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12-12-2006, 09:55 PM
List Updated


After much research and a lot of help from fellow Scummers, I have compiled a list of figures I am looking for to complement my vintage set. I am looking for the following loose, complete and in nrmt-mint condition:

VOTC= Vintage Original Trilogy Collection
EB= Early Bird Set
VTSC= Vintage The Saga Collection
TSC=The Saga Collection
OTC= Original Trilogy Collection
POTC=Post Original Trilogy Collection
POTJ= Power Of The Jedi

Stormtrooper- VOTC and OTC 05-11
Yoda- VOTC
Luke Skywalker VOTC

Biker Scout- VTSC and POTJ dirty

Darth Vader- Evolutions or OTC 010
Momaw Nadon- TSC 031
R5-D4- TSC 032
C-3P0- TSC 042
Major Derlin- TSC 008
AT-AT Driver- TSC 009
General Veers- TSC 007
Chief Chirpa- TSC 039
General Rieken- TSC 012
Hem Dazon- TSC 033
Garindan- TSC 034
Sandtrooper- TSC –037 and POTJ or POTC
Moff Jerjerrod- TSC 040
Death Star Gunner TSC-041
Endor Rebel Soldier 1 and 2 TSC-046
Luke Endor TSC-044
Emperor Palpatine TSC-043
Kittick Keedkak TSC- 071
Kabe and Nubrun Leids TSC-072
Labria TSC-073

Death Star Briefing Multipack

Chewbacca- OTC 05-15
R2-D2 Dagobah- OTC
Ben Spirit Dagobah- OTC
Leia Slave- OTC
Leia Bespin- OTC
IG-88- OTC
Tie Pilot- OTC or Saga 04-14
Lando Skiff- OTC or Saga 04-07
General Madine- OTC
Gamorrean Guard- OTC

Dannik Jerriko- POTC
Feltipern Trevagg- POTC

J-Quille- Saga 04-09
Tanas Spijek- Saga 04-10
Admiral Ozzel- Saga 04-16
Rebel Fleet Trooper- Saga
Imperial Officer- Saga
Hoth Rebel Soldier- Saga 04-01 (non-bearded one)
Luke Hoth- Saga 04-03
Djas Puhr

Jabba’s Palace Band pairs (all three sets)
Jabba’s Dancers 3 pack

Bo Shek- POTJ
Jek Porkins- POTJ
Mon Calamari Officer- POTJ
Luke Bacta Tank- POTJ

Luke Floppy hat –Flashback
Luke with Skyhopper- Commtech
2-1B- POTF2
Oola- POTF2
Ugnaughts- POTF2
Rebel Pilots Cinema scene (Sullustan and Arvyl)

A-Wing Pilot with removable helmet vehicle pack in
Dack Ralter vehicle pack in
Red Leader vehicle pack in

2007 Anniversary Collection

Wave2 Battle of Yavin,
Wave 3 A New Hope,
Wave 4 Return of the Jedi
Vintage 30th Anniversary Collection figures

If you have some of these for sale please PM me with what you have and what your price would be with shipping to Nova Scotia, Canada. I greatly prefer Paypal, but could pay by other means if necessary. I have tons of feedback on ebay. Please only respond if you have five or more figures I need in order to make it worthwhile for the shipping costs. Thanks a lot for looking.

12-13-2006, 01:42 AM
pm sent