 5-packs
Saga2 TRU Endor AT-AT
Saga2 TRU Large panel TIE Fighter

ROTS Covert Ops Clone(s)
ROTS TRU Anakin's Green Jedi Starfighter

POTC Queen Amidala Naboo Celebration
POTC Dannik Jerriko
POTC Feltipern Trevagg

OTC Boba Fett's Slave 1
OTC TRU Naboo multipack
OTC TRU Endor multipack
OTC TRU Jedi Council sets (all 4)
OTC Holo Emperor
OTC Wedge Antilles

CW Red ARC Trooper(s)
CW Clone Army Green multipack

Saga1 TRU Jedi Warriors multipack
Saga1 TRU Hoth Tauntaun multipack
Saga1 Target Cups (MUST BE MIB- Anakin(II) Obi-Wan(IV) Luke(V) Leia(VI)
Saga1 Deluxe/Ultra Obi-Wan Kamino
Saga1 Deluxe/Ultra Jango Fett Kamino
Saga1 Deluxe Super Battle Droid Factory Builder
Saga1 Ultra Ewok/ Glider
Saga1 TRU Red Leader X-Wing
Saga1 TRU Dagobah X-Wing w/ R2

POTJ Star Tours R3-D3
POTJ FX-7(s)
POTJ TRU AT-ST w/ Paploo w/Speeder Bike
POTJ Deluxe Darth Maul Shirtless w/Droid
POTJ Carbon Freeze Playset
POTJ Mon Calamari Officer(s)
POTJ Imperial Officer(s)
POTJ Han Solo Death Star Escape
POTJ EU Obi-Wans and Qui-Gon
POTJ Qui-Gon Mos Espa
POTJ Rebel Fleet Trooper
POTJ Rorworr (wookiee from board game)
POTJ Sandtrooper
POTJ Wally Snowspeeder w/ Luke and Dak
POTJ Wally TIE Bomber
POTJ TRU TIE Interceptor
POTJ Ep II Sneak Preview Clone Trooper
POTJ Ep II Sneak Preview Jango Fett

TPM Accessory sets Wave 2
TPM Fambaa
TPM Falumpaset
TPM Eopie
TPM Darth Maul w/ Sith Attack Speeder
TPM Obi-Wan w/ Gungan Scout Sub
TPM Battle Droid w/ STAP(s)
TPM Sio Bibble
TPM Naboo Royal Guard
TPM Holo Sidious
TPM Wally Holo Darth Maul
TPM Wally Holo Qui-Gon

POTF2 R2-D2 with holo Leia
POTF2 Wuher with droid detection unit
POTF2 2-1B

Hasbro 12" Lando Skiff Guard
Hasbro 12" AT-ST Driver
Hasbro 12" Ki-Adi-Mundi
Hasbro 12" Masterpiece Aurra Sing
Hasbro 12" Masterpiece C-3P0
Hasbro 12" KB Han/Luke Stormtrooper
Hasbro 12" Target Kaadu/Tarpals
Hasbro 12" Valorum/Royal Guard
Hasbro 12" Dewback w/Sandtrooper
Hasbro 12" Defense of Naboo Amidala/Qui-Gon
Hasbro 12" TPM Electronic C-3P0
Hasbro 12" AOTC Clone White
Hasbro 12" POTJ Luke Endor w/Bike
Hasbro 12" VOTC Boba Fett (either version)
Hasbro 12" VOTC Stormtrooper
Hasbro 12" VOTC KB Chewbacca

Galactic Heroes Playskool sets
Galactic Heroes Han/Luke Hoth
Galactic Heroes Bespin Luke/Lando
Galactic Heroes Bespin Leia/Vader
Galactic Heroes Hoth Trooper/Snowtrooper
Galactic Heroes Bespin Chewie/C-3P0
Galactic Heroes Anakin Tattoo/Clone Trooper
Galactic Heroes Hammerhead/Figrin Dan
Galactic Heroes Veers/AT-AT Driver
Galactic Heroes Royal Guard DS Gunner
Galactic Heroes Leia Boushh/Han Carbonite
Galactic Heroes Royal Guard/Imp Officer x2
Galactic Heroes Battlepacks (especially Geonosis)

Sideshow 12" Obi-Wan
Sideshow 12" Kit Fisto
Sideshow 12" Sith Probe Droids
Sideshow 12" Anakin
Sideshow 12" Luke
Sideshow 12" Angel (from the Angel line, not Buffy)

ANY tan or red Battle Droids OR Super Battle Droids
ANY army-builders, Rebel, Imperial, Separatist, Republic, whatever
SDCC 501st Trooper(s)
Shadow Stormtrooper(s)
Comic Pack #1- Kir Kanos/Carnor Jax
Any of the remote control astromech units from SAGA2 or TAC
All of Star Tours Wave 3
Transformers G1 Bombshell Insecticon (loose/mint/complete)